how to pose for photos at HOME by yourself *in quarantine*

Main how to pose for photos at HOME by yourself *in quarantine*

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    Tara Michelle
      how to pose for photos at HOME by yourself *in quarantine*

      happy day 235798 of quarantine!! today I show you how I take my own photos with my iPhone at HOME by myself (we love a self timer moment) + some of my …

      Tara Michelle

        WHO ELSE IS TRYING TO CREATE A SUPER CUTE INSTA FEED AT HOME RIGHT NOW!? It is WORKKK, but we're making it happen! Hope you found some inpso in this video 🙂

        Tiffany Smith

          How are you getting such a clean background for your mirror pics?

          Tiffany Smith

            Mine also has the same difficulties!!

            Judy Clark2019

              Tara is the QUEEN of mirror pics / hand in pocket pics

              Jesus Returning ASAP!

                Wake up! Turn to Jesus before it’s too late! The end is near!

                Aspen Rae

                  Lol, love your channel! Ur Livin best life 🙂 i really like your vlog channel


                    First world problem oh my gosh I can’t believe people

                    Robin McCartney

                      The sheet fall is called ,a drape or drapping.

                      Branwen Condie

                        i love how you showed us the mirror outside ones even if they werent “perfect” ❤️ you look gorgeous in them but im glad im not the only one who has a harder time posing with the sun in my eyes like that 😂

                        Lia Garcia

                          Your arms are going to be so toned lol

                          Jaime Nicolls

                            YOU ARE LOOKING AMAZING

                            Jess Losgar

                              You always look SO much like your mom in the main channel videos. I don't know if it's the camera, lighting, or what lol but I always see it more over here! I needed this video, I haven't posted in forever because I never really know what to do🤷🏻‍♀️

                              Bekka Dowland

                                Yes, I love this! ❤️


                                  very sweet of her to think my house looked as aesthetic as hers😑

                                  Angelique P Stander

                                    We see the sweats 😉

                                    Leslie Gulmayo

                                      i needed this video lmfaoo i needed new pics for my ig

                                      amanda qualley

                                        wish i was pretty enough to not be insecure and take pics of myself without crying ahahhaha 💀


                                          hmmm I wonder what bottoms u have on lol

                                          noemi jimenez

                                            Where did you get that big mirror!?❤️


                                              This video feels like it was only made to advertise that tripod/remote combo

                                              Miranda Layne

                                                Sneaky fam!!!!!


                                                  you've easily became my favorite person to watch on youtube!! ♡

                                                  Autumn Fog

                                                    Now I know how to do really creative and useful stuff at home… My grandchildren will thank me for this knowledge 🙈

                                                    Emily Smith

                                                      step 1: be effortlessly pretty like tara

                                                      Denise Alfaro

                                                        these are so cute ideas, I kind of want to move my mirror to my kitchen and take a picture sitting on my counter tops lol but if I do that I'll definitely tag you 😘

                                                        Laufey Erla

                                                          ohmy tara you]re so tanned! envying you a lot right now! you gorgeous babe!

                                                          Jessica Zoe

                                                            Where is that gorgeous purple dress from?! 🤩

                                                            Mahpara Elmaliki

                                                              loved this video!! please do a "How I edit my IG photos" video !!

                                                              Isabel Adriana

                                                                i wish i had the supplements :(, i love you!

                                                                Sandra Carrillo

                                                                  You could try the sun be faceing you not the mirror and it won’t completely blind you


                                                                    SNEAKY FAM pls drop that link to your other posing vid!!💞

                                                                    Shannon Solomon

                                                                      You are wearing those new sweatpants lol! I love your ideas for pics! Thanks for sharing!

                                                                      Bethan Wright

                                                                        I’ve been pulling up some old throw backs lol. Time to start taking pics myself…

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