How To Be Productive When You're LAZY & Unmotivated

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    Tara Michelle
      How To Be Productive When You're LAZY & Unmotivated

      I totally feel ya if you get unmotivated/procrastinate more than you’d like to admit! I was always like that but over the years I’ve found ways that really really help …

      Tara Michelle

        LETS GET PRODUCTIVE!!!! we're only a few months from the end of the year now (crazy!!!) so let's make the most out of it!!! what's something you do to help you be more productive?!

        shakthi sekar

          Sneaky fam!

          varsha jain

            U r a rich af Gucci

            seesaw me up

              I haven't gone to uni for 2 weeks bc I've absolutely no motivation :') hoping this video will make me productive

              Pooja Yadav

                Okay! So this is what I wanted 😀 great video keep going


                  fav you tuber ❤️

                  Jackielyn de Jesus

                    Let's get productive 😍 Thanks 😘


                      i’m literally procrastinating by watching this video

                      Rojukhirdu Ananya

                        #sneaky fan!!! Read the whole comment

                        Elaine Ruth Salomon

                          what i really need 😅

                          Kavita Hemraz

                            Needed this

                            Christina George

                              This put me in such a good mindset for the school year! Love you Tara💕

                              vicsic vlogs

                                where was this video for the past like 172939372 years of my life? lol

                                Cheyenne Iozzio

                                  This video is so going to help me ! I’m trying to wake up at 6:30 am to workout before work and school. Pray for me 😫😫

                                  Samantha Bissell

                                    this is my first video of yours I came across and the reason I decided to subscribe to your channel is your personality is so upbeat and bubbly also I’m definitely lazy and wish to become more productive so thank you for the ideas fabulous video

                                    Pink Sprinkles

                                      This helps me really alots

                                      Kendall Blodgett

                                        thanks for this video I really needed it

                                        Trap Cat

                                          I found you like 6 minutes ago but: hell yeah lets get productive🤪


                                            See I don’t have time for this with school…

                                            Its Yasszz

                                              I needed this, thanks! Haven’t been feeling it these past few weeks but this video was really helpful.(:


                                                WAIT A MINUTE … this might actually work! Ima try this 👌🏼

                                                Pamela Fox

                                                  To do list…helps me so much and of course coffee 🍮

                                                  Belle Troutman

                                                    This is something I definitely needed! Thank you Tara, love you!!! 💕

                                                    Jessica Coppola

                                                      where is this comforter from?!

                                                      ItsMsTiffanyRe G

                                                        I be do all that when I feel lazy

                                                      Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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