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      HUDA BEAUTY | Neon Obsessions Palettes

      New Huda Beauty NEON Obsessions Palettes… worth it or no…. I try out/swatch and put them to the test! Hope you enjoy! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After …


        Hey Tati! Can you please review the live tinted huesticks??

        Anastasia Yakimchuk

          Tati, could you please review new Natasha Denona sunrise palette? 💛🧡❤


            does anyone else not like the green one? there’s only two greens..

            Selva Cavazos

              I absolutely love it. The lashes changed that look. Now I wish I could use lashes. I feel like I'm wearing spiders on my eyes.

              يوسف حيدر جبار



                  I would pass I feel as if many companies have done neons already.

                  Sunshine Tela

                    I am 20 and you look younger than me… drop them secrets

                    Annette Yucha

                      Love what you ended with! Still wanna see a look with the neon still speeks to me!!💚

                      Sofija Doncheva

                        the final look is amazing!!!! love you Tati!!

                        Ana Maria Martinez

                          Great video Tati!!!

                          Zoila Espinosa-Peeples

                            Review JUVIAS concealer and foundation

                            Amala Stanislaus

                              I see you using shapetape and not the Jefree concealer.

                              Phúc Ngô

                                Can u plz review BT21 makeup line

                                Danielle Methner

                                  Also I’m not impressed by these:( sugarpill has much better neon shadows!!

                                  Tegan Mcintyre

                                    Lime in the inside of the eye would look dope like when Kylie did it with pink and brown 😍

                                    Danielle Methner

                                      I don’t get why people think you can’t wear whatever look to wherever you want. Your makeup and how you look shouldn’t matter. Also, neons aren’t really that crazy so I see them as normal. Wear it wherever and rock it. Confidence. I am goth and I wear My dark looks anywhere. How we look should be more accepted because it has nothing to do with our ability

                                      c c

                                        and oop—

                                        Summer Ingram

                                          Does anyone else think the green palette’s color story is wack, or is that just me? 🤔

                                          Steven Matthew Lucas

                                            Repulsive people, with Repulsive behavior, get Reported to YouTube as Repulsive.

                                            reyhan aulia

                                              Thanks for zooming in tati🤗

                                              Hailey Windsor

                                                Y is she so pretty like she looks like the kind of person that would be my bsf like love u tati (no homo)

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