How to Create DIY Milkmaid Braids | by Brooklyn from BrooklynAndBailey

Main How to Create DIY Milkmaid Braids | by Brooklyn from BrooklynAndBailey

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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      How to Create DIY Milkmaid Braids | by Brooklyn from BrooklynAndBailey

      Today, Brooklyn is going to show y’all how she creates her #DIY Milkmaid Braids! Every time that she wears her hair like this, she gets SO many compliments on …

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        Where are you going to wear this hairstyle?? Comment below! 💋's – Mindy

        Shahad Almousawi

          Loved it!❤️

          life is crazy

            I will try to do this hairstyle

            Eshaal Yousaf

              Omg they look so pretty!!

              Ps// small youtuber here xx💘💖

              Farhat Aziz

                Back to school. News. Hair style idea.

                Summer Minnie1

                  Love this hair style, might have to try and do this

                  amaal cadey

                    Nice brokle

                    lori craven


                      Pug Lover

                        My hair is too thin for this. After Brooklyn has split her hair in half AND gotten 3 strands, 1 strand is still almost double of my entire hair. Also my hair is so fine bobbypins and rubberbands just slip out. Also i can't pancake my hair coz it's too thin and short. Ugh.

                        Adair Sanders

                          I myself wear this hairstyle a lot. It's great especially in the summertime to pull back your hair when it's so hot! Thank you for making this video, Brooklyn! You look beautiful with your milkmaid braids! I'm going to try your tricks next time I wear this hairstyle. Xoxo.

                          Zidanezozo Zidanezozo






                                Geetika Gia

                                  Gorgeous 💜💜💜

                                  P.s. i am also a youtuber, wish me good luck 💜💜💜

                                  Mrs Burcer

                                    Not trying to be rude but y’all have posted this exact same hairstyle LITERALLY 5 times….. why?

                                    Karen Rodriguez

                                      Yessss!!! Finally I’ve been in love with Brooklyn’s braids. My favorite hairstyle 😭😝❤️

                                      Henry Zaduku Osoro

                                        brooklyn look s gorgeous u guys make my day


                                          I actually was just watching your old video your mom did of this one to figure out how to do this look. 😄

                                          leeann nguyen

                                            Is it just me or why does that look so pretty on Brooklyn ❤️!

                                            Danielle Smith

                                              wow you really stretched that to 10 min lol


                                                Random question… Does anybody know where Brooklyn's top is from? 😍

                                                Amy Park

                                                  So pretty!!!!! Wish i could do it tho… i cut my hair about as short as Bailey but i luv it ♥️
                                                  💋’s from South Korea 🇰🇷

                                                  Josh and Caleigh

                                                    Love it so much!!! So cute! Love you , Mindy! 💖-Caleigh

                                                    Jasmine A

                                                      do paisleys hair!! that is my type of hair!!

                                                      ruth gray

                                                        I do this hairdo all the time but a little different but will definitely try it this way

                                                        Gii Eduardo

                                                          Brazil loves u, guys♥️🇧🇷


                                                            Love this hairstyle!! So awesome on Brooklyn! I’m going to a wedding at the end of August and can’t find the perfect hairstyle! I think I’ll use this!

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