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      How to get dramatic lashes without falsies | ULTIMATE MASCARA ROUTINE

      Hey Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I show you my step by step mascara routine! May seem boring but maybe someone out there needs this! lol!

      Haley Torres

        You are so beautiful 💛💛💛💛

        Rachel Cunningham

          so helpful because your lashes constantly give me LIFE

          Shekwa Ahangar

            99 people who disliked this video why are you even watching it?? This upsets me how can someone dislike Kathleen’s video 😩😒 anyway love you Kathleen welcome back I missed you so much ❤️😘

            Morgan King



                PLEASE what is that beautiful music. I went to the description box and:

                Megan Bell

                  We love you so much!!!your mental health always comes first.

                  Sunburntdays /:

                    I don’t have those gorgeous lashes to curl 😂


                      I do next to nothing with my mascara routine 😂 I don't use curler or primer, just mascara and my favourite mascara atm is Milk Makeup Kush

                      Beauty Scientist

                        HOW TO GET DRAMATIC EYELASHES:

                        1. YOUR NATURAL LASHES MUST BE THICK AND LONG 🤔😂

                        OTHERWISE, USE FALSIES 😅😂

                        D Vg

                          Huh? Did you change something on Your teeth? You look different

                          M M

                            My game changing mascara routine is curling my lashes with my index finger and drying my lashes against the fan I do this after each coat and it gives my lashes a natural curl that I looooove.

                            alysa berry

                              I really want to send you a bottle of Dion’s ranch because it’s the best in the world. But that sounds like something I wouldn’t be able to mail you. Ugh.


                                My game changer has been getting eyelash lifts! Now any mascara is a good mascara haha!

                                Tracy Allen

                                  How exactly does the mascara primer work? I’ve never tried it. Is there much difference from when it’s not used?

                                  Called to be Castro

                                    Love simple videos like this 👍🏼

                                    Elsa-Lee Treasure

                                      Ur earrings r beautiful! So glad u took time off! Good for you💜💚💙❤️🧡💛

                                      dana nov

                                        So freaking beautiful, i love to watch your videos so much ! ❤️😍❤️💋


                                          Not now Kathleen. Beauty guru's are fighting lmao.

                                          Denisse Natali

                                            How do you have no pores😫?

                                            Snow Sian

                                              I NEED TO KNOW HOW YOU DOTHIS LOOK!!!!! SOOOO WEEEEET

                                              Jami Hanson

                                                I hope you are feeling better after your break! You were missed, but I’m so glad you take a mental health break and let others know that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. I soooo needed this video in my life.

                                                deceitful luv

                                                  I need to know what lip color that is??? And love your nails. I have lime green nail polish on right now 🙂


                                                    Welcome back love! Great video! Your lashes always look

                                                    Sarah Wong

                                                      How long do we have to wait for our mascara to dry? Cause honestly there were times that I waited for 5-10 mins to apply a 2nd coat or curl my lashes again as a final touch but they weren't dry and I got so pissed cause it was hella messy and eww the residue on my curler was just not… Nice :')


                                                        ur beautiful! I love the benefit roller lash for a simple, everyday look & too faced better than sex for a more glam look. Man eater by tarte is also nice & I just got this once from Lancôme that has a black rose on the top. I forgot the name but it’s lovely

                                                        Megan Hsieh

                                                          I just want to say with so much drama out there in the beauty community, thank you so much for always being so humble and true to yourself and just doing what you love <3 It's really hard to come by nowadays. Drama free, just makeup & a beautiful personality:")

                                                          Fiona Honeywill

                                                            I love seeing these types as i dont wear lashes but do u think u could do this again and do both eyes with the primer but then do one eye with what u used but the other eye drug store so we can see if there is any difference plzz

                                                            Brittany Rodriguez


                                                              Nutty Thn

                                                                plsss subtitle please😭 I just wanna practice from video on youtube❤️

                                                                Teodora Afram

                                                                  Drug store version: use Lash curler then Loreal lash primer mascara and Loreal Paradise mascara gives you huge lashes!

                                                                  Trish dela Cruz

                                                                    MAKE UP TUTORIAL ON THIS LOOK PLEASEEEE ❤️❤️❤️

                                                                    Brenda Rodriguez

                                                                      Do a colourpop look with new launches ❤️❤️❤️



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