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    Freddy My Love
      How to live your BEST life at HOME! ~ Freddy My Love

      It’s so important to #STAYHOME so here are some ideas of what to do when you’re bored at home and how to make the most of the time! THIS VIDEO …


        “Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands “ lol

        Vlogs with Melisa

          I love u

          Vlogs with Melisa

            Can u pls do a things to do when ur board on quarantine

            Ella James

              7:01 OMG this caught me off guard hahahaha

              Jolien Van Driessche

                i'd love to see your tanning routine Freddy! xx

                Aarushi Arya

                  Maybe you can do a “trying Pinterest trends, but my style” video? ❤️❤️

                  INTOAMILLI LADY

                    Thank you for those wonderful tips!

                    Keira Alice May

                      yesss i need to know ur tanning routine

                      Zara Stuut

                        Hey Freddy! Can you please do your tanning routine! Also would love you to explain how you start a blog or YouTube channel!! 💖💖

                        Katharine Leeder

                          Tanning video, please

                          mark smith

                            she's like a British regina George from mean girls


                              She is perfect

                              Eden Elizabeth

                                This video was so motivating you have no idea!!! thank you Freddy!!!!

                                Caroline Pope

                                  Do a vid on how to give yourself a manicure! That’d be awesome!

                                  Dance Sista

                                    Freddy is actually so inspiring and relaxing to watch 🥰😊

                                    Juliana Muguet

                                      Freddy, could you do a house tour for us??

                                      Orla Hayes

                                        I’d love to see cocos baking videos please!

                                        Grace McCrudden

                                          hi pls do a tanning routine !

                                          T Z

                                            I love how she even has a pink vacuum. 😂 that’s Freddy for you! Also I would love for Coco to do a baking video on her channel!

                                            Lilly Q

                                              Yes tanning routine please xx

                                              Lily Spears

                                                ‘i feel like it’s not good for my mental wellbeing to catch sight of myself looking like i’ve just been found in the woods’ i love you freddie ☁️💕

                                                Suraj Singh

                                                  The trick i use to stay sane in this lockdown is i bash my head into the wall.

                                                  kate forsyth

                                                    Happy people just don’t shoo their husbands

                                                    Temps de Loisir

                                                      absolutely love this video! we needed content like this. i love the fact that you quoted lennon!

                                                      Wolf Girl

                                                        Can you do a video on your favorite role models??

                                                        Sam Davies

                                                          You dress like my mother.

                                                          Sadia Khalid

                                                            Where are your weights and mat from? x

                                                            Franzi Glaser

                                                              Please show us your tanning Routine 😍 it looks so perfect on you🤗

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