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    Tara Michelle
      how to become a VSCO girl *basic AF*

      BASICALLY I learn what’s fun fresh and trendy with teenagers these days, following their “VSCO girl” aesthetic…! basically becoming a vsco girl means being …


        I like the vsco trend. It's basically what athletes wear essentially plus makeup. My cousin is very into it and now i make her personalized stickers and scrunchies. Very retro..i dig it. Also wanna add hot gorl summer and vsco are different things lol 😄

        Ana M

          Vsco is still a thing?

          Hannah Marie xoxo

            So basically almost every girl at my highschool.

            Shanti’s Candle

              Looooove this video 😍

              Ne Angel

                Русские здесь?🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

                guess Mee

                  This is very cringe: lol try cleaning your house instead of setting traps for the ants lol.

                  Cesar Macedo

                    Her- who wears croc like heck no
                    Me-🙋‍♀️ I do and they are pretty cute with my charms
                    Oh btw I am not offended


                      vsco girl and hot girl summer are not in the same category. dont do that to meg lol

                      Theresa Kettler

                        Crocs are freakin awesome what are you saying

                        Hannah Longworth

                          Ok ewwwwww crocs

                          Saige Trahan

                            crocs = BAE


                              This reminds me of when people use tumblr as an adjective 😂


                                so my dad is vsco? he has a white jeep lol

                                Emma Spill

                                  My goal this summer is to become a vsco girl

                                  Tarah Daly

                                    Ahhhhh hahaha! My favorite video of yours, BY FAR!

                                    Leslie E.

                                      3:52 I was straight up about to start counting lol


                                        This is the Ultimate VSCO girl starter pack! 😂💕


                                          Sneaky fam!!💛💐

                                          McKailey McLarty

                                            I’m a vsco girl

                                            Like this if you are


                                              Basically let's repeat the 90s and say it's a new trend. Minus the hydro flask

                                              Jackie Tocco

                                                I wear my crocs 24/7 when I'm not at work or the gym. MY HEART BROKE WHEN YOU HATED ON THEM

                                                A Mackenzie

                                                  Great content 👏🏻


                                                    I love my crocs!

                                                    Stephanie Wesson

                                                      Crocs?!!! Why would that ever be a trend!

                                                      natalie renee

                                                        how is someone so pretty without makeup

                                                        Vanessa Caucci

                                                          She’s acting so oddly different in this video


                                                            Funny video! It seems like this trend is just a new way to label old trends… what's new haha


                                                              This is a weird trend tbh

                                                              Jessica marmo

                                                                your outfit looks nothing like a vsco girl lol

                                                                Liina Paalits

                                                                  Litteraly remember when I found you on tumblr. I was soooo obsessed with tumblr. 😀

                                                                  Azaria Miller

                                                                    you should do hot girl summer next

                                                                    Taylor O’Brien

                                                                      haha i counted you saying vsco like 33 times but i have no clue if that was actually right!

                                                                      Shianne Marie


                                                                        Grace Hoag

                                                                          Wow I’m twenty one and feel like an elder… 😂 I had no idea what a VSCO girl was. Seems like it’s what “tumblr girl” was when I was a teen 😂.


                                                                            Just an FTI the “take a picture” transition only has the letter “t”
                                                                            IDK if that was because VSCO girls do that or just a editing thing

                                                                            Madelyn Jones

                                                                              the vsco aesthetic is cute as hell people are just rude 😂

                                                                              Mariane Enriquez

                                                                                idk what really VSCO Girl is but…SNEAKY FAM is LIT! 🔥

                                                                                Cheyenne Iozzio

                                                                                  Hey now everyone wears crocs they are so comfortable

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