Husband Agrees to Sell Jeep so Wife Can Buy Wedding Dress! | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

Main Husband Agrees to Sell Jeep so Wife Can Buy Wedding Dress! | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Husband Agrees to Sell Jeep so Wife Can Buy Wedding Dress! | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

      Bernie Wilders and her husband are renewing their vows, and to make sure his wife feels special on her day he has agreed to sell his jeep so she can afford to …

      Say Yes to the Dress

        What would you rather have a jeep or a nice wedding dress?

        Mylene Malyon

          To the consultant!: why did u put a 2k dress when her budget is 1k? U r a bad, nope, worst human being! U only care about money

          Abino Rose

            So disappointed.

            Fariha Siddiqui

              Thses ppl r crazy! Idk y they go over the budget!


                bride : my budget is 1000 euro
                the consultant : "her first dress will be 2000 euro's" 🙆

                Shaik nilu

                  I think its completely foolish to sell away the jeep for the dress. Dear you are already married!!What makes a difference if its 1000 or 2000 euros worth dress. Instead being happy in a low budget dress just to celebrate the occasion.

                  Lama Odeh

                    He totally went over her budget with the first dress on purpose, this is totally not okay, I've seen a lot of beautiful dresses with the same budget as hers, i give this episode a thumbs down for sure

                    lucretıa chapo

                      Stop giving people dresses over their budget…. that doesn’t seem right at all .. in my opinion that’s being selfish … you just care for better sells 😓😓

                      Shilpa Karkera

                        😧😒I have no words about the consultant!!

                        Fazeela Rawood

                          Can't afford it..
                          Stay within your budget that's just plain selfish

                          Mikela Twin telepathy

                            jeep 1000000 percent
                            agree or disagree

                            Anitha Mathew

                              Double the budget hurt me. Could have made them happier by picking few around the said budget.

                              kandy flint pope

                                WTH…. Show them dresses IN THEIR BUDGETS!! What a dick consultant. If walk my 1000 euros right on out of there.


                                  I would've preferred it if they searched for a few dresses under/in budget first. If she didn't like any of these, then it's fine to consider the Jeep-selling-option. Not to keen on the boutiques handling of this, but she does look stunning and it's really nice that her husband will do such a thing for her (:

                                  Abhi Nambiar

                                    amy reminds me a lot of saoirse ronan

                                    Sam UwU

                                      I thinks it's really rude to give her an over budget dress. He knows that her husband needs to sell the car then. Like its a joke to him, he even act at the end like it's a huge joke. Disrespectful.

                                      Rashi Koranne

                                        I think no one should ever mention that they are ready to stretch their budget in any way.

                                        Kirthana Kanapathi

                                          “Her husband would sell his jeep if need to stretch the budget”… consultants be like “we’ll make sure he sells his jeep 👹”

                                          Adrianna sasha-gaye

                                            The fact that he mentioned that her husband would sell his car to.make up the money.. And then he purposely pulls an over budget dress sounded a bit selfish to me..


                                              Why would you give her the first dress out of budget???

                                              Franz Liszt

                                                Awe this proves that love still exists…..there is still is hope for humanity


                                                  I died @1:26 😂😭😭🤭

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