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    Ali Andreea

      Ali Andreea gives her six easy steps to make your eyes look bigger in this video. She suggests using concealer or a skin-colored pencil all over the eyelid, sculpting the eye with eyeshadow, making the lash line look thicker with a brown or black pencil, applying shimmer to the middle of the eyelid and inner corners, curling your lashes, and applying a generous amount of mascara to both top and bottom lashes. She recommends Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara to finish the look. The tips apply to anyone who wants to look more rested and refreshed.

      More videos:

      How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger | TheMakeupChair

      In the video titled “How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger | TheMakeupChair”, the makeup artist demonstrates various techniques to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Highlights on the inner and outer corners of the eyes with a neutral shade eyeliner are recommended along with eyeshadows that are lighter and darker than one’s skin tone to outline the crease and eyelids. Further, the makeup artist suggests using fake eyelashes to add volume to the eye and curling them upward to enhance the shape.

      how to make your eyes look BIGGER

      This YouTube video provides viewers with a tutorial on how to make their eyes look bigger and more awake. The influencer recommends using eyebrows to shape the face, concealing the entire eye area, and contouring the eyes with neutral eyeshadow. She advises against using eyeliner and instead suggests using a shadow to create a wing and focusing on the end to make it as thin as possible in the center. The video also showcases a comparison between black and nude eyeliners on the waterline and emphasizes the importance of curling the lashes and applying lashes only 1/3 of the way through the eye. Viewers can learn different techniques to achieve a more vibrant and well-rested appearance.

      Eye Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes BIG and OPEN | MAC Training Secrets Revealed Series

      In this YouTube video, a makeup artist shares various tips and techniques to enhance the appearance of the eyes and create a more open and rounded look. The artist explains how using different shades and techniques can alter and enhance the shape of the eyes, such as using a darker, shimmery shade in the crease to create dimension and a brighter, shimmery shade on the inner half of the eyelid to exaggerate its size. She also emphasizes the importance of understanding the “why” behind makeup techniques to allow for a more customized approach.

      Isaballa Serrano

        Love it ❤

        maxine bartrop

          Very good tutorial

          Florentina Nae

            tried that heating of the curler but between the second i applied the mascarra on lahes and by the time I finished, lashes became almost flat🤔



              Dawn Lykert

                Hi Ali, I’m 55 years old and new to makeup. I was blessed with perfect skin and could get away with wearing just lipstick. These days I feel I need it and have been finding your videos very helpful! I’m interested to know how to apply a white eye pencil. You mention it in this video but I’ve never seen it used before.

                Nina Grigorova

                  Thank you so much for this Tipps ! 🤩

                  Julie Lundevall

                    What if your eyes are closer and smaller but hooded wrinkled eyelids because older 50 plus. To keep your eyes bigger how much shimmer because it shows wrinkles. Any advice … Julie

                    A. Alexandra Jimenez

                      Great video, Thanks! 😁


                        Concealer, matt eyeshadow above and below, small wing, smudge it, shimmer, eyelash curler, mascara right from the base on uppee lashes, only at tip on lower lashes


                          Georgeous, i love your channel!

                          Sonia Haydee

                            This very young people always advised and selling beauty products s miss leading.


                              I am so used to no makeup I like the eye without makeup better.

                              Marian Garrett

                                I thinks me can do this

                                Wictoria Olofsson

                                  Us elderly woman over 50+ dont often want any mascara on the underlashes it makes us look old and even older and the fine lines and wrikles will really be enhanced and sticking out underneath there and we want to lift the eye not drag it down to our chin. We are sagging enough anyways, dont need it more.
                                  Nor with almost no mobile lid one dont want a liner on the lid. Only tightlining or ones eye look like i have no lid and i will look older. The joy of having sagging extra skin with hoooded eye..

                                  Gratia de Este

                                    You are beautiful, you don’t need injections in your lips; make you a favor taking off that.

                                    e !

                                      this was honestly so helpful. will def try this !!


                                        I cannot believe the difference! It’s amazing! Thankyou so much 🙏💓

                                        Carla Pizzutiello

                                          Her voice is so nice 😇


                                            Adorable, great and fun short vid! Thx, your a joy!

                                            Lena Lavine

                                              Just tried this and it worked! ❤️


                                                What is the name of the Anastasia pen?

                                                MITOMO GLOBAL

                                                  very valuable to my county also

                                                  Iconic Angel❤️✨

                                                    I hate my small eyes🥺💔🙂

                                                    Lynne Battaglia-Triggs

                                                      I wish the Tarte Light Medium concealer worked on me. It was expensive, but way too dark and too yellow for me.

                                                      Sun Set

                                                        I did this and it turned out great!! Highly Recommend!

                                                        Sona Ghazaryan

                                                          You are absolutely stunning. Greetings from Armenia!


                                                            I have small.hooded eyes


                                                              I warm my eyelash curler with my blow dryer 😉

                                                              Julia Rae


                                                                Christina LovesGod


                                                                  Rochelle Renteria

                                                                    Love this look. Can you list every product you used please? I’m going to buy it all! 😂 thank you so much for this tutorial. Just about every time I try to put on mascara and get to the base I end up getting it on my contact 😆

                                                                    Alexandra Schon

                                                                      Great tutorial. Simple, easy, very effective. Thank you.

                                                                      Velvet Clay

                                                                        This is amazing. I hope I can recreate.


                                                                          You remind me of Sophia Loren. Beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial.

                                                                          K K

                                                                            Sorry but looks like you have already got makeup on at the start?

                                                                            Agnes Rousen

                                                                              This is the best tutorial ever. Thank you so much ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥❤️

                                                                              Personal Cheeses

                                                                                Well am I glad I found this channel. That was a brilliant tutorial

                                                                                Emma Sengel

                                                                                  bonjour andrea tu es très girly, bisou

                                                                                  Lyneeta Doss

                                                                                    I don’t won’t white eyeshadow, I’d prefer colour 💓

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