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    Smitha Deepak
      TRY THIS!! Easy 5 Minute Smokey Eye Trick

      Hi Smittens, in today’s tutorial I’m sharing my trick of creating any smokey eye in less than 5 minutes. If you try this look, please …

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      Why this 5 Minute Beginner Smokey Eye will become YOUR Favorite!!

      Simple Smokey Eye for Beginners ♡

      SoCal Dolly


        Hibiscus Angel

          Thanks for this ! I have stopped doing smoky eye in a while

          Laiba Javed

            Did it on my fresher’s party and loveddd the way it turned out!!!😍

            Oliveea Ritsy

              Thank you so much for this video! I love how simple it was and I love my finished look ❤

              Jennifer Jaramillo

                Love 💕

                h jam

                  V nice

                  Minakshi Bhati

                    I like your make up

                    Nidhi Verma

                      Which kajal you are using here, after applying Kajal you applied eyeshadow, will it not smudge?


                        Out of all your eyeshadow videos that I have seen so far, this is my favorite. For mature eyes, I am glad you didn't use shimmer. I like it but as in another video you did mention how it shows the crepey skin and it does. If you could do more matte smokey eyeshadow looks for older women that would be great, like hues of lilac and purple, greens etc. You do such a wonderful job with eyeshadow and as much as I like the shimmer, sometimes it just does not look good on me. Thank you for all your videos!

                        Life is NOW

                          Beautiful. I don't know how to do the way you do your eyes.

                          Malika Renard

                            Excellent channel! Loving all your videos, and appreciate the teaching aspect very much! Where did you get your earrings for this video? Thank you!

                            rana ahtisham


                              Dolly Malhotra-Second Innings

                                Beautiful 👌👌

                                Oneidaindian100 Percent

                                  Tx awesome

                                  Mel Bonthuys

                                    When Smitha does the makeup, it looks flawless…when I try to do it, it looks as if ten monkeys have danced on my face!

                                    Juhi Saif khan

                                      Beautiful rocking, very easy. You are looking gorgeous.


                                        Can you please send us the detail of your contact lenses?

                                        Sonia Ingrid Jagessar

                                          Hi i also tried this and it looks great!! Can i do thus also with blue or green or any other colour

                                          Unstoppable Studio

                                            I tried it. It looks amazing and the best part is is super easy and quick. I had been looking for quick and easy smokey eye way for a long time and everywhere it’s like too many steps which ideally can’t be done if you are not a professional make up artist and it takes HELL lot of time. So, thank you very very much Smitha, for this tutorial. Please record more of these – like different colors eye make overs which are QUICK AND EASY


                                              My goodness! I wish all tutorials are like this! That was amazing! Thanks so much!

                                              Amanda Cawley

                                                Really nice, like your eye colour too. Xx

                                                Fides Urbiztondo

                                                  Love it. We have event tomorrow so I will try that Smokey eyes makeup. Thank you 🙏🏽

                                                  Sandra Fultz-Lester

                                                    Thanks I love learning how to apply makeup.

                                                    Ketna Parikh

                                                      Wow! This looks so easy quick and professional. I am going to try it soon. Thank you.

                                                      Asifa Khan



                                                          Ahhh Jordana,, I really miss this eyeliner, I am already out of the black, I am down to my last dark Lavish brown, no others compare, well maybe the 24hr black from Wet N Wild, but I miss Jordana liners and nail polishes. It was the only liner that did not make my eyes water when applied in the water line. I do this look a lot, with different colors etc, I get asked all the time where did I learn it, I say magazines and then I refer them to your page which made this much easier and quicker to apply. Thank you very much. My eyes may be 52 going on 53 but I can still rock this look. ❤‍🔥

                                                          Sharnita Carroll

                                                            Imma try this and end up looking like I got stomped by an elephant just watch 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                                            Aʟᴏɴᴇ Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ

                                                              amazing mam

                                                              YDoUNeed ToKnow

                                                                It's beautiful Smitha. I followed this a few months ago and got wonderful feedback. Then i lost the tutorial (do I watch too much YouTube??). Saving this so I can practise.

                                                                amelia smith

                                                                  i am loving your tutorials!! so easy and fast!!!

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