How to Create a French Wrap Braid (ft Brooklyn from BrooklynAndBailey)

Main How to Create a French Wrap Braid (ft Brooklyn from BrooklynAndBailey)

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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      How to Create a French Wrap Braid (ft Brooklyn from BrooklynAndBailey)

      I’m SO excited to share one of our favorite #hairstyles with y’all! My girls love having their hair styled out of their faces and off their necks in the summer heat.

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        Which are your favorite basic braids… French braids, Dutch braids, or both?? Please leave a comment below! 💋's – Mindy

        Leah’s Life

          Love you guys!!!!! Xxxxx

          Riley Powers

            oh my gosh can u just do my hair for prom next year wowww!! i physically can’t do this and it bothers me ughhh

            Paula Ramos-Avila

              Dutch braids

              Violet Delaney

                Its like a friendship bracelet but with hair😮

                Megan Simpson

                  I've always wanted to know how to do these!!

                  Ashley Moseley

                    i think shawn should try a hairstyle


                      I was reading yalls bio on your other channel and it said y'all go to Baylor my cousin goes their 😱

                      Sami Hoeldtke

                        love to see an oldschool tutorial like this again!!!

                        Julia Claire

                          I like both a french braids and dutch braids! But french braids are way easier for me.

                          Stewart & Clarissa Foss

                            Anybody else still in school uh ten more days

                            Gusty Matias

                              I like to do Dutch braids better because they are easier to do on myself

                              W M


                                Ali Lamb

                                  Omg amazing I feel like whenever I try and recreate these they never end up as nice as this omg 💕💕

                                  urvashi nigam

                                    I am big fan of urself channel. .most of the hairstyle I learned from u…soon thank u..

                                    Rita Juarez

                                      Hey Mindy my favorite type of braid is a Dutch Braid😊

                                      Aminath Sajitha

                                        French braid i can't do Dutch braid on my hair☹️

                                        Nicole Pechacek

                                          I like dutch more!

                                          Olivia Chournos

                                            how easy do you think this would be to do on yourself

                                            Lily Jameyson

                                              For me I love Dutch! I love to do them on myself and my friends. 🙂 And so happy to see Brooklyn home! Hope their Freshman year was great! Love the braid by the way Mindy!

                                              Emma Puente


                                                Animal lover 💕31

                                                  I love French braids btw I love these hairstyles and Brooklyn and Bailey so much ❤️❤️❤️

                                                  Dearie Nails

                                                    so pretty hairstyle

                                                    Caydence Watkins

                                                      I like Dutch braids because I have really frizzy crazy hair

                                                      Karla Chavez


                                                        Genna Y

                                                          Love all u guys💖💖

                                                          Johanna Padilla

                                                            You are so pretty! 😍💕

                                                            shannon o’donnell

                                                              both. I usually wear them when I need to feel empowered or if I need to speak at conference for my heart disease

                                                              Wazzup Itzhashtaggirl

                                                                Hello! Hehehe just wanna say hi to the person scrolling in the comment😀

                                                                Alaina Zajac

                                                                  Feel like I’ve been waiting 2 years for a hard hairstyle!! You guys have no idea how happy I am. Thank you♥️😁

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