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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) I wanted to test out some new products I bought & share them with you! There are a few hits & misses! I hope you guys enjoy this …

      Christy Woods

        I think Your Eyss Are an Absolute Beautiful Disatser,If that's what You call a Disaster,Girl,You are Gooooo—geous!

        Kiersten Burdge

          kathleen, hear me out, color changing nail polish. just you talking about the new beauty blender and all the things that we used to have as kids that changed color and everything. with your formula you could make a super dope heat activated nail polish. 🙂

          Stephanie Avital

            Hi Kathleen, try the setting spray from Ofra, that doesn’t make giant drops on the face


              Can you do a top 3 colourpop palettes not counting yours! So hard deciding which ones I want.

              Bibi Grill

                Most of these essence blushes aren't Matt, they are hella satin

                Christy Woods

                  Kathleen,Now there's their New One Thay Is oeetty Much just like the Older one with Gold flakes, But this One Has Silver!!!!I seen Yati talking boutnit somewhere the other day then Jeffree Star in His collab video,I dont remember who it was .dammit Bobby!🤣

                  Alannah Urquhart

                    I just have to comment on how GORGEOUS the colour of your eyes are

                    Zayury Huerta

                      The eyeliner thing you tried to do didn’t look bad. I actually liked it. Don’t be afraid to try new things it always looks good when you try new things!

                      Christy Woods

                        #downwiththebeautyblender #upwittheblendiful ♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

                        Milica Jekic

                          Loove your makeup here, soo in love 😍😍😍

                          Daniela Rivera

                            Can you do a video on how you did your hair 🥺 looks so pretty


                              Why she wont use the YSL lipstick ever? 😀

                              Melina Diebold

                                That Cover Girl glow sticks kinda reminds me of en e.l.f. cream highlighter stick, I think the shade might be Pink Lemonade?

                                Christy Woods

                                  Well eyah,its rryimg reallly hard to be ahuda pallette but its way too washed out and light to be ahudabeauty realone.

                                  Christy Woods

                                    Hun those blushes arent new and you have had it before i remember well!

                                    Brianna Sanchez

                                      Good thing I just got paid thanks Kathleen 😂 first place Im going tomorrow is ulta lol

                                      Amulya Subhash

                                        I audibly gasped when she talked about the colour changing beauty blender. I was hoping she would show a video, if not I was going to look it up. I'm glad Kathleen got equally excited because I didn't feel like such a child 😂

                                        Ashley Wangmann

                                          Peanut allergy fam, take it from a friend….Don't use products with Tamanu Oil or your face will blow up like a pumpkin and your eyes will be swollen shut 😛 I didn't experience it until a few days of continued use so stay safe out there.


                                            I had the jungle lights palette in my cart and after your video it was sold out 😭

                                            Ezra Goggles

                                              12:19 😅😅😅 I did not expect that lmao. Nothing but foil baby. Nothing but foil 😅🥰

                                              Virusha Daljith

                                                Love love loved this 😀
                                                The eyeshadow pallete looks like a dupe for the Huda beauty pallete :)!!!

                                                Marilyn Wiley

                                                  Kathleen have you ever thought about saving a spray bottle that you really like how it sprays and putting in another setting product in it. When I find a mascara brush I really like I save it to use in other brands for using or testing. Call me weird it’s a thought. I have even thought of a empty glass perfume bottle that is used for decor fill it with your settle spray if it has a nice spray mist.

                                                  Brandee Michelle

                                                    Ugh my dry skin is crying out for all these oils! I want them all. I also tried the maybelline dream radiant foundation and had the same issue where I almost felt like as I was buffing it in it was wiping off, and I ended up with some areas with a lot less coverage.

                                                    Would you ever do a review on the Biossance products at Sephora? I’m very interested in trying their products out because they seem like they would be good for dry skin.

                                                    Alesha Vaughn

                                                      Your skin.. looks AMAZING 😉
                                                      I couldn’t stop staring at your face.. like what are you doing to it?!?! Lol! ❤️☺️

                                                      You look very youthful. Don’t get me wrong.. I know you are in your 20’s.. but I feel like you just took us back to your teenage years here. Skin looks great girl!! 😉


                                                        Can we get an eye tutorial 😭😭

                                                        Cecilia Nuñez

                                                          The Catrice pallet also gives me Modern Renaissance by ABH vibes.

                                                          Sarah Alsa

                                                            Please do another mukbang video. 🤗

                                                            Chantal Aline

                                                              I honestly love what you did w/ the lines in your eyes! It looks beautiful ❤️

                                                              Krunchy kari

                                                                I love the array of products form high end to drugstore 🥰

                                                                Anays Monzon

                                                                  Love you so much Kathleen, but I really think there's so many hauls in your channel. We should be creating conscience about consumerism and I believe your channel is one with the most hauls. All your subscribers are thinking why don't I have that? even though you've probably used it once and will never use it again. Most of the items you're showing are 50+ dollars, only a couple of them are affordable. Times are changing, the world is becoming a bit more aware of the damage we've been causing, how about more videos showing your staples or OG's. We understand that you totally have the means to buy all this with no problem, but you're an influence to many, this haul alone is 700+ dollars. There's no hate in this, it's been a long time since I wanted to say this. Please don't take this in the wrong way.

                                                                  sobhia kohli

                                                                    can we talk about the botox on your forehead…. it would be great if you make a video about it..

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