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      HUGE SEPHORA HAUL + FIRST IMPRESSIONS | trying on new makeup

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) I BOUGHTA BUNCHA STUFF ON SEPHORA and I put it on mah face for you guys! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo!

      Mikala Styles

        Can you please pick up and review the Marc Jacobs Steeletto palette?? 🙏🏼

        Elenitsa Antos

          When you swatched them you could of also said the names for each ones so we can know. would of helped:)

          Paula Arraiza

            please do a video on your favorite body glow products!!!

            Molly Tengel

              I want those Sephora lipsticks and the dents bronzers but have no clue which one to buy

              Elizabeth Spicer

                Literally love you with all of my heart im so obsessed!!! I've been wanting to get a body highlight/glow because im going to college in florida in the fall for college and i wanna be all glowy and stuff! Could you do a video on products like the body lava that you like (hopefully including some more affordable products)

                Arun Antony

                  Who loves olivia culpo ?

                  Tiffany Silva

                    Love Gorgeous Kathleen!❤️Anyone wanna support each other’s channels!? Let me know. I’ll support back!!!

                    Jackie Solorio

                      Waiting on you Boxysharm Unboxin😭😭

                      Olivia Goodman

                        can you please please please do an updated skin care routine 🙏🏻

                        Jeannelle Vargas

                          I love how genuinely happy you look!!! I’m glad you did this video because I’ve been wanting a few of this products 😍 what shade did you get in the ND concealer? I know you didn’t like it but I have oily skin so I wanna give it a go!! Love you soo much!💕


                            do you still use fourth ray beauty? would love to hear your opinion on their good mood moisturizer, i love it!

                            koreanang hilaw

                              @kathleenlights please say hi to me I've been waiting for your reply since 2016 please 😔😔

                              Emily Hunter

                                Am I the only one that doesn't like the name of that highlighter; 'Penny for you thoughts' ? 🤔 I'm just a grammer queen, and it should say; 'Penny for YOUR thoughts' ! Right???

                                Holly Celeste

                                  I know no one cares, but today is super hard for me. Today would’ve made one year for me and my ex. But he’s dating another girl and moved on within no time at all. Anyways, that made me more depressed. Thank you for posting and being a light especially when you don’t even know people need it. ❤️


                                    I love hauls 😍😍is Kathleen your fave too?! 💕💕💕

                                    PaulaAnn Curran

                                      Don't you just love when Kathleen does an old school haul that she would rather buy than get in PR…could you love this girl anymore ???? xPx

                                      Lissette A. Navarro

                                        Why didn’t you wait for the VIB sale😭😭😭 could of saved some money! But are you making a recommendations video?😇

                                        Amadea Sembiring


                                          Nageshwari Matavan

                                            I love haul videos!

                                            ShesBlessed x3

                                              I'd LOVE a vid using all Latin owned brands!!!!! 🇵🇷🇲🇽🇨🇺🇵🇪🇭🇳🇩🇴🇬🇹🇨🇴

                                              Just AD

                                                Love this makeup look

                                                Kendall Pronin-Shaffer

                                                  Yes kathleen!! I love hauls! Keep it up love❤️❤️

                                                  Autumn Newby

                                                    Yasss I love these types of videos!

                                                    Sumaiya Rumjhum

                                                      Hi kath. Always happy to see you😘

                                                      Patricia Bernabe

                                                        I’m still currently watching the video as I watch this but I NEED to know… are you caught up with Jane the virgin ??? WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS! What’s your opinion 😭😳

                                                        A.J. Molaskey

                                                          Really have been enjoying the besame mermaid collection bronzer. A beautiful neutral bronzer with a satin matte finish. Plus i used mermaid30 for 30% off. Not to mention the gold seashell compact is beautiful!!

                                                          Ashley Tunny

                                                            You look like a 70’s goddess with that top and the hoops. Feelin ya girl! 🌈⚡️


                                                              I’m sorry I’m just so bored with Kathleen’s videos lately

                                                              A’Lexuz M

                                                                Omg i loved who framed Rogers Rabbit and Jessica rabbit oh my god…"im not bad im just drawn that way" i use say everytime i did something i knew i wasn't and got caught…im bout to watch it now wow memories 👍🏽🥰🤣

                                                                Katelyn Moyle

                                                                  Those Sephora lippies have me soldddd

                                                                  Jovana Kocić

                                                                    I've never seen you talk about LH cosmetics? Infinity glass anyone??

                                                                    Jacob Rene

                                                                      Is it just me or is she giving us JLO vibes❤️❤️❤️

                                                                      ᑑᕌᓗᒃ ᓇᑦᓯᖅ

                                                                        Hurts me knowing there will be a sale soon lol


                                                                          Hi loves 💗

                                                                          I need suggestions for a moisturizer or cream well suited for combination/oily, sensitive skin prone to redness and dehydration.

                                                                          Using CeraVe Lotion in the A.M. but it isn’t cutting it anymore. I like the Tub but it’s too thick.

                                                                          (I don’t want anything by TO please)

                                                                          Something from CosRx? A product with good healthy ingredients, like Squalane for example – Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream comes to mind. Do y’all like this one/brand?

                                                                          Also, has anyone tried the REN Lactic Acid Mask for their hyperpigmentation?

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