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    Diva Palala
      How To Get Pink Lips👄 In 3Days | DIY Lip Scrub

      Both dark and pink lips are good!! Watch more How To Get Rid Of Dark Armpit: How To Get …

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      How To Get PINK LIPS 💋 In One Week//. How to make effective pink lips scrub for plump lips

      Diva Palala

        How I take my Instagram pictures: link👇🏿

        Temmy Dorcas

          Fine gal 😘

          Akua Paris

            I love the way you go straight to the video without wasting data.❤

            Lattie prudance

              I once tried it with a hard clove n I worked😂

              Rinaye Rambau

                Does brown sugar work?


                  Love this

                  Willie Monkgomotsi

                    I am from Botswana even I have pink lips naturally amazing

                    Itumeleng Johanna

                      Is it fine if I use brown sugar


                        My name is diva wow

                        TESLA UPDATES.

                          Great remedy ❤❤❤

                          Basira Murida

                            I use this to scrub my lips but it is instead becoming dark

                            Miss Laura

                              This definitely works 💯☺️


                                I know this video is a year old but for how long i need to be with this at the day


                                  I know this video is a year old, but I have a question. Could I use lemon instead of lime? I don’t have lime in the house right now. Thanks!

                                  nthabie polie polie

                                    What if u don't have honey

                                    nthabie polie polie

                                      What if u don't have honey

                                      nthabie polie polie

                                        What if u don't have honey

                                        Kwesi John

                                          How long do you leave it on

                                          Tyreece Take

                                            Can I use brown sugar

                                            OHIOMOBA Happy

                                              Please ma what is the shelf life of this how long can it stay or do I need to add preservative for it to last longer for me


                                                You’re gorgeous 😍

                                                Ikpeme Ikpeme

                                                  I'm gonna try it….hope it works…..
                                                  Don't fuck me up ooo…😢😮

                                                  Peron Sookram

                                                    Nah when you brush your lips it does feel extremely soft I love it try it

                                                    Astrocious official

                                                      Does brown sugar work too




                                                          I currently have pink lips because I’m light skin and I use lip scrub and I use a lip scrubber for 1 minute then I wet my lips and dry them with a tissue and apply my chapstick 🤭

                                                          Virginie Takam

                                                            Is it permanent ?


                                                              Will this work if I rub some on my butthole?😅


                                                                I don't have honey

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