How The Jordyn Woods Scandal Caused Kylie Jenner To Accuse Travis Scott Of Cheating

Main How The Jordyn Woods Scandal Caused Kylie Jenner To Accuse Travis Scott Of Cheating

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      How The Jordyn Woods Scandal Caused Kylie Jenner To Accuse Travis Scott Of Cheating

      Travis Scott is denying allegations he cheated on Kylie Jenner. Subscribe: …

      Kätherine _Yt

        Dang the kardashians are spilling tea ☕️

        D R

          Jenndashians are full of plastic sh*t!!!! Theu are the biggest sleep around, man stealers and career killers!! Take out the collegan and fat transfers!!!!

          Harry Timmy

            Were you there? Lol

            Shamso M

              Do y'all see the shit he does for her, he's isn't a cheater

              Geo belle

                " yet "


                  How and why do we know all this?????

                  Lizzie Hangsing

                    Nah. Not Travis. ❤❤❤

                    Sweet Trash

                      It is all fake to create drama around the new season of the Kardashian show.😎🤔😎🤔fake!fake!fake manufacturer drama orchestrated by Kris Jenner! 😁😂😀

                      Lefihlile Semenya

                        Agg Kylie is overreacting

                        Araadhya Jain

                          I don’t want anything to happen to Kylie’s family, their the cutest little family😍😭

                          Luna Mcbeth

                            Where do you get your information from??? Like how tf u know what goes on in her house? Are y’all peeping in her windows or WTF????

                            Luna Mcbeth


                              Tina Webber

                                Lies lies Kylie Jenner knew Tristan Thomas and Jordan Woods was sleeping around, know they have to throw Travis Scout in the mix

                                Arshpreet Kaur

                                  Nooooo this is just not happening. 〒_〒

                                  Olivia Love

                                    Oh no the Kardashian curse! LOL

                                    Reham _

                                      how did people know that kylie asked Travis 😒😒

                                      Ashley Campbell

                                        Good I want her to go. I dare her to break up with him. All these shows he been canceling, how about I just accuse HER for being the cause of that?

                                        C A R L I T A

                                          There is way too much temptation out there for someone in Travis's position. It's not that he doesn't love Kylie bc he do.

                                          Mimi Banales

                                            Remember what you did to Chyna???….what goes around comes around


                                              The reach for the clout is real people 😂

                                              Nope, try again!

                                              Eve C

                                                I can’t understand her 😭

                                                Michelle Martine Aicken

                                                  Could Travis maybe be collateral damage?

                                                  lV RICO Vl

                                                    Damm nobody has heard of privacy

                                                    Martina Mauldin

                                                      I pray this isn't true they both look amazing and very much I love and they r a very happy family they have a very beautiful baby girl that they both love with all there heart. I pray it's not true


                                                        i never put anything past anyone. that way im never completely surprised

                                                        Charlene Parker

                                                          No matter what Travis don't stop being a father to your daughter.

                                                          Arlene Burt-Roberson

                                                            So they need a better storyline.

                                                            Niruta Limbu

                                                              I think being a kardashians family member is a curse😅😅😅

                                                              Alicia Walker

                                                                Saphia 😘

                                                                Nequisha Thomas

                                                                  It's called a glass window it's looks good outside. We don't know what their ups and down are


                                                                    Casting for the KYLIE NEW BFF are open

                                                                    Abby Tozier

                                                                      FAKE NEWS!

                                                                      Darryl Draven

                                                                        If you date a cheater you will get cheated common sense

                                                                        Branyerli soto

                                                                          Next is Kim and kanye

                                                                          Anna kits

                                                                            Kardashians drama 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

                                                                            cookie monster

                                                                              Oh please. Travis not trying mess up that money. When his career is over. Kylie got a big cushion he can settle down on. I don't mean what she put in her butt.

                                                                              Anne Martin

                                                                                Kardashian Kurse👿

                                                                                Harveen Jandu

                                                                                  wow what if they were watching this

                                                                                  Sophie Mendy

                                                                                    I dont think he cheated on her

                                                                                    Miss Mar

                                                                                      No way shut up

                                                                                      Desiree Evelyn

                                                                                        This would not be surprising.


                                                                                          Flint still needs clean water!

                                                                                          Mia Isoke

                                                                                            Travis is a man anything IS possible!

                                                                                            IG Gossip

                                                                                              Bullshits. Stop making rumors and get your facts right . You f** ing idiots

                                                                                              Noni Star

                                                                                                1. TRISTAN THOMPSON AND SLOPPY SECONDS.
                                                                                                2. TRISTAN THOMPSON AND JORDAN WOODS.
                                                                                                3. TRAVIS SCOT AND ?
                                                                                                then who next ?

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