Huge Spring Try-On Haul!

Main Huge Spring Try-On Haul!

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    Alex Centomo
      Huge Spring Try-On Haul!

      Huge spring try-on haul! So excited to wear these pieces 🙂 Follow me on instagram: Open for links and GIVEAWAY …

      Laura Luisa

        I have my last school exam tomorrow 👀👻 then i just want to relax and have spontaneous trips with my close friends…at a lake, hearing indie music , drinking cocktails and remembering that you do not have to wake up early in the morning to get up to school 🧸😃🤓

        Anna B

          I‘m excited to come to Canada (Toronto) for my semester abroad starting in August! 😍 ig: weitwegvonallem

          Joana Pires

            I’m really excited to finish college and finally rest for the summer, go to music festivals and be with friends 😊


              It is a great idea! Wayyy better for the environment
              So excited to go and see Lana del Rey in Dublin next month 😍
              IG: Shalilalala

              Lucy M

                I’m looking forward to go on holiday and finish school insta: @lucyy.may

                Carly Cooper

                  So excited to travel with my friends while we’re on a break from school! I want to hear your summer plans discussed on the podcast soon💓💓 would love to get your closet leftovers to wear on some trips, xx


                    All you buy is STUNNING, always! That’s why I’d LOVE to receive your clothes💜 your style is unique and beautiful 😍
                    I’m so excited for summer break and I can’t wait to go to south Italy with my family this august!
                    Btw love you Alex, kisses from Italy ☺️
                    Ig: @cami.on_insta

                    Daniela Vallejo

                      I'm really excited about going to Japan in August 😍 I've never been in Asia before, so I'm really looking forward to it.
                      I love your style so your "old" clothes would be amazing 😁
                      Love and greetings from Switzerland ♥️🤗
                      Ig: @danivs6

                      Mathilde Ptz

                        Yesss that would be so cool to be able to wear your clothes cause you're really a huge inspiration to me! Also I'm super excited for the nice weather this summer and also spending time with my family and friends and hopefully I'll be able to go to Romania with my parents


                          I'm so excited to graduate and go to BC ♥♥
                          IG : sara_srnt


                            I loove your style ! And I'm SO excited to be an aupair in spain and then seeing my family in tunisia !! ♥♥
                            IG : sara_srnt

                            Maud Trenité

                              Can I just say that your hair would be very cute at shoulder length

                              Irati Piña

                                I would love to receive your clothes, don't care at all if they were worn by you, you have an amazing style!
                                IG: irati.pina

                                Mateja Budisavljevic

                                  Im excited for upcoming summer,beach vibes , summer nights out..cant wait 🤩🤩🤩🏖🏖

                                  Daniella Pardo

                                    I’m so looking forward to going to Cape Cod with my family for the Fourth of July weekend!! Love you Alex and my Instagram is @dany.xoxo 💗

                                    Mária Martinez

                                      I Will come back to my happy place in Egypt!
                                      insta: @muveszkedeseim

                                      penny g6

                                        I'm really excited for finally finishing high school and spending all my summer days outside at the beach and do lots of fun stuff!!😊my insta is penny_gew

                                        Suzet dv

                                          Love the video! 💕
                                          Excited for to make a final decision to make a trip or go to college 😀 IG: suzetdv

                                          elena boldrini

                                            I’m excited to go to Calabria this summer after i’ll get out of the hospital for anorexia recovery. I really hope everything will be okay again


                                              I loved all the pieces you bought and I’d love to receive your clothes!! I’m sure I’d ADORE them☺️
                                              I’m so excited to travel this summer! Can’t wait to go interrailing this July with some of my friends😍
                                              Love you Alex💜
                                              ig: @cami.on_insta

                                              Saida Delgado

                                                I'm excited for school and graduating college!! IG:saida_delgado


                                                  I’d love to receive your clothes!! Your style is the cutest and I’m sure I’d ADORE them❤️
                                                  And I’m so excited to go to Sicily (south Italy) this August 😍 can’t wait to spend some quality time with my family! Love you Alex❤️ ig: @cami.on_insta

                                                  Julia H

                                                    I‘m so excited for those summer nights with my friends and my family at the lake or just somewhere outside 💛🌊 ig: juliaselina_


                                                      I loved all the pieces you bought and I’d love to receive your clothes!! Your style is the cutest and I’m sure I’d ADORE them❤️
                                                      I’m SO excited to go to Spain this July 😍 can’t wait to soak up some sun! Love you Alex❤️ ig: cami.on_insta

                                                      Paula Riaza Diaz

                                                        I can't wait to quit my job in July and get ready for my interior design masters in October 😍
                                                        Ig: @paulard24


                                                          I’m SO excited to go to Spain this July 😍 can’t wait to soak up some sun! Love you Alex❤️ ig: @cami.on_insta

                                                          Marketa Chvojkova

                                                            I'm excited to start my first job and finally be able to provide for myself!
                                                            ig: @barbecuesauceonmytittiez

                                                            Anne Smink

                                                              Love you so much! I'm so exited to go to the concert of bryan adams with my mom and my twin❤️❤️

                                                              Megan Liz

                                                                Excited for my boyfriend coming home because he works away for 2.5 months at a time and we’re going to go travelling for a month when he comes back. Also I’m taking my driving test so that’s exciting ahaha

                                                                IG: @_meganroberts


                                                                  I am actually so excited because next week I am leaving for an holiday getaway with my boyfriend. Within 2 weeks we are gonna visit London (my favorite city in the world), Malta and the south of Italy! Can’t wait, I already want to be packing hahaha. Anyway my user name on Instagram is @asteponthemoon ✨

                                                                  Emma Hfmn

                                                                    I’m so excited for summer. Just relaxing in the sun and doing absolutely nothing.
                                                                    IG: emmi_hfmn

                                                                    Aye M.

                                                                      You're so gorgeous! Just can't wait for your next videos! 💛

                                                                      Olivia Choma

                                                                        im excited to spend summer with my family and friends! @oliviachoma

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