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      I Followed My 100 Year Old Grandma's Favorite Makeup Tutorial

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? My grandmother turned 100 years old this year!! Can you believe that?? One word: Iconic!

      Tori Fletcher

        Grandma Star is onto something! 😵

        Sulfuric Acid



            Just curious but how did you get your brow hair in your campaign with Morphe? Was it costume hair?? That’s awesome!


              But it looka good tho!


                Jeffree please please get a permanent nose piercing pls pls pls it gonna make you look so bomb!!!!!


                  'no one was cancelled' im wheezing

                  Megan Dunckley

                    Haha haha 😂

                    Μάστιγα Ιαλουρέν! Ολα με μέτρο

                      Κ η δικιά μου τα ίδια μου λέει κ αυτή εκατό κοντευει

                      Giorgio Stavrianides

                        I loved it!!!?😁


                          tbf I did my foundation with my fingers as well untill a couple of years ago


                            LOVE THIS 🤣

                            Gab Morg

                              So vintage I love it

                              Nathalie Müller

                                It's so funny how everytime you upload a new video I have a freshly opened red bull in my hands 😂😂
                                Love u ❤️

                                S B

                                  But Jeffrey looks so pretty though….

                                  Brittney Dawn

                                    Awh this makes me miss my Nana. The first time I ever wore makeup was my Nanas blush. Her name was Melba, so now I always buy MAC Melba blush for her 💗

                                    Flynn The Trash Bin

                                      Correction at 5:09

                                      There was actually brushes/sponges back then but they were not as advanced as today's brushes

                                      Marta Pineda

                                        "Procedure!!.." yes hun… makeup is like getting a procedure lol😂

                                        Aminah Bradford

                                          I love this video !!! Yessssssss Grandma !!!! Work it !!!!

                                          Baylee Player

                                            Why are you so gorgeous ❤️

                                            Jennifer Burke

                                              Ok Jeffree is so funny in this!!

                                              Painter’s brush 16

                                                Do you get anything when you turn 100? I’m from the UK and if you reach 100 years old you receive a letter from the Queen. 👍🏻


                                                  Lol great video shout out to grandma

                                                  Lauren Gibbs

                                                    This is probably one of the funniest videos he’s ever made.

                                                    Dorian Dalton

                                                      I think this was the best concept idea so far! You should look for more vintage makeup/beauty tutorials and follow them!!! I kept replaying the mascara bit! That was the hilarious of the whole thing! 😂😂❤❤

                                                      Denise Malsagova

                                                        Why are you gay?

                                                        Jenn Blitzer

                                                          Instead of rubbing, try blotting with fingers. I still don't use a beauty blender (clean those hands first) and I stay in the T zone because I'm 42. Too old to bake and spakle.

                                                          Daisy Memphis

                                                            "Her blush by the way look invincible"😂😂 I'm SHOOK!!!!

                                                            andrew roid

                                                              The video didn't surprise me much, but you using a 1960's month's worth of foundation in one go did! Also, I know this won't sell eye shadow, but your eyes look gorgeous here, Jeffrey. Fun trip down memory lane!


                                                                2010's: makeup covers all my insecurities! 😁

                                                                1960's: no amount if eye makeup can help if your eyes are drowsy and lack luster…. 🙈😂
                                                                SUCH SHADE


                                                                  🤭😄 love u


                                                                    This is literally how I do makeup, except I do apply foundation with a sponge. But I never understand how beauty guru's spend two hours on face makeup alone.


                                                                      It bothers me so much that jeffree doesnt put his hair up when he does his makeup!!

                                                                      Stevie Spark

                                                                        Tbh that video has calming Bob Ross vibes

                                                                        irene k

                                                                          even the dog was like tf is she doing?


                                                                            Omg what a great idea!!!! I love it.. pls more.. i love your reaction.❤❤❤💛💛🧡🧡

                                                                            nhoj drol

                                                                              2018 Shane Dawson’s series :
                                                                              RiP Eileen
                                                                              2019 Jeffers video
                                                                              My grandma is 100 years old
                                                                              Just me , ok

                                                                              Kenni Josephine

                                                                                This video really help me because my grandma just passed away


                                                                                  'Does she have a Morphe code?' hahaha


                                                                                    This look gave me 60's realness and I need a 60's supermodel inspired look with the drawn on eyelashes, the cut crease, the whole thing mama,,,, twiggy we are coming for your neck

                                                                                    M C

                                                                                      Okay, finished the video. YOU LOOK SO HOT. I LOVE THIS LOOK.

                                                                                      Whitney M

                                                                                        You look gorgeous!

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