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      FREE STUFF BEAUTY GURUS GET | Unboxing PR Packages ... Episode 19

      WELCOME to another Episode of PR UNBOXING Madness! Hit the like button AND CHECK OUT GIVEAWAY DETAILS BELOW. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before …

      rabi bi

        Best ot the best drugstore make up 😊😉

        Jillian Caroon

          I love watching your beauty room tour videos😍❤️

          alexxx Lila

            Love watching all your videos with weird products there great! ❤️

            Zuha Aleem

              I absolutely loved the video with dearest Boobra 🤩 and, I love the unboxing videos toooo!!


                I personally love your videos where you try new makeup, like a brand, it’s the best ones


                  I love their chemistry so mucch. My otp. Im here for them unboxing vids 👏👌🙌

                  Κυριακή Ξενιτοπουλου

                    Do the mo mirror challenge again pleasee

                    Yajaira Mower

                      Hi Tati! Loooove your videos! Some of my absolute videos to watch are your high-low comparisons and your reviews on makeup in general, such as favorite foundations, concealers, etc. Love!!

                      Victoria Stronach

                        Hi, I’m from Australia and love watching your unboxing videos for all the new brands that we don’t get here or are very hard to come by. 😻

                        Alyssa Reinholdtsen

                          I love rewatching all of your pr unboxing videos

                          Mayra Acevedo

                            Boobra pick up your make up (boobra 1st appearance) was definitely my fav. I still watched

                            Jessica Perry

                              I love watching all of ur videos but my favourite are watching u and James! Ur the cutest couple! Xo

                              Bobbie Sorfleet

                                The one with Cristine is probably my go to rewatch episode. I actually started watching her because of how funny you two were together!

                                Denise Frost

                                  I loved the scot Barnes video. So incredible to see a true artist at work. But I really like you and James together on the unboxing videos as the dynamic of you both is so lovely to watch, you are so entertaining.

                                  Alexandra Preda

                                    Hi tati. I love all your videous but the best for me ar the one's discovering amaizing drugstore products. I wish all the best for Pooka and hope he get's well soon. Love' ya

                                    Ankita Roy Choudhury

                                      I love love love watching your videos with James. I have rewatched them a million times and I will probably rewatch this a million times too😂💕

                                      Alexis Olvera

                                        I loveeeee rewatching your unboxing videos you and James are the cutest and seeing all the different products you get sent is so fun 🥳

                                        Teresa Sybilla

                                          James rating the cookies 😂

                                          Madelynne Heiss

                                            Been waiting to watch this all day 😥 PR unboxing videos are my fav bc you and James have such a sweet relationship it’s so cute I die love u both

                                            koh victoria

                                              i love rewatching all your drugstore make up reviews! AND TIP TUESDAYS!!

                                              Vita Torchylo

                                                I love rewatching all your favorites videos . Because then I go and buy everything I need knowing it’s Tati approved. ❤️love you!

                                                kate g

                                                  I love the video where you get rid of half of your makeup, there is something so satisfying in those piles of makeup 😅


                                                    I love your elf and drugstore brand reviews. I don’t have a ton of money to spend on make-up, but I love finding affordable products that are similar to more expensive brands.

                                                    Diana Botis

                                                      Jilo's scott barnes and you video is my favourite to rewatch 💓💓love your "job" and you two 💫❤

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