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    Wayne Goss

      This is a twist on push liner. Use black. Then pick a pop colour over the top. This gives the eyes the most beautiful definition and sparkly. Wayne Goss Push Liner …

      Kara Stone

        Less truly is more. This is so quick and makes a huge difference! Thank you for your work, Wayne. I have a disability that causes serious fatigue. I love makeup but I don't have the energy to do a full face anymore. Your tips help me to feel beautiful without exhausting myself! 💜

        jinxed jenna

          It’s not that dramatic of a look, but, that’s okay! Not all of us like to layer on tons and tons of dramatic looking makeup. Your tips are awesome and to the point! I’ve learned a lot from you!


            i love it Wayne you re ammazing !


              Hey, Wayne! I tried this look and it was awesome! I did wear a soft champagne taupe under it and was so pleased at the overall affect. I’ve been doing the pushed black liner ever since I first saw your video quite awhile ago. One of the best tricks for sparse lashes like mine. Thanks again for another great video, red ear and all! 💋


                Hi Wayne! To start, I love you.

                And in conclusion, I have narrowed down my choices for overall face brushes to your 13 Face brush and your 11 Buffing brush. I cannot afford both. I have textured acne prone medium dark skin, and wear mostly liquid foundation and cream face products, if that helps. I 've been using mu for years though, still an ape at it though, but I can probably learn to work with either. I hope you see this. Thanks a lot!

                Kay Taberner

                  Love you Wayne. Foundation for ageing skin medium coverage please. How to apply?

                  Tina Cohen

                    Lol. You called it a Q-tip. I'm so use to the english saying cotton bud. 😄
                    I love this technique, been using this for years however I use a liquid liner for all day effect.

                    Nini L.

                      I had red ear too and when i check my bp it is high…

                      Anya Izmailova

                        Love how it looks but unfortunately it hurts my eyes (they're so sensitive!), & makes them tear up.
                        On a different subject: I love how you don't spend your videos promoting products, and instead share your vast knowledge/ teach real makeup techniques. You're the only beauty guru I watch & have for years. Your authenticity & genuine, straightforward, effortless, interesting manner of explaining is relatable & allows you to connect w/ me & countless others. 💟

                        Nicole Szarkowski

                          Love your videos even your red ear lol!!! You are so refreshing and positive to watch! I look forward to all of your videos! Thank you!

                          sc southc

                            Any tips for preventing this from moving around? I'd love to do this technique, but I have oily lids and shadow as eye-liner tends to slide. I'm usually stuck with heavy-duty liquids.


                              Can't wait to try this tecnique. Am going to buy a splash of color eye shadow tomorrow.

                              Marianne Dressler

                                Wow! This is fantastic! Thanks for the tips! My son also gets a red ear like that!

                                F Starr

                                  I had to try this before removing my makeup this evening. So pretty!!! Thank you for sharing your techniques. Your generosity and skill are greatly appreciated 🌸🌼🌺

                                  Kathleen Marie

                                    What brand of eye shadow is that, or that you can recommend

                                    Rona Gofstein

                                      I did this today and it looked great!! Thank you, Wayne!

                                      Diane Milligan

                                        Beautiful! So simple!

                                        Nikki Rosete

                                          Is this method contact eyes friendly?

                                          Dawn the Medium

                                            I wear glasses and have never figured out how to get banging eyes…

                                            Marziyah Majeed

                                              This is so so stunning ! Love you Wayne! You’re truly an inspiration. I’ve watched you since I was 15 and now I’m a working makeup artist! Your tips are so useful and have had some part to play in where I am today! 💕

                                              C W

                                                Hi Wayne, red ears are a nutritional deficiency of magnesium. I watch your videos not only for makeup guidance but for your kind, genuine character. It's truly inspiring. Love to you 🙂


                                                  Just for the record, I love Wayne's advice. I have been watching him for years. I was first drawn to his round face and blonde hair of years ago. He looked so handsome and so British. That's why I stopped scrolling and looked way back then. He doesn't need his ego constantly stroking by those watching. If he's British he will certainly have a wonderful sense of humor. It gets a bit much with all the compliments and the fawning. He knows he is the best. We don't have to tell him all the time. The numbers speak for themselves. And he has a big red ear which HE pointed out! It's a monstrosity. Like a beacon in the night.

                                                  Samar Elsafty


                                                    Valerie Lemay

                                                      Great tip! Used it today for independence day festivities and it was the perfect way to sparkle but not be over the top. Thanks Wayne! Love your down to earth makeup tutorials!

                                                      Ruben Castillo

                                                        Wayne, I've been a faithful subscriber and follower for many years now, and I would like you to perform natural make up on men please. Love from Chile!!!

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