how to become tiktok FAMOUS (0-500k) & go viral overnight!

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    Tara Michelle
      how to become tiktok FAMOUS (0-500k) & go viral overnight!

      YES I KNOW IM ADDICTED TO TIKTOK, WHO ISNT LOL! Today I’m sharing my tips/hacks on how to become Tiktok famous and GO VIRAL on Tik Tok! I gained …

      Tara Michelle

        felt like it was only right to do a video dedicated to my new tiktok following hahahah! so many of you found me through the app so I def wanted to share some of my tips and tricks! 🙂

        Tin Bernas

          connect with YouTube vloggers through Phlanx platform


            I don’t have tik tok but here I am watching this vid for tara

            Bekka Dowland

              Yes 👏🏻

              Emma Funk

                Where are your bracelets from?

                Stacy Busby



                    it's obvious that tiktok is more of a closed case here. especially to those talking about being easily with an already big following. where if you have a big following on insta, fb, or youtube, it doesn't really translate onto there? unless you're a celebrity. the tiktok demographic is so different from insta/fb/youtube. unless you're funny in the tiktok kind of funny way and get lucky to be promoted by tiktok you can have millions on yt and insta and nothing happens. ik youtubers with over 4m subs and over 1m on insta and they're barely scratching 80k on tiktok. and most definetly 90% of youtube/insta demographic doesn't give a f about tiktok to go there and follow their fave influencers.

                    and tara's most important thing that made her blew up was her witch stories. so.

                    Liané Conradie
                      Larissa LeAnn

                        Step 1: have a crazy neighbor

                        ana arroyo

                          I have been binging old blogs and videos and everybody would say you look like Bethany Mota, but I feel like you look like Meesh LA a youtuber muckbanker! Especially with your dark hair!

                          Nat Cook

                            WHERE IS YOUR TOP FROM I NEED TO KNOW

                            Madelaine Mayfield

                              Can you get paid from tik tok? trying to figure out if it’s worth it 😂😂

                              Cai Ping’s Journal

                                lolz this is definitely not the case with my tiktok

                                Colby C

                                  I love your videos! I just started a vlog channel and would love for you to check it out!


                                    It's not that hard if you're a girl wear a swimsuit and if you're a guy take your shirt off. (being good looking helps)

                                    Latrice Warford

                                      Im thinking about just giving up because. I posted like a lot of videos but only get 0 views, please help on what can do 😭

                                      Keri James

                                        PLEASE tell me where you got that shirt!!!

                                        Hawaiian. Lionxoxo

                                          "sneaky fam!!!!!!!" i red the description

                                          Camaro Girl 69

                                            I am on tiktok but not to become famous but I love watching you and all my other favorites. But I do post things about my puppy and my car…lol @camarogirl69 stop bye and say hi! 😊❤


                                              obsessed with your top and background!!💖

                                              Sadgirlll .g

                                                Anybody wanna support each other’s tik tok acc ?!! (🥺

                                                Ellen B

                                                  Yes I feel like it's so easy to get a lot of views on TikTok, and the more ridiculous the better haha! My username is ellen_baetens, I'm already following you hehe.


                                                    i went viral athena094

                                                    Faith Elizabeth

                                                      pls tell me im not the only one who doesn’t have tik tok who’s watching this 😂


                                                        this top is so super cute! 💗

                                                        Anna B

                                                          I have been on YouTube for. A decade. I am a YouTube gal. I got tik tok a few months ago. Time waster. But that’s how I found you. And now I follow you on YouTube! Just think it’s insane I didn’t see you on YouTube until I found your tik tok but happy I did! Wonder how your YouTube following has changed since your tik tok got big?!


                                                            I feel you. Tiktok was associated with the cringiness of Musically for many so that's why I think there was resistance toward it. Then there was all the dancing also associated with kids and Fortnite… It's evolved into something more Vine-like now so it's fun!

                                                            Your audience may not be the right demographic for it, BUT there is a whole section of D&D and nerdy roleplay related tiktoks and if someone had told me that prior to my discovery, tiktok would've been a go-to much sooner for me.


                                                              YEAH like i do everything but it never goes anywhere

                                                              Katie Poduska

                                                                Still fighting the urge to download tiktok… I will never be productive again lol

                                                                Lindsay Morgan

                                                                  I had this 1 video that blew up and went viral, still is viral. But it has been growing much more negative attention then positive, which kinda sucks. But I can’t please everyone. You can find me at: queenlindsaymorgan

                                                                  Дмитрий Савленко

                                                                    Thanks for video, nice advices)

                                                                    elena flynn

                                                                      Game idea take a shot every time she says TikTok


                                                                        ahah such a cool video! thank you for the tips Tara! I love you sooo much, you're such a nice & positive & cool person! sending love from Belgium! <3

                                                                        Gema Santana

                                                                          Hi! Where did you get that top??? I absolutely love it 🥵

                                                                          Witchy Wiccan

                                                                            Does tik tik work like YouTube? If you have enough followers and such you get paid? I’ve been on the fence of tik tok myself

                                                                            Q Schwenk

                                                                              I Gained 130 followers in 1 night, including the tik tok’r themself lol just from a comment. I’ve never made any videos. I’m dead over it 😂😂😂

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