I DYED MY HAIR @ HOME! My Followers Pick My Hair Color

Main I DYED MY HAIR @ HOME! My Followers Pick My Hair Color

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    Carli Bybel
      I DYED MY HAIR @ HOME! My Followers Pick My Hair Color

      thumbs up if quarantine is making you do crazy things —————————————————————————– hi my babes!! this is boredom at its finest!!!…

      Beauty by Sara

        I have dyed also my hair 3 days ago at home, and it turned great 😁
        Love your color 😊


          Black hair suits you so well! I love it! Makes me want to dye mine black, never dyed my dark brown hair. My sister insists that I dye it black, but I’m too scared as my hair is very dry and fragile.


            you look stunning with that jet black hair

            Jazel Hinojosa

              I love Carli , always have. But BOX HAIR DAY IS SO BAD FOR YOUR HAIR!!! don’t do this at home!!! As a hair stylist .. I’m feel so bad for the stylist who worked so hard on her hair just for her to cover it with permanent BOX DYE. A Stylist worst nightmare.

              Vincent Macdonald

                Omg. I'm sorry I watch your youtube videos because of your adorable husband. Gorgeous!

                Kasey K

                  Squirts hair dye all over the floor "I know what I'm doing" 😂

                  Grisel Trujillo

                    Dark hair is always my go to ! Love it

                    BRIANNA CLARISSA

                      its honestly so cute how he treats you. definitely is refreshing to all of us other girls that there are good guys out there

                      OneliaRose Rodriguez

                        It looks amazing!!!

                        Veronica Jarvis

                          Your beauty room/shoe closet is literally the size of my entire apartment 😩 the hair turned out gorgeous!!


                            At home wave like in this video


                              At home hair trim!!!! Please do a video!!!! You’re man can help!!! See good suggestion with couple bonding 😊


                                I don’t know how you do this so well with so much hair…. I come out with hair dye on my ears, neck, eyelids, arms… the walls are covered, hair dye on the floor … like a war zone

                                Kristina Haskell

                                  anthony is so sweet <3

                                  SAMELIA’s WORLD

                                    I love your skin without makeup girly. You look beautiful! But that hair you need to give me for my weave ponytail 🤣🤣🤣

                                    Marleny Campos

                                      Awww I love this !!! ❤️ it’s nice to see he doesn’t mind doing the little things and being a part of your social media life ‼️❤️ wish you guys the best 🙏🏼🙌🏼

                                      Magda Ryczko

                                        Anthony is the sweetest man alive! I’m so happy for you Carli ❤️🥰

                                        Alicia Dean

                                          BF Goals, so cute!!! <3

                                          Ri O-Ren

                                            Okay it looks good. But i loooved thw natural queen look from before

                                            Chantelle Roughton

                                              I’m a sucker for dark hair!!! It’s my favorite on myself and other ladies!

                                              Tao Glassworks

                                                Good job for following your heart!! I love your hair dark!!

                                                Juliana Lipari

                                                  Your hair looks so good!! 💕💕

                                                  L p

                                                    I always bleach my hair or highlight them but for 2 years now i just dyed them and had a yuko system lissage. And they are way better then before

                                                    Jennifer Frost

                                                      Love it!! Gorgeous

                                                      Shaina Durham

                                                        You guys are so cute and the way he looks at you 💕

                                                        Andrea Burke

                                                          For real??? Your stylist is going to kill you when this virus stuff blows over box dye is crap, it's awful for your hair, for all the good things you put into your body your putting a steaming pile of shit ON your hair, doesn't matter if you been using it forever it's still bad, just get a bowl, developer, a tube or bottle of pro color and a brush, use good stuff stylists use I promise your subs such as myself will stop cringing if you do

                                                          Seah A

                                                            I love your hair dark!! It brings out your eyes.

                                                            Rianna Berger

                                                              Looks gorgeous 🔥🔥🔥

                                                              Mrs KM

                                                                So beautiful Carli! Your honey is a sweetheart ❤ stay happy

                                                                Rachel Zip

                                                                  I really want you to dye your hair bright red! kinda like what you did for poison ivy for halloween


                                                                    Aww how cute😊 I have my husband dye my hair 😄

                                                                    Andrea Mužina

                                                                      This special bond between you two is so amazing that literaly makes my day instantly better, even if I'm not feeling okay. 😍😍 This is what every relationship should look like. 😊 Love you, stay safe guys. ❤️

                                                                      Michelle Cardinal

                                                                        Sheesh your natural beauty is real girl


                                                                          A 13 minute video about a hair video where the end results are almost identical

                                                                          Randy Sisengchanh


                                                                            renee klein

                                                                              Awe what a sweet man he is!!! You guys are so cute together

                                                                              Claudia Meilan


                                                                                Ida Lasalle


                                                                                  Deanna Nunemacher

                                                                                    Love this hair color on you! 👌

                                                                                    Κωνσταντίνα Μ.

                                                                                      Anthony helping you with your hair is actually goals ❤️

                                                                                      Tabbithe Urvina

                                                                                        you are SO FREAKINF GORGEOUS! I AM OBSESSED with your hair, you have PERFECR skin and you seem like such a sweetheart genuine person. I truly freaking adore youuu!

                                                                                        Théa Khayat

                                                                                          So pretty with dark hair ❤️❤️😍😍


                                                                                            Such a cute couple! God bless. 🙏🏼

                                                                                            Jasmine Deshea

                                                                                              You’re the prettiest person ive ever seen

                                                                                              Daphne van Uden

                                                                                                I think you would be even more gorgeous with a short bob! Like a model

                                                                                                *MakeUpBy SweetMango*

                                                                                                  SOOOOO happy that you have your black hair back but yes we really do need a makeup tutorial on that look its so pretty and look really great on you

                                                                                                  Farkhunda A

                                                                                                    Boxed color I heard is really bad for your hair, how come not have a professional do it for you?

                                                                                                    AW X

                                                                                                      Ur bf reminds me of a shark 🦈 lol

                                                                                                      Rachel White

                                                                                                        yes i loveee !!! 🥺❤️ please stay dark always !!

                                                                                                        Meherunnessa Raìsa

                                                                                                          Carli, I JUST ORDERED A DYE AND JUST NOTICED YOU DID THIS …. also i always used to straighten my hair with your sleek tutorial THIS IS REAL CONNECTION

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