HUGE clothing haul (try-on)! spring/summer 2019

Main HUGE clothing haul (try-on)! spring/summer 2019

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    Tara Michelle
      HUGE clothing haul (try-on)! spring/summer 2019

      I haven’t done a clothing haul in a HOT MINUTE! Figured with it being spring and summer coming up quick, this would be a good time to do one! Do you like try …

      Equii FiftyNifty

        Always do clothing try on hauls 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


          YoU seriously have the cuuutest style!! Love the white off the shoulder dress 😍

          jessica marcoly

            plz more fashion videos
            i love you!

            Kerani Kent

              Definitely not worth $70..

              Jan Agaton

                def return that $70 cardigan!

                Brianna Webb-Harris

                  Tara: cleans out her cluttered closet
                  Also Tara: Spring haul

                  Lol love ya! I’m sorry I like the grandma sweater but the price makes my heart ache

                  Caroline Stone

                    Love ur style omg🤩🤩

                    Adrianna Gonzalez

                      Your shirt in the intro is so cute


                        just get a pic in the sweater then return it lol

                        Reagan Kiley

                          you could for sure pull it off but…..return it :/

                          Mariah Windjack

                            Would love some taylor updates, don’t think I was the only one that noticed those insta stories 🤷🏻‍♀️

                            Kimberly B.

                              I was actually digging that cardigan tho (just not the price lol) I either dress as a grandma or a hoe there is no in-between

                              Zoe Loftus

                                I LOVE THE CARDIGAN!!!!

                                Alexia Rodriguez

                                  Return it

                                  Jada Morgan

                                    I love that you try it on and put all the links down below!!! I never see anyone really do that anymore. I love your style

                                    Christylove timmy

                                      Well the word is…..everyone loves that sweater….lmao


                                        im always down for a tie dye moment

                                        bailey c

                                          What’s girlfriend denim lmao

                                          Leah Miranda


                                            Princess. Gern

                                              It’s cute but toooo over priced go thrifting for something similar 🥰

                                              Ashley Tracey Ashley

                                                Return the cardigan it’s ugly


                                                  Lol literally wearing a similar tie dye shirt while watching this

                                                  Terri Bi

                                                    not feeling that cardigan! return it Tara!

                                                    Michelle F

                                                      Love your videos ❤️

                                                      Being Better

                                                        The strapless white dress is made of eyelet.

                                                        Sophie Major

                                                          OMG Pink tea?! What is that?! Like brand and everything lol I neeeeeeed it 😍And I'm living for the tie dye! I'm a little hippie girl at heart so it's definitely a fun staple pattern in my wardrobe

                                                          Lainie McCluskey

                                                            With my lack of ass…….LMAO that was soooo funny! 😂😂😂😂💯💯💯

                                                            Nichole Del Toro

                                                              I love watching your hauls. They are always my favorite!! You inspire me to post more Instagram outfit looks!!! 🥰

                                                              maxine chan

                                                                I love the tie dye trend

                                                                Jasmin Rodriguez

                                                                  Return the gramma cardigan lol love you 💕

                                                                  esperar amor

                                                                    The green dress is the best from whole haul, it's perfection.

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