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    Jackie Aina

      I Mixed Every Single CHESTNUT Foundation Ever Made Together | Jackie Aina

      Hey babes! On today’s video I found as many foundations in the shade CHESTNUT and mixed them together and seeing what we come up with! Will we end up …

      Sueellen Monterroso

        Im supposed to be asleep with my newborn but I'm up watching this lol

        Heidi June

          Not only are you naturally stunning but youre HILAIRIOUS! This ladies and gentlemen is a beauty guru i WOULD pay $500 dollars to meet! 🤩👌

          Adeline Tharsis

            Jackie, what camera are you using to record this ? Id like to purchase it for myself. Thanks

            Annamarie TSQ

              Imagine bitching to people in the comments 😵

              iesha Renee’

                Girl! My last name is Chesnut 😂😂

                Artmiese 💋Elizabeth

                  I’m loving the raspiness of her voice. Husky and unintentionally sexy. I’m always here for any Jackie content.

                  Octavia Armstrong

                    Absolutely living for these series

                    G. L.

                      I am unable

                      Hector L. Febo

                        12:05 You missed the opportunity to put Alyssa Edwards “Girl, look how orange you look” meme 😂😂😭 Love you Jackie!!

                        lauren skubish

                          I'm a white girl with tan skin in the summer and in chestnut in that bare minerals foundation in the summer. Wtf is going on!

                          Alicia Myers

                            You should do a Met Gala look!!!! Because I stop watching the interviews just to watch you.

                            Andrea G

                              I don’t think there’s something particularly wrong with a name like chestnut (which is not the case at all with names like “nude”), but I get what Jackie is saying. My Clinique foundation shade is called Golden Neutral, which is exactly what my skin is (olive skin that pulls yellow). I’m pretty satisfied with the name of my foundation, but unfortunately it’s not the same for entire groups of people (which is ridiculous for 2019)

                              Love Yourself

                                I'm living for your GOT references 😂


                                  So what is the point of these videos?


                                    Omg all these video memes have my dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣


                                      this girl is my VIBBEE hahaha legit laughing entire time yesssss don't need to study I need this break

                                      Angel Cakess

                                        The fact youtube placed you above Nicol Concillio ! Girl bye I’m trynna see my sis Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jaaayyyccckkkkiiiiieeeeeeee!

                                        Welheminah Lebuso

                                          You can't skip on concealer, heck I'd rock cealer without wearing a foundation

                                          Cyril king

                                            To bad Lapp doesn't have men's

                                            Monique Desireé

                                              Let’s see what all cappuccinos look like

                                              Dammy V. Johnson


                                                Mariana Morales

                                                  "Timothy Ford Mason" 😂💀

                                                  Tay Nicole

                                                    Jackie is so funny 😂 I

                                                    Mandy Wesley

                                                      living for all the GoT references

                                                      Ci Nguyen

                                                        How can anyone not subscribe to Jackie. She is literally so entertaining. Love her

                                                        Amanda Poon

                                                          She blocked me on Twitter wtf

                                                          the unofficial IMANINIA

                                                            i need her to know that the use of these memes/videos is taking me OUUUUTTTTT i cannot LMAOOO

                                                            Tiffany Purcell

                                                              It just goes to show that luxury brands don’t seem to have the same inclusivity as other brands. They’re absolutely loaded… how can they NOT be inclusive??? God damn it


                                                                I was waiting for you to pull out milani chestnut


                                                                  They also love Caramel

                                                                  Kayla Smalls

                                                                    Tick Tock!

                                                                    Olivia Coleman

                                                                      “TAAAAHM” took me OUT lmaoo 😂

                                                                      Kelsie Harris

                                                                        I'm having a hard time figuring out the point of these videos, can someone please explain? Only three of those shades were actually chestnut color. Is that the point?

                                                                        MsMeya G

                                                                          @AnthonyAdams. Ahhaha!!

                                                                          Ashley G.

                                                                            Dived? Dove? No. I have diven

                                                                            Messa Reneé

                                                                              Auntie Jackie really has the prettiest features like sometimes I gotta catch myself cause I be watching her speak I’m not even listening like the BEAUTY THE NERVE

                                                                              Florinda Lucero

                                                                                I would think that "mocha" is the most overused, widely interpreted shade.

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