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    Wayne Goss

      Give this little trick a go and let me know what you think! LINKS Blusher Nars Blusher UK US Wayne Goss Airbrush …

      ginger herman

        Can someone explain how to apply foundation on skin so it does look like the skin separates the product. The person I keep trying with has well moisturized big pores. But after i apply the product it looks like it dried separated into dots wont lay on the skin. Almost as if she needs to exfolliate. But we did that already. She is 40 and I'm stumped. She doesn't want a face that looks like it has layers and layers on but a nice coverage that lays nice. I did notice Tarte Amazon clay foundation looks awful like it won't set on her skin at all. Damp beauty blender pressing in to set and damp wash clothe pressing down trick doesn't work for this lady either. Anyone have any ideas? Her pores are big but shallow. The makeup sits like above the skin in mini crumbles. Maybe it's the primer?

        zandra perry-ogbomo

          I love that your videos are packed with helpful information while being not too long.

          Isabella Wipfler


            Shara Bethel

              You are so handsome and pink is definitely your color πŸ’ž

              Sonia G.

                that's beautiful and you just look stunningly gorgeous Wayne! Love you!

                corsican lulu

                  thank u, im so glad u just put blush and highlighter together…idk why people apply it separately, like a mostly matte face w/a swipe of highlighter out of the blue. its not very harmonious or natural

                  F. Reyes

                    can guys also use this technique?

                    Kellian h

                      Great video!! Thank you.

                      Pamela Faulkner

                        U r 1 amazing Dude. God bless your skill, talent & Heart

                        Amanda Alejo

                          THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for doing this video. Ive waited a while for a great explanation about blush placement.

                          Mimi Meyers

                            Do I see a RING ON The Finger? You know?… The Finger!!!

                            z. alvarez

                              Wayne you are the best makeup artist. As a woman over 50 I’m very great full for your makeup tips/tricks.πŸ™πŸ½β™₯️


                                Great technique, I see the efect this creates the cheek looks plumper


                                  I use this blusher technique to make my face look longer (because my face is round). Love you, Wayne, your makeup tips are the best!😘😍

                                  Mav vlogs


                                    Julie-Ann Henry

                                      80's blush technique! I'm finally back in mode lol Thanks Wayne πŸ™‚


                                        wayne, i have an oval shaped face..will this work for me, too? cause my checks are kinda chubby lol:(

                                        Sue Cone

                                          Thanks! I no longer have apple cheeks so this is great. I was doing the blush pretty close but I really wasn’t sure about the highlights. Now I know! Thanks πŸ™

                                          Mimi Bernier

                                            Love your tutorials!!! U look fab!!!

                                            jagee john

                                              Gosh… Wayne… You are Aging backwards…You look more handsome now than ever…You Sexy HUNKπŸ’›


                                                Amazing tips & tricks as always!! Never disappointed. β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

                                                pratiksha gaikwad

                                                  Looking so good in pink

                                                  Lau diaz

                                                    you look more and more handsome and young, kisses for you from Mexico

                                                    Meytal navon

                                                      Love it πŸ₯°

                                                      Kimber Lee

                                                        You should wear pink more often!


                                                          Wayne cant u do some anti ageing and natural no makeup makeup facelift looking younger looking for us men lol

                                                          Kathleen West

                                                            Whatever your skincare routine is these days, KEEP IT UP! You freaking glow in this.

                                                            Gatita Mendoza

                                                              It's funny you mention this because I have always brushed my hair either in some sort of bun or pony tail because I can't stand it touching my face but now that I am 54 I do notice that it gives me that instant lift, not much but every little bit helps.
                                                              As for the blush I accidently brought it up too high 1 day when I was in a hurry, I liked it & wear it like that now. This video confirms that I'm doing something right. Thanks have a great day!


                                                                Thank you, worked beautifully for me! Tried this today after struggling with my blush/highlight placement for a while now. I really appreciate these simple, yet effective tips. You are awesome. Best wishes!

                                                                Jennieke Latimore

                                                                  Is there a video on how to avoid red blood shot looking eyes? This happens EVERY TIME I put on eyeliner and eyeshadow I know I am doing something wrong but I don’t know what it is

                                                                  bonnie lee

                                                                    Omg I have been using the same way to apply my blush and highlighter!! I got a big round-shaped face and it helps lifting up my face and creating a natural slimming effect

                                                                    Cherie Durksen

                                                                      I love love LOVE how you get right to the demonstration without a lot of preamble. THANK YOU! I love all of your videos.

                                                                      Charli G

                                                                        Hey Wayne
                                                                        Love this tip/trick. I recently started doing my blusher and bronzer like this and I really see a difference.

                                                                        Sherdon Mcewan

                                                                          Great as as always Wayne ! Right to the point β€πŸ‘πŸ‘

                                                                          CLARA PEREZ ESCRIVA

                                                                            Hello, first of all, I am not an english speaker, so I apollogies for my bad writing. I started watching make up tutorials by chance some months ago. I barely make up myself. This is the weird thing. So, I found your channel and I begin interested in that issue. I had follow your new videos from then. But yesterday I saw two videos about your personal stories. I have to say that this two videos like me the most, and move me unexpectedly. I never leave commets on youtube channels, but I want to do it this time, although is not about your make up work. See you and thanks.

                                                                            indah shallom

                                                                              Thank you wayne πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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