How to ALWAYS look polished & classy; my TOP style tips! ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      How to ALWAYS look polished & classy; my TOP style tips! ~ Freddy My Love

      My top style tips on achieving a polished and put together look! This video is sponsored by Daniel Wellington! Check out the watches here- …

      Анна Анна

        So now we have to remember the lessons of algebra and geometry.

        Gigi Fuentes

          You look like Cher Horowitz 💛
          but pink 💖

          Anna Abc

            My hair is wavy/curly so it always looks messy.. I don’t want to straighten it, what should I do? 😂

            Miss Berry Jane

              That's the type of content I love!

              XxxMILLIExxX X

                OMG!!!!!!! I’ve been a subscriber since like day 1 have been waiting for this day (lmao) and………FREDDY YOU’VE NEARLY GOT 1MILLION SUBSCRIBERS 🤩🤩🤩

                Kha Ji

                  Love your videos althought i would never wear your style! ❤️🌸
                  And i could not go with only one color or colortheme😋😃
                  Thanks for your beautiful Videos🌸

                  Chloe Elle

                    you are my main inspiration for my style. I really want to grow up to be like you and I just absolutely love the way you dress. You are amazing!! x

                    monica nakhva

                      Love your style🤩pls do watch collection😇😇

                      Jessica Watkins

                        I really appreciate how much hard work you've put into this video ♥ love love love!


                          If you just buy good quality jumpers you won’t need any bubble remover. A well made sweater of good materials won’t get bubbly. And it’s much warmer

                          Sahana K

                            Can I just say that I love the fact that you actually give advice and opinions.
                            So many YouTubers these days are so afraid of offending people that they always say very neutral things and always emphasize how to do whatever you want. If I wanted to do whatever I wanted I wouldn’t be watching the video:)
                            Thanks Freddy


                              10:07 Do I see Freddy in jeans?! That's unusual. You looked great in them!

                              קים פרי

                                This bubble machine is awsome !! Definatly getting one of these 😉

                                Puffball 04

                                  When are you doing a room tour? 🌸🎉👌🤗🎀☀️🎈

                                  pink Pink

                                    I really love ur videos , can u do a video about how u choose ur outfits .. love u

                                    Ekaterina Xoxo

                                      What selftan do you use?

                                      A HC

                                        OMG this must have taken ages!!!! This was so amazing💕✨

                                        Betty O’Boyle

                                          Heyy!! I am a big fan of you. But plz will you share what fake tan you use xx


                                            How to always look polished and classy : 1st step – Don't be me.

                                            Alessaundra Nadezhda Minkova

                                              I love both of the girls but this video honestly just proves that Freddy has better style than Gabi does.

                                              Halle Reilly

                                                I absolutely adore this video 💖 You've made me want to go shopping now. It really shows how much effort you put into your videos and I love it, I want more fashion videos from you or even just how you style a space I would honestly love for you to make a video on how you design a room to fit this pretty chic pink look. I don't know just a thought but I love you and your channel so much x💖x


                                                  Freddy, I absolutely love this video! The work and time you put into your videos really shows. I know a lot of people comment that you should do more than one video per week, but honestly one really great video is better than two or three rushed ones. Keep being you!!

                                                  Antonia Rauch

                                                    what do you think about guys, that put on makeup?


                                                      Freddy this is one my favorites videos you’ve ever made! Love your message here and also loved hearing your tips, you are LITERALLY the embodiment of sophistication and class! 😍💖

                                                      Aegyo Vampire

                                                        Freddy can you do a video on uniforms? I'm on my last year and my private school's uniform could use your styling ideas. Xoxo 💟

                                                        Ashleigh Mata

                                                          You are seriously so beautiful! 💕🌸 and your hair is always so well kept and put together! So I wanted to ask what hair care stuff do you use?? From shampoo/conditioner to any hair treatments! I would really appreciate it! My hair is always so frizzy 😅😂

                                                          Kristyn Reeves

                                                            I did not know there was an invention to get the balls of material off your sweaters! Going to amazon NOW!

                                                            Karissa Manning

                                                              Finally someone who sticks to what they say. I hate when YouTuber end up saying “well everyone has different taste” after every opinion or point

                                                              Starlights LPS

                                                                I absolutely love your style videos❤😻

                                                                Samantha Higgs

                                                                  Your style is my absolute life goals! I’m on my weight loss journey right now because I want to have self respect and dress beautifully! I’m tired of wearing sweats, thank you Freddy, this video motivated me even more to become the best version of myself!💕

                                                                  Kathryn Farrell


                                                                    Wyate Bond

                                                                      You should do some challenges such as making a thrift outfit look good or wearing bold look wearing red nails and dressing opposite then what you do know. Everyone like so she can see<3

                                                                      Stefania Gutierrez

                                                                        What size did you get in that Mina outfit???

                                                                        Vulgar Beauty


                                                                          Jeannine Niles

                                                                            Loved it Freddie

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