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    Rose Makeup World
      Foundation too dark?! Do this 👏🏻❤️ #viralmakeup #makeuptutorial #shorts

      LA Girls Pro Mixing Pigment Foundation (BLUE):Product Link: LA Girls Pro Mixing Pigment Foundation …

      More videos:

      HOW TO MAKE ANY FOUNDATION MATCH YOUR SKIN | complexion tutorial | foundation tutorial

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      How To Lighten Foundation | The Easy Way!!


        I need to learn how to make foundation for neutral olive skin.

        Jeannie Smith

          I have 2 new bottles of Charlotte Tilbury that are too dark. Thank you❤

          016 Urooj Kanwal

            instead of buying white and blue , buy a new one with exact your shade

            Kajikaa K

              Waw thanks


                I mix my concealer which is too rosy or too warm with green and it’s perfect but I still don’t know if I’m olive or neutral 🙁

                Rola Nser

                  What about yellow?
                  And how can I convert my foundation to be rose?

                  Hazel Satoru

                    I need this rn!! Just bought a red undertoned bb cream… Im yellow undertoned.. I did compare the tube with my skin it was a perfect match.. But when i got home it was too red.. The lighting in the store was like yellowish soo ig…

                    nel dormiveglia

                      One tip, if you have a darker foundation that doesn't match you, use it as liquid bronzer!

                      xhaley mutti

                        My concealor is sooo orange on me! I dont know if Im fair to medium. Sometime I am fair to medium. Sometimes just medium. But have really bad dark circles. My concealor too orange. What should i do?????

                        TJ B


                          Moni O.

                            Love how she says "I'm gonna help ya!" :)) Thank you for this video, it's very helpful, I too struggle with finding the right shade because I am very light and kinda neutral-yellow and all the light foundations they make are super pink even if they look yellow in the tube. Literally everything I swatch is either too pink or too orange.

                            Kendralyn Williams

                              Would this work for concealer also?

                              savitha shashidhara

                                Do with lipstick 😭😭 i have tons of lipsticks that doesnt match me i took the wrong shade soo. 😭 plzz

                                jarin tasnim

                                  what to do if my foundation is too yellow?


                                    Tysm, I bought an expensive concealer and it looks like I got a cheap spray tan and then rolled in Cheeto dust 😭

                                    Gina Bernardo

                                      Do the concealer versions of these work the same if added to foundation? Trying to fix my Charlotte Tilbury flawless skin foundation, mine is too light and very yellow

                                      Amayra art

                                        If we have a lighten shade so which neutralize colour is important to mixing for dark shade

                                        Maricela Garza

                                          How do I darken my foundation , I just bought one and it’s to light .. thanks

                                          Ihana Kaunotar

                                            Helps us pale girls as we usually then have to have at least two foundations as summer and winter shade. Saves money for us.


                                              White to lighten – blue to neutralise

                                              Sanyukta Jedhe

                                                I watched like 300 videos trying to understand how these pigments work. Yours was the only one who explained it in the simplest possible way! Thank you!

                                                Rebbie and Family

                                                  Will the color pigments change the formula of the foundation?

                                                  Kay Pa

                                                    Please post more of these demos, thanks for sharing this

                                                    🦝 Queen T

                                                      Im buying the white! And hitting b&m as it's always sand colours on UK and I'm paaaaalllleeee

                                                      Tricia Glenn

                                                        These are good to have but most all stores accept returns or exchanges on foundations

                                                        Kathy A

                                                          Return your foundation

                                                          Sherlock 789

                                                            THANK YOU SO MUCH. I needed this.

                                                            Lone She wolf

                                                              I will rather stay loyal to my bank account 😭

                                                              Shanik Pakeer

                                                                What do you mean by foundation oxidizes?

                                                                Lorren Raven

                                                                  Need. Need those so bad. I have like five foundations that are way too dark and they're good products. I just need these. I need coin 😧😭 I hate being so damn brokee

                                                                  Xenevlil Lil

                                                                    How does this affect the finish and formula tho

                                                                    Petal Pasqual

                                                                      Awee no shit!! Never would have thunk it ur a real 1! Stay blessed


                                                                        I need white and blue as soon as possible


                                                                          I think the la girl foundation is underrated

                                                                          Veronica Smyth

                                                                            Thank You Hon.

                                                                            Gs Jubayel


                                                                              Jennifer Castillo

                                                                                Amazing! Can you please put the products and where you found them please?

                                                                                Beautiful Catastrophe

                                                                                  What??? 🤯🤯🤯

                                                                                  Bailey Floyd

                                                                                    I 100% do not stand by these they can change the consistency and formulation of a foundation

                                                                                    Diane R-D

                                                                                      Great tip.

                                                                                      Nicole Sargsyan

                                                                                        What kind of sorcery is this?!

                                                                                        Deena Dee

                                                                                          I just love your personality!😀

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