I Put Audrey Hepburns’s DNA on my lips!!!

Main I Put Audrey Hepburns’s DNA on my lips!!!

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    Lisa Eldridge
      Audrey Hepburns’s Lipstick Holder

      For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below: 100% of advertising revenue is donated to charity. Follow me on instagram here: …

      Carla Turner

        You are so cool

        Matthew Bull

          Clickbait that's worthy of attention xx beautiful history and glad people like Hurtling still do personalized lipstick cases

          Maddie Englese

            What is the lipstick color in the thumbnail? I would love a good substitute

            La Pauvresse

              Wow. What a wonderful video. You are so passionate and enthusiast! It's a real pleasure to see you excited like that. It's unbelievable you hold this extraordinary lipstick holder. I mean, Audrey Hepburn's lipstick!!! I can't imagine how you can spend so much money on an object, how incredible it is. How were you able to pay for the item? I can't wrap my head around it. No judging whatsoever here, I'm just curious. But it was meant to be yours, not a doubt about it. You're such an expert in makeup… I'm in awe. You're incredible.

              Basma Shahin

                Wow this is amazing. I’m so happy you got it. It definitely is yours and nobody else deserved to have more than you. It’s definitely in the right hands. ❤️

                Cristina Alfaro

                  Does anyone know if the velvet lipsticks (reds) will be restocked and when?

                  S alex

                    Where can I find dupes?

                    Frozen music

                      So adorable to see how excited you are about this! Really glad you got it!


                        What a wonderful story! It was meant to be yours!

                        Nikole G. Newman NoWeFLa

                          When you do release “the shade”, please make sure we can all purchase it. And at all major retailers as well, Love.

                          Wayne Reid

                            Please manufacture a dupe 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Helena


                              Lisa! When is the preorder of your lipsticks available??

                              Amber Hope33

                                You deserve to own this – but I would say, leave the lipstick in the safe and use the lipstick case! It’s meant to be loved, just as Audrey loved it, she would want it to go to someone who would cherish and use it like she did! At least use it on special occasions! What a shame to hide it away…

                                Iris Vierhout

                                  Can you do a video on your vintage makeup collection?😄

                                  wioleta halas

                                    Why would you wanna put this on your lips😂


                                      Lisa I love your makeup in this video!! Would you please do a tutorial on it? xx

                                      Luna Cañiza

                                        You definitely are the one that deserves to own that lipstick!
                                        Also, please do a tutorial on that eye makeup look 😍 It's beautiful

                                        Rachna Singh

                                          My queen 👑

                                          Fernando Angon

                                            Such a beautiful story! And a beautiful lip shade! If it wasn’t meant for you we wouldn’t be able to appreciate such a piece of iconography and history. Thank you Lisa!


                                              Congratulations to you Lisa.
                                              It deserves to be yours period! No one can argue about it. Haha


                                                I bet the lipstick is estee lauder😍


                                                  Please release it! A colour inspired by it!

                                                  Anne bækgård Madsen

                                                    Nerd ❤💄💋💕💖💗💓💞💋💋💋

                                                    Meg Truett

                                                      I loved this story so so much! Thank you for sharing this with the world 💕

                                                      Carol Z

                                                        I’m sure Audrey Hepburn would be delighted that her lipstick holder would go to someone who loves and appreciates it like you do. I do think she’d want you to use it. I don’t know how you’ll do that and keep her lipstick intact. Enjoy and take it with you on your adventures. Just my thoughts. I do feel your energy of how much you love this piece. 💕💕💕
                                                        Footnote: when you decide to put out your line of lipsticks again, please include this shade.

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