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    Wayne Goss

      how to pick the perfect eyeshadow brush for your eye shape! LINKS SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP BRUSHES HERE: …

      Melissa Sitzman

        Hi Wayne! Could you please do a video on how to cover dark eye circles, without doing a full face of makeup? I think it would be helpful to a lot of people. I've been doing full coverage foundation because of my circles and I hate it!

        Sann Ty

          I found my answer. ❤️ Thank you

          Babette Brown

            My eyes are so small. They look like I have a birth defect. It’s so depressing. If one is not real close to me you can’t even tell I have eyes. It’s embarrassing. Please help me.

            Katrina Roche

              Ask Wayne!

              DORIS M

                The camera wouldn't dare not focus on a Wayne Goss Brush!

                J. Beaulieu

                  Love your brushes. I have 19 & 20 as well as the push brush. I also have a couple of the synthetic brushes. I can't say enough about them.

                  Julia Pearson

                    You should do more videos on your brushes Wayne. As we are buying them online it would be helpful. I would have thought that number 20 brush was much smaller from looking at the photos. i would also like to know the difference between the goat and squirrel brushes and when to use them. My latest 'Wayne' brush is the synthetic eye brush which is very nice.

                    Hilda Whincup

                      I have all of those brushes but that teeny weeny one is my fav. Love them! Love you!

                      Preety Passion Hub

                        Ur voice is so soothing 😊😊

                        Sarah Humphrey

                          I have some of Wayne's brushes – my word – they're unlike any other brushes – absolutely gorgeous!! …. and now I'm going to order some more!

                          Nurarijah Sahak

                            Thank you for the most useful tips I have ever watch about brush.


                              I would love to buy these but the customs fees will kill me. Are you going to be selling them on a UK website anytime soon?

                              The Merz

                                Thanks Wayne!


                                  I love all your brushes and use them every day! I'm still learning what is flattering for my eye shape so I really appreciate videos like this!

                                  kerri esler

                                    His brushes are on my want list. Just can't decide if I want the natural hair or synthetic

                                    TheReal DL

                                      Always an informative yet concise video without the nonsense, antics and fuss. Love you Wayne!


                                        Wayne, I need help figuring out when to use synthetic vs natural brushes. I would love a vs video (natural vs synthetic; liquid lip vs stain; pressed pigment vs eyeshadow; cream vs powder contour, etc)

                                        rt ui

                                          شرحك جميل ومبسط استمر يامبدع الف لايك

                                          Mad Chemist

                                            Good God, Wayne! I haven’t been on your channel for a while as I’ve been quite ill for the past year. So makeup was the least of my concern 😔. Just noticed that you have now got 3.6 million subscribers! Amazing! Well deserved! So, congratulations my friend! 🤗

                                            Ewa G

                                              Sorry…..don't know why I thought that,I guess the black and white effect went wrong way😜💚

                                              Ewa G

                                                Your profile photo is black and white,lol i thought you died😜😜😜

                                                Kirsty Jones

                                                  Try not to be too horrified but I am still using Bodyshop brushes from thr late 80's when Barbara Daly was designing their make-up and tools. I periodically buy new brushes but always return to them, as I have not found anything else that handles as well (& yes I do clean them).

                                                  Aaish 88

                                                    you are just The BEST i watched your first video you are awesome 😍


                                                      I always find larger crease brushes too big for an average size crease but they're perfect to use to apply under eye setting powder (:

                                                      kimberly ware

                                                        And this is why we love you; simple, straight forward lessons. Thank you, Wayne!!❤

                                                        J D

                                                          Thank you for this tutorial. I’m in the process of looking for the right brushes and this came at the right time.

                                                          Wendy French

                                                            I want every brush Wayne makes !!

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