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      I AM GETTING MARRIED?! | NikkieTutorials

      YES… YOU READ THE TITLE RIGHT!!!!!! I can’t believe I’m uploading this video today, but here I am! Over on my holiday to Italy, my boyfriend Dylan had the …



        Jhalak Shishodia

          So happy for you Nikki. God bless you both ❤❤

          white trash

            so i cried, that was the cutest story ever💜

            Sofia Baxter

              I thought that Nikkie was going to marry her Glazed Donut highlighter 😂

              Orinta Ivanauskaite

                O my god I'm so happy for you congrats ❤❤❤

                sky dive


                  Inés G. Gao

                    Yaaaaay. This cheered me right up. More of this kind of video, please! 🙂

                    Bella U

                      OMGGG I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU 🥳💕 YOUR 💍 IS SOOOO PRETTY 🥰❤️ LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️🥰💖😘

                      Go Go Go

                        If you were in Ireland and you wanted to kiss him you would just say “Would ye shift me?”

                        Shreeya Saha

                          It's a great news Nikkie we definitely want Dylan and you in a video

                          Elin Anderlind

                            I think the Word is Weddingday❤️ congrats for the engagement💕

                            Meiying Tan


                              Tingly Pretty Basic ASMR

                                Congrats Nikkie! You deserve the very best 💜

                                Xiomara Videz

                                  That adorable giggle after she says "back on you go" when she slips her ring back on😍

                                  Denekya Barkley

                                    Congrats 🎉🎊🎈

                                    sherene redoble

                                      #4 trending here in the philippines!! Wow you are so popular here! Congratulations nikkie😍😍

                                      Angel Wings

                                        Wat leuk , je verdient het!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Priyanka Hati


                                          Yana Singhal

                                            Why do u put foundation on your lips ?? 🤔

                                            Nataly Papastylianou

                                              You have lip fillers omggg

                                              Ambar Javaid

                                                so happy for u ❤️

                                                Jean From BeautyShopPH

                                                  I’m in that exact same position. Someone from my past came back after my last relationship failed. And he makes me feel like im the most beautiful person in his eyes. And that he likes me without makeup. He makes me so strong and confident.
                                                  I can’t tell you. I feel you.

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