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      Hey guys! This has been a long journey but we are there! And we got there together. Thanks again for all of your support!! Lights Label launches Thursday …

      Nadia A

        The lightning bolt hat omg, I hope there's international shipping bc I am getting that asap

        Mango Sprout

          β€œSo, I finally have mer-β€œ opens safari to buy every item 🀫

          Jay Tachibana

            Lights SLAYbel

            Sara Formo


              Elena Moro

                Sparkling lighting bolt piercing, earings and necklaces that are well made but affordable, shipping is already probably going to cost a fortune so I cannot afford much 😩

                maikee hx

                  Oh my god yaaaas! Please do denim jackets and jewelry I would love cute little star or thunderbolt stuff! This is exciting πŸ₯°πŸ”₯

                  Alejandra Navarro

                    I can’t wait

                    Phantom Of Memories

                      OH HELL YASSSSS!!! LOVE THIS!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO GET THESE MERCH!!! Kathleen, you are an absolute inspiration to me! I am expanding more and more into makeup because of you! I am a Licensed Esthetician and your videos are amazing for me to learn new tips and tricks. Love you so much! You are honest and beautiful! I would love to meet you one day. I have a rule to myself I will not buy collabs from companies with other Youtubers that I don't trust of feel intuned with, but you are the only one I will buy any collab for! You are honest and care so much! I am going to get a GRL PWR tattoo and the lightning bolt because I support you and love you with all my heart! Thank you for EVERYTHING! My depression and anxiety are at an all-time low! You help me become happier and strong! Love you girl! KEEP IT UP KAT!!! WIth your spirit and determination, you can do anything! KL Polish's downfall was something that you needed. You learned and are now you are THRIVING!!!!

                      Jamie Pfaff

                        Omg yesss i'm so happy! I would love if you created a lot of astrology stuff! Notebooks, clothing, just… everything lol

                        Nadia A

                          I'M SO EXCITED

                          Shelly Perez

                            Congrats Kathleen! I love the new merch and Lightslaquar..say what..❀❀


                              This is amazing πŸ˜‰

                              bella bee

                                So excited! What about vinyl stickers? I have a old phone so phone cases are out but I'd love to put one on my rear car window #dasesspensive

                                Dee S.

                                  I love and support everything you said in the video!
                                  The pins are amazinnnng 😍 I love them too. And I love comfort as well. IM EXCITED

                                  Salma Barakat

                                    DONT CHANGE KATHLEEN!
                                    Ive been watching your channel religiously for 6 years now and I LOVE that you are the way you are, despite the changing tide of Youtube. I remember when you first teased a das esspensive shirt on your Instagram like 3 years ago and I’ve been waiting ever since lol.
                                    I’m so happy for you and I hope this comment reaches you ❀️❀️❀️

                                    Oana Plaxiencu


                                      Marta Picciau

                                        I'm so exciteeeeddd😍😍😍😍😍 I hope you are shipping in Italy

                                        Nicole Pereira

                                          SO EXCITED AND HAPPY FOR YOU!!


                                            Honestly I never really like merci because it’s too much but I LOVE YOURS ! Please tell me that you are going to ship to France please please please I need those shirts ! 😍⚑️

                                            Tina Zikry

                                              You are killing it! I am so proud of you! All the hard work you’re putting in making your dreams come true is so inspiring! This is your year !

                                              Dominique Feldheger

                                                I need a das espensive T-shirt so badly. And you should create a candle and perfume. You have the best taste in scents. I bought 2 new perfumes after watching your perfume collection video

                                                Nala Sk.

                                                  Am I the only one who read lightsaber??πŸ˜‚
                                                  Congratulations Kathleen!!

                                                  Kristina Garnica

                                                    Do a perfume line, I would buy a Pisces one hint hint 😜

                                                    Alyssa Adelle Llegado

                                                      "Dass Esspensive" and "Light Squad" pullover hoodie please 😍😍😍


                                                        My Queen Kathleen LIGHTS cant do no wrong I love her sooooo muuuuuaaach!!! ⏰🏠


                                                          That phone case!! I want it! I have a 7 plus tho so I’ll have to wait πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

                                                          Faith Xiong

                                                            Congrats on ur new merch!! So excited for u, but question, what is the meaning behind lights label? Like why did u decide to name ur merch lights label??

                                                            Yasmin attar olyaee

                                                              Pleasseee make lights label an iconic forever 21 because I love your style sooo much

                                                              Glam Lioness

                                                                Lightslabel nail polish!!!!!!

                                                                Meagan Silva

                                                                  Kathleen I’m so excited!!! I’ve been waiting for years and I’m so proud of you πŸ’–πŸ˜­ everything looks amazing !!

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