How To Pose For Photos // 10 EASY Poses For Instagram!

Main How To Pose For Photos // 10 EASY Poses For Instagram!

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    Tara Michelle
      How To Pose For Photos // 10 EASY Poses For Instagram!

      How to pose for INSTAGRAM PHOTOS! Today I’m sharing 10 super easy pose ideas you can try out!! These are some of my go to poses that you’d see on my …

      Tara Michelle

        WHO ELSE IS OBSESSED WITH INSTAGRAM?! Ugh it's prob my fave social media app!! Make sure to follow meeee 😉

        Abby Walsh

          F I N A L L Y 👏🏼👏🏼 an influencer who finally tells us norms how to pose in pics for insta! Like I could cry of happiness rn 😭😭 The universe (tara) answered my prayers ❤️ thank you queen ! 😘😘


            okay this is so good literally needed this will use these tips thanks tara


              Great video, Tara! Your insta feed is one of the ones I check most because of the fun aesthetic and your cool outfits. 🙂 I just don’t have the confidence to be an insta model. HOW do you pose in public and not feel self-conscious? Also shout out to your dad for taking all the pics and I’m guessing your mum for filming all the action haha xoxo

              Lesley S.

                Yes please make a video showing us how to get the shots and how you edit 🤩I love your feed

                Brianna Fresh

                  Ugh your dad is so supportive , I love it 😭♥️

                  Kimberly Uys

                    Please so a How I Edit My Photos video and also how you take them!

                    Swathy MK

                      I appreciate the way you have edited this video. ❤️❤️

                      Cindy Diaz

                        I looooove your hair color! Did you dye it again? (From your December vlog hair dye) p.s. this video was so helpful! 💘

                        Taylor Layman

                          This video is actually so helpful because I’m bad at posing 😂


                            definitely keeping these in mind when having my little ig photo shoots lol 💕 thanks tara 🥰

                            Vanessa Ambriz

                              Really cool and helpful video idea for looking yo best on insta! Thanks!


                                my dad would literally make fun of me the whole time if i asked him to take pictures of me slowly walking up the stairs LOL

                                Falyn Marie

                                  YES TARA I LOVE THIS! I never know how to pose so i will def be trying these out 😊💕


                                    Please do the iPhone shooting video!

                                    Tanya P

                                      this video was much needed!!!🤗

                                      Kimberly Flores

                                        Your dad, the real G taking all your pictures lol I love

                                        sofia leben

                                          New fav video!!!!! Love this and love you!!❤

                                          Merrily Mari

                                            I sooo needed this

                                            Sierra Jordyn

                                              You are the best like I can’t even fricken deal

                                              Ashlynn Calee

                                                Oh my gosh, This helped me so much! I’m ready for a photo shoot with my dad now!😂💛 so proud of you girl & thanks for the tips!

                                                Bianca Alvarado

                                                  What's up @tara

                                                  Tiana Young

                                                    Yes!!! Please share how you take pictures on your iPhone!!!

                                                    Nya Alysse

                                                      I want to see how you shoot on your iPhone!

                                                      Bayley Whitlow

                                                        SO helpful!!! Thanks Tara!! 💗

                                                        Makayla’s Beauty life

                                                          Please do a video on how you shoot the pictures on your iPhone

                                                          Sophie Royer

                                                            I LOVED IT. Im obsessed too

                                                            Hannah Prospero

                                                              creative content from a creative queen ! love you tara !! would love to see how you take your photos in a video !!

                                                              Victorias Verden

                                                                please make a video about how you take pictures on your phone, and how you edit them <3 btw: loved this video!!

                                                                Jess Collazo

                                                                  please do a video on how to take instagram pictures with your iphone!

                                                                  Angelica Michelle

                                                                    Love thisss

                                                                    Katie Sheremet

                                                                      Sadly I don't think watching a 10 minute video is actually going to help me pose well 😭 But I can try 😅

                                                                      Taylor Paige

                                                                        You did such a good job editing this!!!!


                                                                          you're so cute!

                                                                          Bre Swan

                                                                            I loved this video idea. Thank you for the posing tips! All of your Instagram and blog photos always look so professional <3

                                                                            Erika Poirier

                                                                              Hey girl, yessssssssssssss really love this video girl and have wonderful Wednesday I love you 😘💕❤️

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