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    Alex Centomo

      How I style my shaggy bangs + the rest of my hair! Follow me on instagram: ☆ 90s OUTFIT IDEAS …


        Haha the Emo myspace reference – Killed it 😂😂😂👌🏻

        sophia ortiz

          your hair is super pretty😍

          Ria M

            Why did I think this video was about shaggy from scooby doo I def read that title way too fast ahaha omg


              This hairstyle was made for you!!

              Carolina C

                Hi Alex! while curling your hair, you don't need to open the clamp. I also don't use it and just roll the hair as if the clamp wasn't there and it works just fine 🙂 Kiss from Portugal

                Claudia Reck

                  I’ll try this asap! 💗
                  I’ve got this longer bangs too, but I’ve got some more waves and swirls in my hair… that makes them so hard to style!

                  I love your videos Alex! You’re a big inspiration for me💗

                  Ally Bnvt

                    Love her hair and style!
                    What's the song at the end ,?

                    Maria Zhavoronkova

                      You’re SO gorgeous🖤

                      Julie Jigsaw

                        Yassss I've been styling my new bangs and hair very similar to thissss i love the 90s vibes!

                        Shelby Cullinane

                          Love that you switched up your look!
                          I know you want volume in your fringe – but for a swoopy shag bang try blow drying them forward like you are but instead have the round brush on top of your bangs and have the blow dryer under your bangs and dry and wrap the brush with your bangs up to the root and hold it there until they cool. its going to smooth out your baby hairs and give your bangs a really great retro swoop.
                          hopefully that makes some sense haha!
                          If you are ever in Toronto – Come by Alibi Cutting Room and we can totally give you a complimentary blow dry and style with some really great tips and tricks 🙂


                            Cut your bangs again I miss them lol.

                            Julianne H. W

                              i loove your new hair and actually got inspired to do similar on me as I always only have had half-lengh hair with a middle split in my hair ( srry I am not english so I dont know better word haha) but isn't blow-drying the hair damaging?

                              Jasmin Kiefer

                                Love your videos, Alex! The bangs suit you so well 😍

                                Tatiana Mueller

                                  I miss your old hair😭 no offense, but I loved your super long, naturally curly, blond hair…✨

                                  Julie D’hossche

                                    Could you maybe show how you do dryshampoo? And everything you do in between washes to make it look okay? Somehow I don't know how to use dryshampoo, it doesn't work 🙁

                                    Ashleyy Pena

                                      so here’s the thing Alex , I got bangs as well right? But I look like a freaking Troll trying to do them 😒 YOU LOOK SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME 😭❤️


                                        When your hair look like "a poofy tringle" you make think of Barbie ! Idk why 😄 and you said "whatever" you sound like Cher in Clueless ! 😄 maybe I just have a problem 🤪💛

                                        Samran Vallani

                                          I love how often you post!! <3

                                          Mafalda Teixeira

                                            Your hair is hair goals!!! 💛💛💛💛

                                            Laura Elena

                                              Thank you for this!!! I finally got bangs after wanting them for long, but the first week I had no idea how to style and was low key freaking tf out on what I just did

                                              Ola Koprowska

                                                Hello from Poland 🙂

                                                Deborah Lika

                                                  Hair goals since day one

                                                  Zaina Iqbal

                                                    I need bangs 🙌🏼😍

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