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      Keeping Your Acrylic Brush In Top Shape - Suzie's Pro Tips

      Suzie shares her secrets on how to keep your Acrylic Brush in Top Shape, including how to prevent Acrylic curing in your brush, how to remove cured acrylic …

      Creative Cheers of Fashion Laura Flohr

        Shouldnt you better put a bit out of the big bottle so that you dont conteminate the whole bottle? I would put a bit in a smaller bottle. I understand that the bristle shouldnt be pushed but you could tape it then. Or sm I being neurotic ?

        Ashley R.

          What monomer are you using?

          Tanner Lewis

            You are the Bob Ross of nails and I mean that in the nicest way possible

            Mellisa Cameron

              Never used acetone and didn't know. Thank you so much Suzie for sharing this. Finally something to save my brushes.

              Tammy Young

                This was really helpful, I literally asked this question into a nail tech fb group a few weeks ago as I’m leaning nails but using a cheap brush, I ruined my brush the first day 😩 as I got acrylic hardened and I pulled it out so people were telling me the acetone likely ruined it with it being a cheaper brush. Glad to say I’m getting better lol ❤️

                Debbie Pruitt

                  That was great! I have always cleaned my brush with acetone… but I was as you called it, a painter. Now I can clean with success‼️🥰. PS. Instead of using tape to hold the brush in the bottle, clothespins work great ❣️😉

                  Anna L

                    I'm so glad you posted this, thank you Suzie. I am brand new to nails and get acrylic jammed in my brushes pretty much every nail. I was afraid to use acetone because of all the other people but am not really in a position where I could buy special cleaner or a new brush. I can't wait to try this tomorrow!


                      01:09 Remove Cured Acrylic from your Brush
                      06:15 Condition Your Brush
                      10:41 Prevent Acrylic from Curing in your Brush
                      14:21 Cleaning Your Brush

                      The Timecode links😊


                        I wish ugly duckling let people have their products without having a license! Their products are awesome!

                        Roonique Boutique Nails

                          Another great tutorial Suzie, I've always used an orange wood stick to regularly check for hidden acrylic drying in my brush since watching you do it in another video months ago, it's really helped to save me from having the problem of getting dried acrylic in my brush, so thanks for all the amazing tips and tricks you constantly show us, you've taught me so much and really helped me on my journey to becoming a nail tech.. 😍😍💕💕💅💅Xxx

                          Nelly BAIG

                            My teacher

                            Venus Schreave

                              Can you please do a video on how to tell if a technician is doing your nails properly. Things to look for, bad signs, etc. Because whenever I get my nails done i feel like there are things i should be noticing. Love the educational content!

                              Deann Dubois

                                That was helpful. I was having that happen alot. 😊 thanks

                                Violet R

                                  Thank you❤❤

                                  KK Ross

                                    Amen! 33 year nail tech veteran here as well, acetone always and then condition with liquid…..wala always perfect

                                    Linda Parent

                                      Oh that's what I've been doing wrong this whole time!
                                      I always let my brush sit in the dish of acetone and then I wonder why my brush seems loose.

                                      Megan thomas

                                        It works.great!! I think when people are saying don't use acetone. They might be having issue because acetone will melt the glue holding the hairs into the brush. But if you are careful like you showed us I wouldn't be an issue!!! Great video!!!!!♡

                                        Ria Das

                                          Thanks a lot for this video ♥️♥️

                                          Madison Walker

                                            So one thing I'm really struggling with is my nails lifting. I think I'm doing my prep correctly, I push back cuticles, buff my nail, clean and dehydrate, prime, and then apply my acrylic and it appears like everything is right and then within a couple days my nails are already starting to lift! Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? I do work with my hands a lot so maybe acrylics just arent cut out for me, I'm just so baffled how people can have nails that last weeks at a time!

                                            Rebecca Gilmore

                                              There is a neat little pottle called Total immersion brush cleaner – it has little brackets at the top you can clip brushes into. This way you can adjust the brush to just sit the solution and not touch the bottom or the wooden part. It works fine with acetone also ( I got mine from eBay)


                                                I'm going to start school soon for nails and watching your videos have giving me a heads start and excited me. I can't wait to begin.

                                                Creeative Nails

                                                  That’s exactly how I clean mine

                                                  Tracey Nails

                                                    So helpful. I actually purchased a brush cleaner but now I know I won’t have to spend the extra money to replenish it as I always have acetone on hand, so thank you for this Lesson.

                                                    Morgan Faber

                                                      You shouldn’t be putting the brush directly in the bottle of acetone, the acetone should be poured out into a bowl etc and then close the bottle and the brush should be dipped into the bowl of acetone

                                                      Travis Lynd

                                                        This just happened to me and i had to buy a new brush thanks for all the info like always i always learn so much

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