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      I Only Ate BLACK Food For 24 HOURS Challenge!

      This was a bad idea…. MY ONLINE HOMEWARE STORE: What’s up guys! Welcome back to my channel! For today’s video I decided …


        Did I fail or succeed in this challenge!? I feel like I technically did ok but failed at making foods that tasted nice lol! What food colour should I do next?

        Muffin Monster

          I’d just put black food colouring all over my food

          Daisy Zaragoza

            I love figs!! Lol

            Jess and PoniesXx

              No hate Roxy but this is like 15:54 mins of you complaining, plus the cream in the Oreo is White/cream , AND you even confessed that it isn’t completely black. No offence but this video really annoys me

              Laura B

                PEAL THE FIG 🤣🤣

                Bee Bee

                  You can just say u don’t like it or hate it, why said “ disgusting “ while it’s the food that others people enjoy 😉

                  AVA 4ЁХНА

                    It’s stupid challenge

                    Dima Koteira

                      I love you pleas I want like

                      anna guidetti

                        Also, Nescafe is not REAL coffee….

                        anna guidetti

                          I'm from Italy and we loooove figues!!!! They are amazing🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

                          Rman Nayr

                            OREOS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Ley Martinez Faylogna

                              Can I suggest a content for your next update? Please. Here's your number one dinosaur

                              Natália Lajtosova

                                6:15 you should peel it off and eat the inside of it lol

                                Llama GeekChic

                                  How can you hate figs? Literally do not understand that
                                  When I used to live in Italy, I had tons of olive trees and fig trees!!
                                  Figs are legit the best fruit ever, only thing I'm thinking is you chose one out of season

                                  Also, you didn't have black olives..

                                  cyj c

                                    Your top is so cute. 冷静 means calm down. this top definitely fits your video. And you are soo cute~

                                    Alisha Griffiths

                                      Blackberries and raisins are black

                                      Yara Basem

                                        Me I love fig

                                        Kanagadurga Karuppiah

                                          Neaon yellow

                                          Annika Schlegel

                                            It‘s disgusting how you‘re talking about Food 🤦🏻‍♀️ especially about the fig

                                            Tala KH

                                              I love figs i find them delicious

                                              Jessica Amber Ling

                                                For you next vid you should only eat one type of food of 24 hours xxx ilysm xxx💖💖💖

                                                miss monkey

                                                  Figs aren’t vegan babe.
                                                  To be pollinated a wasp dies in it and that creates the “fruit”. 🙂

                                                  Panda Darlin

                                                    I am very much like you, I hate coffee, and I am also a vegetarian, lol

                                                    Jane Younes

                                                      roxy i love your videos but you can't just say "disgusting" over the food that some people love. Even over food overall because no one actually obliged you to do this challenge and also there are some people who are dying because of hunger. No hate at all but just wanted to put it out there.


                                                        Why did you even do this challenge? You barely ate anything you bought…

                                                        Angela Obscura

                                                          I watched ClickforTaz do this, she’s hilarious x

                                                          K MOO

                                                            I HAD FIGS OFF TREE [FARMS..] BUT OTHERWISE I WOULD DIP IN SUGAR..1ST
                                                            AN OTHER FRUIT.. TOO. NOODLES.. I ADD SMOKE FLAVOR .. MUSHROOMS.. BUT THIN NOODLES… COOKED IN A INSTANT

                                                            Teragram Music

                                                              Black beans, black rice, blackberries, plain coffee, coke or Pepsi, licorice, Oreos w/o the cream, 99% dark chocolate. It's really not that weird or gross.

                                                              Claire Fields

                                                                15 minutes of moaning! 👎🏿

                                                                Mélissa Brisson-Pagé

                                                                  Never seen rice cooked like this 😂

                                                                  Natalka Georgievova

                                                                    SQUID INK PASTA GIRL….such a missed opportunity

                                                                    Carolina Mendoza

                                                                      Omg figs are so good!! They are my favorite fruit!! I feel like you didn't really try it cause you already thought they were weird before you really bit into it!!!

                                                                      Celine Natchio


                                                                        Avagirlgamer10 SLIMESHOPINCLUDE

                                                                          I HATE COFFEE

                                                                          Sarai Herrera

                                                                            I kinda got offended when she said .. that the fig was an abomination… ummm I eat does and they are very good.. guys she just had a blend palette

                                                                            wifeoftaehyung kim

                                                                              This video is totally meaningless this I've ever seen

                                                                              wifeoftaehyung kim

                                                                                Just pointless why would you do this if you hate everything I'm of offended

                                                                                wifeoftaehyung kim

                                                                                  Black bean noodles

                                                                                  Jacquie Robinson

                                                                                    Literally, literally, literally

                                                                                    wifeoftaehyung kim

                                                                                      Jajagmyeon ,sunde,black pork

                                                                                      mihika s

                                                                                        Anyone who likes dark chocolate …..

                                                                                        Reg On

                                                                                          Small youtubers want to help each other grow? 😊 Just subscribe to me and comment on my vid give some watch time, ill do the same right after

                                                                                          dnllmy brj

                                                                                            Its just coffee why do you have to be nervous its not like you're gonna turn black when you dring that. Annoying! Complains about everything! SO UNGRATEFUL! Some doesnt even have anything to eat and there you are!

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