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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

    Are you guys ready for another super easy, cute #hairstyle?? Today we’ll show y’all how to create #TripleFlipFlips on my niece Kilee! This is a super cute …

    Cute Girls Hairstyles

    Do you like our hairstyle videos, or our family vlogs the MOST?? Comment below! 💋's -Mindy

    nouran Ahmeedd

    Hairstyles of course 😍

    Smile Life

    I prefer the vlogs



    Geetika Gia

    Hairstyle videos❤️

    Samantha Benner


    Mindy Riley

    I’ve followed your channel since the twins were little, snd have learned SO much over the years! Thank you for that! Now my girls like watching them too so I’m partial to the hairstyle videos :).


    Hairstyles, it's the reason I started watching 🤗

    Jennifer Whittle

    I like the hairstyle videos the most.

    niamh aitken


    Audrey Sharp



    I love them both but I would prefer hairstyle videos over vlogs!

    Soleil Chapa

    The hairstyles are so beautiful

    Mayu Blume

    I subscribed for cute girls hair styles… Not vlogs… If your gonna do vlogs most of the time maybe at least change the channel name to Family vlogs or something not cute girls hair styles. But I do like the hairstyles!!!


    This is so cute!! Definitely a cute go to style for work

    Salma Mannan-Hilaly

    I love y’all

    Salma Mannan-Hilaly


    L Rod

    hairstyles #roots

    Joni Smith

    I love all of your videos


    I like the hairstyles the mostttt


    I love both:hairstyles and the vlogs but during the last month I acutally missed the hairstyles

    Emily Leapai

    Mindy is the hair styling queen! 👑 🙌🏽

    holo.its.meee. _.

    I like the volgs more because we get more to watch and we get more involved with you!

    holo.its.meee. _.

    I feel if you are older instead of doing the entire thing you could just stop at 3:08 :))

    Potato Emily

    I like both

    Cassie Trotman

    I still like seeing new hairstyle ideas! I started watching your channel years ago for hair ideas for my oldest daughter. She’s now 10, but I have a younger daughter who is 6 so I still like seeing new ideas!

    Melissa Radik

    I like the hair tutorials

    Millie R

    I prefer the videos it’s easier to pause and rewind to watch the steps

    Jelly 824

    I like the hairstyles and the vlog
    How about you make a channel for vlogs and a different channel for hairstyles?
    Love ur videos xx

    Takwa Hossain

    omg it is amazing

    Sissy Lanyon

    I prefer hairstyle vids over vlogs.

    Mandy Fonoimoana

    I prefer the tutorials. Not that I don’t like your vlogs your family is great!

    Yuktha Gowda

    Both are amazing, but I prefer the vlogs!

    Sultana Kashif


    Shannon Feerick-Hillenbrand

    I love the hairstyles

    Hannah Walters

    Vlogs but both are great

Viewing 37 posts - 1 through 37 (of 37 total)
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