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    Emily DiDonato

      Hi guys! In today’s video, I’m going to be showing you how I achieve the perfect cat eye! I used to be so intimidated by this type of …

      Cat Eye For Dummies Makeup Tutorial | Cat Eye For Beginners | How To Do The Perfect Cat Eye

      In this makeup tutorial, the YouTuber provides step-by-step guidance on how to do a cat eye using an eyeliner. The tutorial suggests to do eyebrows first, as this can help create symmetry and determine the placement of the cat eye line. She recommends drawing a line on the bottom lash line and connecting it with the top line, slowly shaping the wing with makeup remover and a q-tip. The YouTuber finishes the look with concealer, foundation, bronzer, mascara, nude lipstick, and highlighter, while keeping the focus on the cat eye.

      More videos:

      Try This INSTANT ONE-STEP CAT EYE Makeup (& thank me later!!)

      my signature cat eye look

      In this video, Georgina preps her skin with moisturizer and sunscreen before quickly going through her base products. She then moves on to her signature cat eye look. First, she sets and brushes up her eyebrows with the Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter. Using the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette, she creates a light to medium brown color in her crease, but higher and more towards her brow for a more lifted look. She then applies gel liner to create her winged liner and shows how to make small strokes to build up the wing. Finally, she applies mascara and false lashes to complete the cat eye look.

      I tried the reverse cat eye and IM SHOOK

      Manav Aatma

        Rachel McAdams? Even the voice.


          Great video! It helped allot! Als you are gorgeous! I love your eyes!

          Carrie F. Dehls

            Thank you! I am going to try your method. Best case scenario besides success is? No red irritated eyes by way of oops start over!


              Thank you x I have a lazy eye too so it's nice that you don't edit it out etc

              #save1899 #renew1899

              Fabiolaneo Fernandez

                Thanks beauty!

                Megan O’Neill

                  Love this! Thanks! 💛🌟

                  Nate Seltos

                    This is one of the best if not the best video tutorials I’ve seen for this look ❤

                    Cain da Human

                      Her: make sure u have makeup remover to perfect the look

                      No one absolutely no one: me i wounder if i can do dis with concealer

                      Gary Williams

                        Very well done!
                        Have to be honest the period where one eye was done and the other wasn't was really messing with me.
                        Blame the ocd.

                        Tracey Allen-Jones

                          I just can't. OMG I keep trying to get it right…ughhh 😩 help me somebody. My eyes end up looking sooo tiny.

                          Chris Smith

                            I have a lazy eye also so I can totally sympathize.

                            Ali B

                              This was super helpful! I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup but it is Halloween and I’m a kitty!

                              Ell Palmer

                                U are so pretty . Skin is gd too. I fear doing my cat eye before other make up becuz it usually gets on my cat eye and i have to go over it


                                  This looks so brillant! Can't wait to give this a try 🙂

                                  Lozanne Van Niekerk

                                    I love the cat eye look

                                    Aya Kaya

                                      I really dont know how to make my make up look Not cakey.. at first it will always look good but just after an hour it will looks very very bad.. do you guys have any advice 😥

                                      Emily Campbell

                                        My lazy eye does the exact same thing when I do my eyes lol

                                        P B

                                          There are far superior ways to do this, & easier imo. That extra step with wiping etc is unnecessary. Doing an angled cats eye saves product, time & also avoids irritating the eye area unnecessarily. Chloe Morello I think? She has some great tutorials & there are others. Skip this one


                                            😍⚘You is niceeeee , veryyy niceeeee👍💅

                                            Bianca Kaye

                                              The best yet. I've tried every demonstration and it never came out consistently and was so difficult. I tried your way and got it the first time! I couldn't believe I did it. Thanks.

                                              Teija Barnett

                                                Thank you

                                                Ruby Gem

                                                  I don’t do makeup myself, I do it for my friends, but this was really helpful.

                                                  Madame X

                                                    Beautiful! Thx

                                                    Mallorie Brouns

                                                      What brand/color is that lipstick??? Gorgeous on you

                                                      Liz’s World

                                                        Thank you for this video. I love how you stayed focused on the task and was clear with your instruction. I've never done a cat eye on myself yet. I wanted to try it to see if I would like it. This will definitely help

                                                        J marohn

                                                          Wow! I've never been able to profect the cat eye! Thanks to this video i did it in like 10 seconds!!!

                                                          Gayatri Shilaka

                                                            You are sooooo beautiful 😍😍😍😍 your Beauty left all actress behind 😍😍😍

                                                            Ava’s Ava!

                                                              I’m out here with monolid ass eyes


                                                                I love how easy this sounds. XD Question for you though. I use that same eyeliner and after an hour or two I end up with raccoon eyes. How do you prevent that? 🙁


                                                                  I cant do it on my left eye cuz my right eye has TERRBLE vision lol

                                                                  💘CLAIM GIFT CARDS – СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е***

                                                                    Why these creative ideas not ever come in my mind?.
                                                                    There is a lot to discover with this youtube video..
                                                                    Thank you for making the effort to create this video.

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