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      FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM HERE: What’s up guys?! In today’s video I bought clothing from Shein… is it a scam? or it a legit?


        What do you guys think of Shein? And what other online websites would you like me to try next? Hope you’re all having a fab Wednesday! ❤️

        I Don’t Care

          I’m LIVING for that makeup! You look SO good. 😍😍😍😍

          safaa tal

            I wished you get bags and shoes in your haul


              I love SHEIN! They have sooo unique things and love their clothes! I found so many favorites from there that I wear everyday 😀

              Jaimie Oh Jaimie

                My friend is a plus size queen and she loves Shein as they do really pretty non frumpy styles … they do really nice sheer tops and dresses to wear over some thigh else for a change up ❤❤❤ great video Roxy ❤❤


                  @ 7:58 One could wear a thin strap tank top with that "mini kimono"

                  I am_ me

                    11:49 and you definitely won't be needing a fan in this dress lol😁😝

                    Hi Hello

                      roxi, are you using softlens?


                        Nice video! You buy a lot of clothing haha, I’m wondering what your closet looks like. Would you like to make a closet tour? 😊❤️

                        India Ellison

                          I think ur hair oooks better blonde xx

                          sara ahmed

                            She is so sweet !!! ❤❤

                            Amy-Bo ten Dam

                              That extra fabric at the armpits is for big chested girls so they don't have to order a size or multiple sizes up

                              Katharina Lauterbach

                                I honestly had the worst experience with this brand… I'll never shop there again

                                Katie Galway

                                  Omg where did you get your yellow jacket 😍😃

                                  Ekta Beetan

                                    Your videos are too tooo long.. if i play it on double speed than also it takes 10 min😑

                                    loopy lou

                                      Omg I love shein!!

                                      Veronika M

                                        Omg the clothes look amazing on you 😍❤️

                                        Harpreet Kaur

                                          Where do u exactly live

                                          S 786

                                            Your yellow jacket is sooo cute 😊

                                            מעין לייטר

                                              17: 07 the best flower thing

                                              Georgina Rivas

                                                For me shein is a hit or miss clothes and price good but when it comes to pants horrible i order 2 size small one was great just a little high water and the other one was so big its was like for someone 6”0 it literally was so big look nothin like a small i was so disappointed


                                                  That nude pink two piece looked straight up like pajamas to me haha

                                                  S M

                                                    Don't know if I missed it but did she say what sizes she ordered?

                                                    Amanda Johnson

                                                      Everything looks so cute on you and brought your tan out more

                                                      Just Abeer

                                                        Shein is absolutely my favorite shopping website i shop from it all the time 💙💙


                                                          What size did you get them in?

                                                          Cristina Guadalupe Capiz Orozco

                                                            I bought in shein several times and I’ve been happy every time the key is check on the comments ☺️


                                                              Got 3 bikinis & a top and I'm impressed! Only thing is that one bathing suit's medium cup was smaller than another bathing suit that was a small..

                                                              Rhobelle Macachor

                                                                Totally inlove with all those pieces. Especially those two piece sets 😍

                                                                Kellie Tatasciore

                                                                  Some of the items you purchased I bought for my vacation! 🙂


                                                                    I'd love to see you try Cotton On! 🇦🇺🇦🇺

                                                                    Madilyn Crummel

                                                                      It would be really cool if you could do the site ZAFUL. It has a lot of cute flower and flowy
                                                                      Outfits it looks like. But I haven’t tried it and wondered if it’s a good website. Sorry not sure if you did this website yet but if not it would be amazing if you did❤️🙂

                                                                      Miss Jamie

                                                                        Just a fyi Shein and Romwe are the same company.. Thought I'd tell you that since you've done Romwe before

                                                                        Jules G-S

                                                                          I’ve just come back from Faro.
                                                                          You’ll only need a couple of days there (to have a wonder around the old town and get a boat to ilha desserta).
                                                                          You’re better off getting a train over to Albufeira or Lagos.
                                                                          If you can fit in a trip to Benagil Cave I definitely recommend. Don’t get a boat trip though, kayak your way over from the local beach so you can spend as much time as you want there 🌍

                                                                          NELLY ROIZ

                                                                            I have bought from shein, everything I have bought has been exactly as the pictures and the sizing is good if you follow the size guide provided for each piece because in some things I was a different size than other so make sure to check the size in each individual piece..measure yourself…..also shipping is fast usually 1-2 weeks. the only thing is the material its sometimes itchy.

                                                                            Ana Vitor

                                                                              Omg you're coming here to Portugal!! Faro is amazing, I'm sure you're going to love it <33 btw, always slaying, ly ❤️

                                                                              Xantia Logrono

                                                                                I love you hair 😍

                                                                                J KB

                                                                                  I ordered some clothes from shein couple a years ago and I was so disappointed with the quality . However you look amazing in everything and all your clothes look the same as photos. I am not sure what to think anymore 😂

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