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    Lisa Eldridge
      How to Make Dark Lipstick Wearable

      For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below: 100% of advertising revenue is donated to charity. Follow me on instagram here: …


        I don't know why, but I'd be really interested to hear about your work ethics, if you'd be willing to share!

        Janice Ng

          Hello Lisa, do you plan on restocking Velvet Myth? I regretted not buying it. However, I am looking forward to Velvet Fawn, Velvet Muse and Rainbow Spill!! I missed Rainbow Spill the previous round, and now it is on the way. 😍

          Annie Stoaks

            I bought all the dark shades my favorite 🖤 lol but good to see this video for those who wanted tips


              I love how professional and "non-screamy", flashy editing or loud music-y your videos are. I always feel at peace watching haha xx

              Karen Singing ASMR

                Thanks for sharing and letting us learn 👍❤️

                Grace M

                  Even after all these years every time I watch a video of yours I always learn something new – thank you Lisa! X


                    I know u r artist and play around colours! For me personally though, i always dislike colours which darken my lips! I love the berry juicy, blushed, all kinda nuances-colours which brighten the mouth! 😍 got my hands on skyscraper of course and velvet ribbon! I am passionately waiting for go lightly… Love you Lisa! Ps Dead nude colours, not my cup of tea also 😉 own pillow talk, and thats enough.🤐😜Ps2 Beautiful tips, how to smooth dark colours!


                      we need more quıck tutorials 🙁 daily use tips

                      Trish Van Roggen

                        Thank you, Lisa. This is one of your master classes. And you have the loveliest way of always explaining and demonstrating things so well without making me feel like some variety of idiot, lol. Just a couple of sleeps until my beautiful lipsticks arrive.
                        Many good wishes from Vancouver,
                        Trish, xo.


                          Love your tutorials. The makeups you make are so classy! Unfortunately these dark colors look bad on me. I’m really pale, black hair and very dark lips. I’m looking forward to receive my velvets order 🙃 hopefully the other colors should look better on me 🙂


                            I absolutely love this look but I think in my late 50s I would have to do the stain version


                              Can you please show us also dark skin girls how to do the lighter shades ?

                              Linette Low

                                Lovely 🙂 ♡ Thank you, Lisa #LotsOfLove

                                Lil Divette

                                  Awesome and helpful video—thank you! 💄👍 Lisa, you just opened up a whole new world for me with your “finger dab stain” technique. I have several dark lipsticks in my collection that I’ve always worn at full intensity—and therefore, not often—that I never thought to wear as a ‘day appropriate stain’. I’ve spent the evening trying it out with amazing results and am thrilled to have new options available to me—thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

                                  p.s. I also preordered your beautiful velvet lipsticks this month in Jazz and Myth (my Christmas gift to me 😊) and can’t wait to play with them this way as well.

                                  Bridget Heathcote

                                    Lisa I would love to see a tutorial on how to use your lipsticks in a way that stops bleeding on a more mature lip. I nail it most of the time but sometimes I don't and yikes 😳 Can't wait to receive my Blue Velvet collection 💄💄💄 Your lipsticks are so fabulous that I only use them now 😍

                                    Pat J

                                      So very happy you did this. I usually just wipe off lipstick that is too dark. Thank you for such great tips.

                                      T B

                                        thanks for sharing , lovely!

                                        Salma Elfarrash

                                          Who else gasped in horror when lisa dipped her blush brush in velvet beauty?

                                          sara nzm

                                            Me watching Lisa apply lipstick for half an hour and enjoyed every second of it , she is my favourite makeup artist and Youtuber and Im a big supporter, ordered many of her lippies and cant wait to receive them, ❤️❤️

                                            Jennifer Dreyfus

                                              Hi lisa 👋🏻

                                              Jill Parker

                                                Love this! Thank you, Lisa! I might need Velvet Decade now.

                                                April Warren

                                                  So excited to try these looks! I didn’t want the dark colors and I went back and ordered all the new 6 at the last minute. Now I’m SO glad I did! So much to play with, so little time!

                                                  Kevin Williams

                                                    Wow. I'm GAGGED!! SO GOOD😍😍😍


                                                      Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, Lisa! <3

                                                      Kassi Buck

                                                        I got my glass of vodka @lisaeldridge! I am ready!

                                                        M K

                                                          Well, shoot. “Yay, another Lisa video! But no WAY can she sell me on Velvet Midnight.” Welll……I’m sold. Why? The formula is perfect. You’re a savvy artist and businesswoman, Lisa!

                                                          Porsha Harrison

                                                            I loved this tutorial. I always loved the darker lip colors but I never knew how to make it look good. I can’t wait to do this. I learned so much , you’re an amazing teacher Lisa!

                                                            Prema Nair

                                                              Lisa is so natural and gorgeous. Looks too good for her age. So so pretty and sweet…love each n every of her tutorials. So professional without 'doing too much' Now I consider her as my best friend and my inspiration. Love you Lisa. God bless you.

                                                              Cinzia Mindyourb

                                                                thank you very much Lisa for sharing your technique with us.


                                                                  Aaaaaaannd now I need all the new lipsticks!

                                                                  Camron Thompson

                                                                    Love it 😍 all!

                                                                    Jenna Stamp

                                                                      Thank you Lisa, This is the best tutorial! So excited for my lippies to arrive xxx PS. Now I wish I didn't chicken out on Velvet Decade 🙂 (9 shades are probably enough for now though HAHA)

                                                                      Ms. Ezmirelda


                                                                        Susanna Cain

                                                                          I love this video! I went back and bought Velvet Decade and Velvet Midnight because I loved how they looked when you applied them this way. Could've bought the Deep Velvet Collection with Velvet Myth too, but I was too indecisive this morning. Next time!

                                                                          Xomarah Dickison

                                                                            Oh Lisa, I love your videos and your technique. I just turned 60 and have had 6 eye surgeries due to Graves Disease and struggle constantly with making my eyes appear similarly shaped. Thank you for explaining so patiently and sharing you talent with your viewers.

                                                                            Liang Zhao

                                                                              Who else Added decade and midnight halfway through the video? They’re still available!!!


                                                                                I could watch you apply makeup all day and never get bored; it’s so relaxing. The Decade/Morning combo is so beautiful!

                                                                                Jane Warrick

                                                                                  Thank you so much for this video. I had no idea how I was going to use Velvet Midnight & it is beautiful the way you showed it. I am so looking forward to getting my lippies. Thank you♥️


                                                                                    Excellent tutorial, didn’t know about those techniques, can’t wait to get my order, now I’ll have to order Decade cause I ordered the Soft Velvets. You are absolutely gorgeous.😘

                                                                                    Mr. Bob Dobalina

                                                                                      You’re always stunning.

                                                                                      Tasoula Goodrick

                                                                                        Stunning as always Lisa. Congratulations on the latest stunning velvet collections also. 😘💄💋

                                                                                        Light Heidi

                                                                                          Thank you for the tips. You are such an artist with nuances of color. I always pick up new ideas from you.

                                                                                          Hilary Lo

                                                                                            Absolutely adore this video! It's amazing to see the various color pairings and versatility of your collections! I'm so excited to receive my lippies soon. These colors are really stunning for fall. I love that just bitten berry stain look so definitely will be experimenting. I'm especially looking forward to using Velvet Decade as a stain since it has more berry undertone to it. The application of a stain and the full coverage from the bullet look like 2 different lipsticks. You incorporated so many helpful tips as always. Thank you Lisa! <3


                                                                                              Love learning from the best, and in my opinion, Lisa Eldridge is the best : )

                                                                                              Ginette Almeida

                                                                                                Ohhhh decade is stunning as a shade. Considering if I should add this to my order before it ships 🤔

                                                                                                Adis R

                                                                                                  I had finished my makeup and I removed a dark lipstick because I thought it was too much…I wish I had watched this video first…so so useful ❤


                                                                                                    So cool I've always mixed lipsticks! I was already thinking trying skyscraper rose and Velvet Jazz together!💋


                                                                                                      Thanks Lisa!!! your creativity alone inspires me to be more adventurous with my lipstick application!!! I can't wait for my blue velvets to get here already!!!!

                                                                                                      Ginette Almeida

                                                                                                        Omg I spy mini rings!!!! 😍💍👀

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