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      aria nna

        Omg you guys are too much😂😂💗

        Yliana Ayala

          Love you guys together!

          Adlitam Mtz

            Ahhh so much to want 💘

            Andrea Keezel

              Tati, you and Taylor are just too cute! I love watching you with your family! ❤❤❤

              Juliana Jakobs

                Love your videos so much and love seeing Taylor on your channel ❤️💕

                Jas Wong

                  i love watching unboxing videos (and this was a long & satisfying one)!!

                  Jas Wong

                    LOVE this!!! ❤️

                    Pauline Lee

                      Whghhattt an unboxing!

                      Melissa Trias

                        I want to win that giveaway!

                        jessica campbell

                          Love your energy in all your videos. Always waiting for the next one!! ❤️❤️

                          Tiffani Archuleta

                            Such a sweet thing you're doing for your fans!!! ❤❤

                            Alina Tallinna

                              You're just adorable, guys! 🙂


                                I never win any of your giveaways 😞

                                Julie Nichi

                                  i love ripping open any packages that i get right away, i don't get how tati can last so long with all those boxes stacking up ahaha but i love the atmosphere in your video 💖

                                  Noemi Giovannetti

                                    OMG the way he said Dinosaur was like 😍🥰🤩

                                    Carolyn Brophy

                                      MOREE LOGAN!! please. hes so cute.

                                      Emmalea Buske

                                        I love watching all your videos. They have taught me a lot.

                                        Maria Raukh

                                          This video is a pure gold

                                          Melissa Saenz

                                            Love you

                                            Sergio Ibarra

                                              I love all your videos, you’re freaking amazing. 🤩

                                              Emma Franks

                                                Reed I'd love to win this giveaway make up YAY. Skincare YAY x

                                                Petra Radaković


                                                  Louise E

                                                    Love the scorecount for Taylor‘s bad jokes 😀

                                                    Itsuki Takashita

                                                      I love the longer videos! It helps me relax and wind down after a long day

                                                      Jennifer Lee Hogan

                                                        Love your videos Tati always put a smile on my face your so beautiful inside and out ❤ xx

                                                        Shileen Ruiz



                                                            I love taylor? wut?
                                                            (*cough* would subscribe if he had a channel *cough*)

                                                            Noureen Zubair

                                                              😂😂😂😂 You should do more videos with Taylor, so funny!


                                                                OMG!!! Why do I LOVE Tati sooooo much!!!


                                                                  Yay 👏🏻💋💄

                                                                  Ashley Martinez

                                                                    Love your unboxings they always make me laugh 😂❤️

                                                                    Hannah Keith

                                                                      so happy taylor is back on you channel! so fun!

                                                                      Carlie Simmons

                                                                        I love you and Taylor together. 😆

                                                                        hope project

                                                                          I’m starting to practice how to apply makeup and I’d love to have more makeup. Thank u💋💋💋💋

                                                                          Lara Smith

                                                                            Love these unboxing videos they look like so much fun! Can’t wait to see some of the new products being tested!

                                                                            Katherine Valle

                                                                              If I could win this giveaway omg! 😮 and Tati, a girl can never have enough makeup 💄 lol

                                                                              Michael Oats

                                                                                <3 <3 T <3 <3

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