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      I BOUGHT A BUNCHA RaNdOm STUFF | Clothing + Accessories Haul

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) I recently purchased a few things off of Urban Outfitters and I wanted to share them with you! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for …


        So sorry this video is up SO LATE!!!!! I was out running errands all day and couldn’t edit the video till I got back home late at night!! Xoxo!’


          lol when she tried on the earrings!!! i remember those smiley face ones haha

          Christina & Josue

            After two miscarriages in a row we are now expecting a baby girl 💕 and loved the headbands

            alysa berry

              WHATS ON YOUR EYES DAMNIT 😭😭😭

              Genesis Zamora

                Ok, so I loved your eyes so much that I went to the description for the deets! I SEE YOU GIRL 😉

                Bronwyn Challis

                  I just need to know if the jeans were a win! I can never find the right pair either!


                    I'm so glad I didn't go to bed early!!

                    May Rose

                      Can't go wrong with hauls

                      &dancer actress

                        The green glasses look like what Billie Eilish wore on her ig picks… 🦖🍏💚

                        Blue Tomato

                          Kathleen. We need to talk. Where is the Lights Lacquer, girl?!?! I neeed it!!! Give us some news soon 😍


                            Waking up to a Kathleen video is the first thing that I’m grateful of today 😘

                            Kasey Marie

                              im so happy you’re going on vacation! enjoy it don’t worry about us ❤️❤️

                              Warisa Kayy

                                When you turn back with a ponytail, I thought Oh that’s Belle from Beauty and the beast 😍

                                Alyssa Cascos

                                  Kathleen: 😉
                                  Me: I am freaking out.😭Kathleen, tell us now!!!!

                                  Veronica Lopez

                                    umm this eye look is stunning!! Tutorial? Pls.

                                    Sarah Rune

                                      I have discovered the Neti pot and let me tell you! I was sooooo sick and I used it and by the next day I was so so much better! My cough was gone after the first day of using it! I am a huge believer in that thing now! If I’d used it as soon as my nose felt stuffy I bet I could have avoided the cough altogether.

                                      Deb White

                                        I hate the smell of incense.

                                        Cindy Dawoudi

                                          This video was awesome! Thank you for the inspiration.. love your videos and you! ☺️🤗😘

                                          Destiny Grimaldo

                                            I know I have a class at 10 in the morning tomorrow but I don’t think this will disturb toooooo much😅😂

                                            Liz Barbecho

                                              Oooooo she's coming out with something new!!! Can't wait 😉

                                              Kat Webb

                                                Had to comment before watching because of how awesome that Goosebumps shirt is! 😍 I loved the books and TV show as a kid especially The Haunted Mask series.

                                                Isaiah Ruiz

                                                  Kat your going vacation yeah vlog ofc but girl enjoy it . you don’t need to catch every moment . You need to relax chill have sex with yo man, get drunk ,tan,swim,eat repeat

                                                  Sammi Strade

                                                    PLEASE do a foundation ranking video!!!! By category if you’re feeling it. example: best stick foundation vs best dewey foundation vs best light foundations. Emily Noelle just did a “Best light foundations” actually and it was so useful!

                                                    Deb White

                                                      You get sick in Florida from the heat a.d humidity.

                                                      Reeca Garcia

                                                        YEEEESSSS ive been hoping for a clothing haul from u for a long time bc your previous ones were SO GOOD!!!! I love your style esp ur tshirts!! and how u can do both glam and casual!! 😍😍


                                                          I love the description of the poetry book!! It reminds me of this quote that I always tell myself when I’m really struggling with anxiety and depression — “Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quite voice at the end of the day that says, ‘I will try again tomorrow’” 🥰

                                                          liner by lauren

                                                            Buying a notebook tomorrow, I needed that ❤️

                                                            Beah Hemmings

                                                              Also how has your opinion about the Fenty foundation and primer changed? I’m thinking of purchasing either that primer or the smashbox primerizer or the toofaced hangover primer AAAAND for foundation either the new fenty one or the peach perfect matte one (I’m dry but I don’t like too dewy of a finish)

                                                              Maria Loera

                                                                Anyone else love Kathleen because she’s so AUTHENTIC. Idk but she speeks to my soul.😂

                                                                Chandler Renee’

                                                                  It’s so sweet that you want to include us in your vacation but pleeeease please please enjoy yourself and make sure your vacation is actually a vacation and not work 🥰

                                                                  Beah Hemmings

                                                                    This is very random but I've been watching your videos from the present day all the way back to 2015 like, literally morning to evening, and I've noticed how much you've improved with your shyness on camera and how much more authenically you you are able to be and I am so proud and only wish further progress with everything you are working on. I love watching you, especially since we have literally the same skin and you're into astrology too (btw I have finally purchased the palette after one year of longing for it lol) sooo yeah thanks for putting so much passion into everything, I love you lots!!

                                                                    Julie Ann MDO

                                                                      I feel like we’re bffs when you do these types of videos.

                                                                      Nazareen Sanchez

                                                                        Thank you so much Kathleen for the tip on writing something I'm greatful for in a journal every night. I think that's such a great Idea and something that can really help me. Help me not be so hard on myself, think and stay positive, and not be soo in my head.

                                                                        Misty Parsons

                                                                          Woohoo, we love a late night upload!!😬🙌🏻 Great haul..thank you for sharing all of your goodies with us. Love you, Kathleen!!💖😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ⚡️✨⚡️

                                                                          Megan R

                                                                            That blue looks great on you!

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