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    Alex Centomo

      Some advice on dealing with toxic friendships and what I would do in these situations. Opening Up About Our Relationship… …


        This is really what I needed, thanks for this new content 🙂

        Sara Parker

          I love how relatable you are❤️ i really value every video you make and post

          Morgan Lindsey

            Alex, thank you so much for this video…I really needed to hear this. About a year ago I took a big step back from a toxic friendship that was affecting me so negatively I had anxiety attacks. It was the hardest thing I've ever done; she was my best friend of 8 years and we had so many beautiful memories together. She understood me like no one else. She didn't even necessarily "do" anything to hurt me, she just had an attitude and way of perceiving herself and her life that didn't vibe with me anymore, especially during a stressful time in my life. I couldn't bear the weight of her problems and self-victimization on top of my own issues. I unfollowed her on all social media and we had many conversations before we mutually agreed to move on and wish each other the best and stay open, but while I distanced myself and eventually did move on, I guess she didn't. She has been contacting me again over the last few months still not accepting my reasoning & desperate to try to fix the friendship, and as a result I've been hardcore struggling with guilt, wondering if I did the right thing. Wondering if I'm a "bad person" for feeling indifferent and outgrowing the friendship & not needing her. I still don't know what to do or what the answer is, but just listening to your wise words helps a lot.

            Sunny Dickerson

              Love you Alex!!!

              Mallory Moore

                I love your videos they’re so calming to me

                Samantha Murray

                  I love this series!! You are handling these topics so well and I can't wait to see what's next! ❤✨

                  Marie M

                    You're creating such good content lately! I love how you've changed your videos after opening up to us! I'm watching you since forever but I can really see some positive changes happening, keep on going x

                    may nolan

                      I had this only recently where a long term friendship came to an end. Really is like a break up. We had tried to communicate but ultimately we had changed and they were very very negative and I never felt good after spending time with them, massive red flag!

                      Carla Perkins

                        what if all of your friends during elementary/middle/high school were toxic and you cut them all out so now you’re completely alone & no longer in an environment where it’s easy to make friends🤡

                        kevin oreilly

                          Do a live stream for some super chats

                          Eirini Nikolopoyloy

                            this is exactly what i needed right now… im dealing with toxic friends right now so thank you so much for sitting down and talking about serious subjects

                            Kayla l

                              Love you Alex! Love the calm autumn vibes in this video

                              Lindsay Morgan

                                What would you do if you’re friends with someone and there sibling is verbally bullying you? Like honestly, I don’t want to be in that kind of friendship, but it bothers me

                                Grace Rogers

                                  I love this video, and honestly watched it at the perfect time ❤️ thank you so much! And I’m loving your new series 😊 keep doing what you’re doing!

                                  Georgia Nicole x

                                    The background 🤩🍂🎃



                                      Alexa Ofelia

                                        I think the complicated relationship you have with your sister is something lots of people deal with, but don’t quite know how to navigate. And since it seems like something you and your sister have gone through successfully (whatever that means) together, talking about it could help a lot of people

                                        sophie delany

                                          i really needed this fuckkin elllllll

                                          Marta Saavedra

                                            I’m so happy that you did this video, because recently I ended the friendship with my best friend, and things got so complicated… because like you said is good to talk with the person first so they can understand what’s wrong and unfortunately I didn’t do that. And the fact that we’re on the same friend group just made things worst, because now I feel like my other friends are acting weird with me and that they took her side without understanding were I was coming from. And now I don’t know what to do… Idk if it’s better to keep my distance or pretend that everything’s fine. Love you Alex 😘❤️

                                            Madison Ann

                                              when I saw this notification I was so surprised because I was just talking about this. I definitely needed to hear this.

                                              Michelle Ducharme

                                                I just wanted to say that following up your video about your insecurities on YouTube, I personally think you’ve been crushing it lately!! Your posting has been consistent and honestly the topics of your video are great/relevant for your subscribers age/lifestyle. Good job!!!

                                                M & A Munoz

                                                  I never even had a friend.

                                                  Samantha Dormio

                                                    I think doing a video on keeping up strong relationships with long distance friends would be awesome! For example, how to keep rituals going when you’re not physically there with best friends

                                                    Sarah Liebie

                                                      Wow thank you for this x

                                                      Eva Keith

                                                        It's hard to talk to someone about your feelings… I can't

                                                        Iwa Clemente-Leialoha

                                                          You are so right! It’s always hard for me to speak up about thing and it bothers me.

                                                          I love your sit down videos!

                                                          Lea B

                                                            I really love and appreciate this new video series of yours. Thank you Alex! 💐❤️



                                                              90’s Kid

                                                                Hi friends! I have a question, what would you do if another girl is trying to kiss your boyfriend? I happened to me a few years ago, thankfully my bf is a nice guy and rejected her but it still bothers me and i never confronted her because we are really not that close and haven't had the chance to do so. Any advice on what to do because clearly it's still bothering me years after that. 😆 Also may I add that she had bf at that time and i believe they are still dating…poor guy. With that being said, thank you Alex for creating these videos, I really enjoy them and I feel you like a close friend now ❤


                                                                  I really like this series!! Thank you Alex, I feel like they really help


                                                                    anyone want to be friends? (non-toxic only) 🙂

                                                                    About a girl&the world

                                                                      I love this series so much and it's so important to talk about these kind of things!!! SO THANK YOU ALEX FO THAT

                                                                      Simone Dz

                                                                        Your background makes me so calm and happy, i love it so so much!

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