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    Pretty Pastel Please

      I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M DOING THIS!!! Trying Hydro Dipping for the first time! Using Spraypaint!!! I saw the video “Hydro Dipping Air Force 1’s” by Gerrit Dorn and …


        This doesn't look good at all, too chunky for you

        Jen Lillie

          I can't believe the spray paint cost so much!!

          Imogen Budd

            i’m getting Donna Pinciati vibes

            Pet_tula Rhodes

              I am having dejavu didn’t you do this already I feel I have watched this already




                  Um……..how about a wish bird toy/stuff haul?

                  living karasu

                    Tell you the truth I think you did a great job

                    Sam •

                      Just a helpful tip: Humidity can affect the way sealant dries a lot! It’s best to not spray paint anything if the humidity is higher than like anywhere from 70% to 85%. I’m guessing that’s the reason why they were a little sticky still 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 but maybe they just weren’t dry completely! Lol

                      Duncan Abrams

                        You do whatever design on the water first. Then as you're about to submerge it, you spray on a quick layer of paint thinner on the paint layer in the water. Then you quickly submerge the shoe, and voila let it dry and take off tape.

                        Duncan Abrams

                          You need paint thinner to thin it out right when you're about to dip it in. Otherwise it won't stick.

                          Daizy3969 Stracke

                            They look super cute. 💗🐇💗


                              As someone who has used spray paint for hundreds of projects over the years, I'm a little annoyed by the hooligan comment….

                              Cassandra Sara


                                Sienna Namohala

                                  Omg they look so good!!

                                  Cece Elizabeth

                                    Will it water marble?

                                    Rachel Frumkin

                                      I just wanted to say that I was pursuing your IG and you looked absolutely smashing on your wedding day. Just smashing.

                                      Monica Redmond

                                        And that what you dip is suppose to be at a 45 degree angle

                                        Monica Redmond

                                          She knows she can redip them right?

                                          J Valencia

                                            Reminds me of DIY nail marbeling. I had never heard of this technique with shoes either but I have hand painted shoes. If you want to save the other shoes, maybe use fabric paint (for example, blue) and a small craft sponge and blend, blend, blend, where it meets the other color. It'll have a softening effect and you can do it with other colors too.

                                            Tz 6

                                              The 90s want their shoes back.


                                                STOP SWIRLING the paint as you pull the item out! 🤮

                                                Mood Fox

                                                  I bow down to the witch 😱😍💜

                                                  Ananas Gonzales

                                                    you can clean the edges up with acetone

                                                    Linda Ursin

                                                      Do you think Archie would mind if I did a drawing or painting of him? And would it be ok with you?

                                                      Stephanie Nunez

                                                        When dose the giveaway end? And I love you so friking much❤️


                                                          Could you do a chunky platform sneakers haul and review from AliExpress? Please?

                                                          Morghan Rowat

                                                            In a video i watched on this, he went soul first. So the shoe was up right and didn't let the water go inside. It turned out great! Yours look cool too😍😄👍🌈💜💛💗💙

                                                            Amy Tomaszewski

                                                              This was a rad video. More diys please!!!

                                                              A clueless Person

                                                                She didn't use the gloves

                                                                brigmund freud

                                                                  I don't understand why all these youtubers don't use actual hydro dip sheets. Spray paint on your shoes is going to crack and look like crap fairly quick.

                                                                  Nug Ett

                                                                    Hydro dipping my privileges


                                                                      damn those buff look awesome…….but not gonan do that do that my buffs. maybe a knock off pair butt not the real thing….or maybe after lots of practice.

                                                                      Erin Smilley

                                                                        Can u do a video trying yesstyle wigs?

                                                                        Calex M

                                                                          Do you just always wake up with a full face of makeup and false lashes orrrrrr

                                                                          Jamie D

                                                                            You're telling me you didn't watch Jenna Marbles do this and decide to do it yourself?


                                                                              Feeling so inspired, I want to hydro dip ALL my shoes now WOW

                                                                              Erika Puidokaitė

                                                                                The hair colour is sooo beautiful 😍🧡🧡🧡


                                                                                  You look like if Baby Spice stole Ginger's hair dye. ♥ And those shoes look super pretty!

                                                                                  Kayleigh B

                                                                                    I have them trainers in baby pink 🙂


                                                                                      who the hell pays 300 dollars for snickers ? total waste of money.

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