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      FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM HERE: Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! For today’s video I bought £5 Pretty Little Thing …

      Athenaa yoo

        12:33 though ummm… Well that awkward to know you're faking your comments about the dresses
        What a shame….

        Naziya Solkar

          Seriously. ……she spends a lot on dresss….. damn my mom would never let me spent me so much money on dress😅😅

          Cash McKenzie


            ZAIB BABAR

              next can u do buying branded clothes from ebay?

              Sandra Solognier-Rogers

                Hi Roxx can jou please show the back tx


                  Roxxy why do you only show the front of the outfits and not the backs?, when you try an outfit on yourself do you genuinely only ever look at yourself from the front and not care what you look like from the back? I doubt it so why do you think people watching try on video's only want to see the front of the outfits? If you're embarrassed about people looking at your bum then maybe try on videos are not for you hun x

                  Moon Cat

                    You look gorgeous in everything!The snake print dress fits really well but I just can't stand the pattern. Can't wait for this trend to be over!

                    Soffa Bordsson

                      I love ur videos so so so much! But it would be really nice and fun if u tried clothes in more colours. Like light blue, red, mint etc. Would be awesome!💛❤️💓

                      Leah’s Life

                        Love you!!!! Xxxx

                        celena gostavo

                          the snake print dress is my fav

                          Chitra Singh

                            Girl you slay in this video also🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


                              Nagrasz jakiś filmik po polsku?

                              DJ KHALID X s

                                Sexy girl i wish to marry you. 😭🧡🧡🧡🧡

                                Fire .Phoenix

                                  I really feel like dress #1 looked the best on you. as a guy, i clearly wouldn't wear a dress but, i do think that first dress fits you very nicely.

                                  Toma Mj

                                    Oh! Why you didn’t try the last piece 🙁

                                    Toma Mj

                                      About the 2nd dress, you can wear a white shirt and tight it! it will look like a skirt and a body showing

                                      Funny Bunny

                                        All the dresses are see through the black cutout dress is riding up u need to pull it down ..and the snake print honestly looked like a snake that just swallowed a rabbit..the army color dress looked gorgeous on u but honestly all the dresses look so cheap not even worth the 5 pound..and the style of dresses u pick are catered to x shape u are the definition of pear shape . the dresses u try look ill fitting because brands mostly unfortunately cater to x shape but u need to fish for pear shape friendly

                                        Bonjour Elmaleh

                                          KOCHAMY CIĘ ❤❤❤

                                          Felicia Idman

                                            You should cut your hair shorter and only have I brown or color it blonde

                                            Karma Hesham Hamza El Nasharty

                                              For the 2 dress that showed ur boobs, u could go anywhere and make the strap longer so it fits ur boobs.

                                              Brandi Verstraete

                                                I love the Kim possible one with the mustard eyeshadow look you had going and girl rock that pink dress cause bodies don't stay perfect forever . Lol for real though you have curves and somehow tiny . I'd die for that


                                                  I love your videos sooo much!!! I just wish you would link the dresses in the description or something

                                                  Zahra Raj

                                                    I loved the nude dress. You could wear the same shade bra and you're good to go

                                                    Sophia B

                                                      the snake skin dress looks absolutely amazing on you wow 😍

                                                      Omay 76

                                                        Love your videos. Could you try different bridal hairstyles? That will be a good one.

                                                        Farifa Mon

                                                          You look like you are 5.7 or something

                                                          Ednos Annie

                                                            You do know that the only reason these clothes are so cheap is because people are being paid less than £5 an hr… to sew fast fashion in sweat boxes in the UK!

                                                            Sailorsun Phoenix

                                                              You should try coca cola makeup. They're on wish (concealer contour eyebrow mascara and eyeliner) ebay and amazon (foundation, powder, lips, and 2 eyeshadows) I highly recommend you try them

                                                              Mikee Rose Bersabal

                                                                can u do a thrift haul? I'm curious to see how you would style them! <3

                                                                Queen Maas

                                                                  Roxi: puts dress on
                                                                  Me: I wonder what she's going to say
                                                                  Roxi:I aM ObSeSsEd

                                                                  melissa sandoval

                                                                    Has anyone ever told you that you lol like Victoria Justice?


                                                                      Under boob is lit and in! Rock it!

                                                                      Imaan Shahbaz

                                                                        Omg u looked amazing in all of the dresses 👗 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️


                                                                          Would love to see a Pretty Little Thing shoe haul. 🙂

                                                                          tiffymarieseesthetea marie

                                                                            First dress and 8:06 fursure a 10! Ps:your makeup is so beautiful on point >3

                                                                            rempuii sangma

                                                                              My fav was snake print😍😍😍😍

                                                                              nena CasBas

                                                                                Lol OMG 5'3 I always thought you were about 5'7 😅😂

                                                                                husainahappy days

                                                                                  In the second dress she wore the upper half too low so it fits the model

                                                                                  Kami Wright

                                                                                    1st dress is a little see thru tho >.<

                                                                                    Jessel Dawn del Socorro

                                                                                      uhm same dresses again?

                                                                                      Rebecca Lynn

                                                                                        You look good in everything. The olive one was beautiful on you.

                                                                                        Cyril Vigilia

                                                                                          Try fashion nova again especially jeans thank you💕

                                                                                          Josie Fruit

                                                                                            Nice ksayu

                                                                                            Sienna – Leigh Barnes

                                                                                              I always buy pretty little thing dresses for cheaper and they are really nice and fit perfectly

                                                                                              Rylie Whitelaw

                                                                                                Holy crap 5’3”?? You look so much taller

                                                                                                Libby Call

                                                                                                  >> suggestion: a fashion video of outfits of a certain budget… such as giving yourself $20 per outfit and showcasing each one from different websites (PLT, Shein, Wish, boohoo, etc) <<<

                                                                                                  luv u roxi <3

                                                                                                  Cindy Reich

                                                                                                    Loved the green dress!

                                                                                                    Tiffany Galati

                                                                                                      Love the reaction the the last “dress” 😂😂

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