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    Lisa Eldridge
      I Gave My Dentist a Makeover!

      Thank you to the lovely Uchenna, you can follow her on instagram here: and visit her website here: …

      Nicola Hoult

        oh gorg ,i used to love that programme , she looks amazing xx

        Lara Phoenix

          Loved this tutorial!

          Rosa R

            I remember watching you two together! So glad to see you reunited on screen💖


              Wow Uchenna so natural yet soft sexy, and she loved it! Watching her base go on so perfect was my favorite part. I will definitely be using my Luminous silk in that way! so many great tips in this video. I noticed a new way to apply the smoky eyes as well. Thank you Lisa for using variety with your models and including such great conversation. I imagine she has so many patients with her genuine spirit!

              nadia montasser

                Two beautiful ladies!!! I love you so much Lisa!!! You are the sweetest!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘


                  Lisa always has the best models! What I love about her work, is she always makes people look more glam, but they still look like themselves

                  Seda Kuday

                    Kind of you Lisa 💋🌹HAPPY WOMEN “ DAY ! ALL!

                    Evy T

                      This is incredibly therapeutic to watch! Love it!!


                        I just love how Lisa said: ”I like it 'cause it's still you. It's just, with makeup, it's ENHANCED".

                        That's always been my philosophy when putting on makeup because I still want to look like me when I have makeup on.

                        Also sadly, I have a few friends (female friends, I tell you) who think that women who put on makeup are not 'naturally' beautiful because for them, they think that we do not need makeup to be able to go out of our houses. Well, that's their opinion. I just wish that they'd respect the opinion of those who think otherwise.

                        Anyway… Thank you for the amazing videos, Lisa! 💕 Please continue doing what you do because you are the best and the world needs people like you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

                        Sending you virtual hugs from Philippines! 🇵🇭

                        Winston’s Julia

                          She seems like such a lovely person <3 and so satisfying to watch you applying foundation so perfectly


                            Gorgeous makeup, gorgeous sculpt face

                            stephania kazoun

                              Thank you for been such a lovely and charismatic woman,Lisa.😙🙏🏻

                              savannah tipton

                                Thank you, Ms. Eldridge! Tell your Dentist that she is lovely ❤️

                                Gillian Pidler

                                  I swear I've seen this gorgeous lady on a dental ad in tv. She has such an amazing smile.

                                  Bea L

                                    Amazing as always!

                                    Ti Co

                                      Wow that milk as a quick eye look is actually stunning


                                        The dentist lady is adorable and she has a beautiful bone structure and Lisa is so therapeutical to listen to.

                                        Klaudeen Charmaine Esteban


                                          Wavy Jenny

                                            Absolutely stunning. You are such an artist and she was a beautiful model xxx

                                            Silvia Ramírez Granados

                                              I adore you. I always comment basically the same “ your channel is sooo therapeutic” thanks for being an inspiration Lisa 💜

                                              Strikkelise Needles

                                                Wow, she's stunning! Loved the talk about confidence and so interesting to hear about patients coming back with red lipstick. What a rewarding business to help people feel better about themselves.

                                                Tom Clark

                                                  I love her she is just so Beautiful 😍

                                                  Ilsa Malsi

                                                    She looks so good!!!!!!!!! I'm not the only one reminded of Nichelle Nichols am I?


                                                      She is so blessed to have Lisa as a friend!

                                                      Cristina Magurean

                                                        Beautiful model, gorgeous makeup!!!!


                                                          This was delightful, amazing job <3

                                                          really confused

                                                            Her cheekbones are to die for 😍😍

                                                            Xaris Villa

                                                              3:16 is the moment when we see a real-life "Sparks Joy" moment. Makeup is magic.

                                                              Hoop Jeanne

                                                                She looks gorgeous!! Everything is so natural aside from the dramatic eye

                                                                Naima Mohamed

                                                                  You inspire me Lisa! This is Beautiful!!!!😍😍😍


                                                                    Her skin is flawless omg 😍

                                                                    Schatzi P

                                                                      Gorgeous! Please bring her back for other looks. (And Rosie as well)

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