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      I ONLY Ate VEGAN Fast Food For 24 HOURS...

      FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM HERE: WHAT’S UP GUYS!? In today’s video I Only Ate Vegan Fast Food For 24hrs!!! If you guys …


        If there are any veggies / vegans out there! Give me a shout if you would like to see a video on what I eat in a day or cooking home made vegan food for 24 hours!

        Jahnvi Singh

          Oreo isn't vegan tho


            This is not a dig at Roxi's video, but to the vegan/veggie frozen food makers. I don't comprehend the need to have meat looking or sounding vegan/veggie food. Why is there such a thing as a veggie fish goujon? No seriously. IMO to make vegan/veggie food more appetising just use the name of its ingredients and let people taste the actual vegetables in it, rather than making them look or taste like meat/fish. I'd rather eat a burger called "cauliflower, carrot & potato burger" than "vegan chicken burger"! PS I'm not even veggie or vegan but I eat a lot of vegetarian only meals per week. It's an Asian thing. Therefore, as Roxi mentioned, Wagamamas and similar places are great for vegans.

            Mayuri Saha

              You should do a zero waste video….

              Jasmin Singh

                In india there are so many options for vegetarian burgers and other things in mcdonolds

                Disha Chaudhary

                  The burger bun also has butter or milk maybe…..so in that case is it vegan? Pls clarify…..

                  Isobel McMillan

                    Love this video idea!!! I can't wait to film this:)

                    Grace Plant

                      I'm vegan as well! Absolutely love this video and I love u Roxi💚Xx

                      laiba malik

                        i was here to see if she will mention click for taz for stating this video idea..😒

                        Sanne de Viet

                          come to amsterdam or rotterdam! we have a place called the vegan junkfood bar and is reaaally good!


                            I always get the veggie McDonalds burger take out the mayo and add all the extras minus the cheese and it tastes SO good.


                              Who else loves Roxy?!!

                              Small youtuber over here!!


                                In Russia we don't have ANY veggie options in McDonald's….🤦

                                Kulung Bini

                                  I am not a vegan but would love to try everything u ate …#foodlover

                                  Monkey Mills

                                    Good video but since ur vegan ur basically just eating food u might normally have for the dat

                                    Emily Belina

                                      If you look at the McDonald's website, nothing they have is classified as vegan (which is extremely concerning because they have packaged sliced apples 😬) . Even the fries/chips are fried in a mix that includes beef flavouring for seasoning (at least in the US), so beware.

                                      Jasmine Kern

                                        In Sweden we've got McVegan and McFalafel 🤗 also the swedish version of McDonalds (called max) has vegan milkshakes 😍

                                        Safiyyah Khan

                                          you became vegan right ? 🤨

                                          Laura Morris

                                            McDonald's in australia don't have anything vegan/vegetarian 🙁

                                            Annette P

                                              People don't crave the spices when it comes to meat. Usually it's considered to be haemoglobin, a protein that transport oxygen in blood. Your body usually craves food for its nutrients, your body know what to get where. So craving meat can be a sign of you missing iron or straight up protein in you diet, but it doesn't have to be. I try a lot of vegan and vegetarian alternatives, but I've never tried a perfect substitute for the flavor of meat, not sausage (because sausage itself tastes a lot of the spices in it). Not sure if I explained myself well, but that one statement kind of rubbed me the wrong way😅

                                              Ria G

                                                Mcdonalds fries are not vegan as they use milk powder & oreos are not vegan either as they have a milk cross contact in the factory 🤦‍♀️

                                                Changing Tides

                                                  I'm sure Mcdonalds in the UK isn't vegan, even fries, BC it's cooked with animal fats or something 🙁

                                                  Chitra Singh

                                                    How many vegetarians are out here


                                                      Why do veggies/vegans want stuff to taste like meat?

                                                      I'm not veggie but when I do opt for a veggie/vegan meal (which is often because I don't actually like most meat!) it's because I don't want the meat.

                                                      Tammy Williams

                                                        I thought McDonald's french fries weren't vegan. Or is that just a thing in America? Also, the Impossible burger is hands down the BEST veggie burger ever.


                                                          For McDonald's try a mango pineapple smoothie without yogurt :)) yw any smoothie really

                                                          Whovians Videos

                                                            When Matt took the sausage roll I actually died 😂😂

                                                            Henna Ehrukainen

                                                              In Finland we also have a vegan burger (McVegan) when you go to McDonald's!

                                                              offri ritter

                                                                Where I live we actually have a vegan “Big Mac” which looks like a proper burger, never tried it🤷🏼‍♀️ but it was actually the ad in the middle of this video 😂


                                                                  In Russia we have no vegetarian burgers/rolls in McDonald's at all))

                                                                  Anne lawrie

                                                                    Loved it

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