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    Wayne Goss

      Change the way your apply highlighter to really fake beautiful skin. And avoid the dreaded ‘bronzed metallic’ hollow! LINKS Becca Shimmer Skin Perfector UK …

      Mariel Hinojosa

        I've struggled so much to find a highlighter that does not leave a visible cast when looking straight forward. Wet n' wild Precious Petals has been the worst offender for me, beautiful champagne in the pan but the undertone is too dark for my skintone.

        PK Blondie

          It looks absurd imo but it really doesn't matter if you like it go for it and glow like you stuck your nose in your salad dressing. Yup…stay happy!

          Brandi Lee

            Hallelujah for this video. The ridiculous and oh-so-trendy highlighter trend needs to end. It’s never been a flattering look.


              I’ve never understood more than a matte soft lighter shade under the brow. I’ve always felt a crazy shimmer under the brow doesn’t feel modern. I usually don’t do anything there. If anything then something very light matte to blend the crease. I also only use a sheer, almost colorless highlight cream to the face. I look terrible with powder highlight, it just highlights things I don’t want seen. But a sheer moisturizing cream looks soft and great.

              Deirdre Evangelista

                Yesss! Finally someone telling people what highlighter is really supposed to look like! I'm going to be 50 soon, and I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard or wanting to look like I'm 18, I'm not! No one should put that much on unless your going to nightclub or just being "extra" lol….It should be used strategically, although it just makeup so,to each his own! Thanks Wayne, 👏🎨


                  louder for the people in the back!!
                  … i'm sure you see them and those blinding lightning bolts on the face back there lol

                  Salty Slytherin

                    I’m so pale that white based highlighters sometimes look dark. X’D

                    sophie johns

                      i've switched to balms and gels and i feel so much better about how my highlight looks. it gives a really dewy look


                        Dewey skin, what I would like is dewey skin.

                        Cindy Wannamaker

                          I so agree I am so over all these blinding highlights. If you have perfect skin I guess it's ok, but how many people have skin like that?

                          Jennifer Alvarez Newman

                            What is the difference between a highlighter and a brightener? CoverFX has a highlighter and brightener in their palette.


                              You look younger and younger evey time I watch your videos!

                              gilda rodgers

                                I freaking love all your videos!!

                                Faithfully Golden

                                  You are amazing! I wish you could come to the U.S. and do some classes. I am 42 and I have recently discovered a love of makeup and skincare but it is so hard to find good beauty info for over 35 skin. I hang on your every word. I wish I could afford your brushes!!!

                                  Linda Joyce

                                    You know What? Isaac Halvorsen, my nephew. You HAVE to follow him here on YouTube and on Instagram. Cheers x

                                    Mary Jane Erard

                                      Now, do you really have to use hilighter😢?

                                      Trisha Achenbach

                                        I'm shaking my head completely agreeing with everything you're saying. Highlighter needs to look like a lit from within glow…not a strip of highlighter across the top of your cheekbones.

                                        Jessica Chapman

                                          You probably already know this but that shade of pink really looks good on you. 👍🏻


                                            I always wait for the wink! 🙂


                                              I can see the diff 😉 thx God Wayne is here to guide us 😍😍😍😍😍

                                              Nadine W


                                                Michelle Jewell

                                                  I always love your tips Wayne! Especially as I get older I want to look like myself, but better. I’ve stepped up my skin care game and it’s helped tremendously. Good makeup starts with good skin.

                                                  Aurora Vervana

                                                    Hi Wayne can you pretty please do a highlight and contour vid on a chubby face? ☺️☺️☺️

                                                    Shirley Brown

                                                      Hi Wayne, I discovered you 5 yrs ago at age 60, now at 65 I still do binge sessions on your videos. I want to comment about the "blackmail" and 'apology' videos. You are so right!! Geez, we have so many wonderful things to do and see in our life without trying to make someone else miserable. I honestly feel those people are really unhappy about their life and need to 'target' someone, anyone, everyone to make themselves feel better. Done, no more energy to that issue. You always advocate great tips and not everything is for everyone. Use what works for you and please tell ladies/gents to practice!!!. Play dress up to try a new look. Anyway, my profile photo is from November 2018. I wanted extra sparkle, so I stuck a few stars on (they don't damage the skin on top of that powder) and had fun at Thanksgiving dinner. Keep up the good work, I loved how you were real from the start and I will look FAB at 80. I send you a photo 🙂

                                                      Deborah Craven

                                                        Sweetheart ! x

                                                        Pam G

                                                          As always, VERY good points Wayne. Thanks for being so honest

                                                          Sarah N

                                                            Fabulous as always! A bit off topic but what brand is that zip-up hoodie? I'm in LOVE😍 it's my favorite color!

                                                            silya dozier

                                                              YAY!! THANK YOU MY VERY, VERY KIND SIR! this our Main Dude, Wayne Goss coming through for us to teach us the best way to wear makeup, just like all the other times in the past. i appreciate these videos so so much

                                                              Daisies and Lillies

                                                                You looks 100 years younger than when I last watched a video from you wow 😮 keep up whatever you’re doing. Aging backwards

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