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      I Should've Given Myself A Different Name... FIRST LETTER Makeup Challenge!

      In the FIRST LETTER MAKEUP CHALLENGE, you only get to use products from makeup brands that start with the first letter of your first name! CRAZY!



        Grethe Rosseaux

          I was waiting for the Nivea shaving balm primer! :O

          claudia corr

            Ugh that pink shade 😍😍


              I can use Jeffree Star… I DON’T NEED ANYTHING ELSE I’M ACING THIS

              Michelle Howrad

                Hmm. I'd be able to use;
                Mac, Maybelline, Milk cosmetics, Marc Jacobs, Makeup forever, Makeup Geek, [any brand that starts with 'Makeup'] Or Morphe (ew).

                Victoria Rea


                  Alycia Gameing Sqwad

                    Isn't there Nikkita Dragun?

                    Gacha EGGS

                      I just started watching the video of you on Glow Up-

                      Tegan Smith

                        I’m lucky to be an A 🤣

                        Miranda Iaccino

                          Love this look! An N brand I just heard of is Naked Cosmetics, I got their loose pigment eyeshadow in Rain Forest from Ipsy and it is the most stunning olive green with a gold shimmer. Neutrogena also has some nice makeup that plays nicely with my oily skin.

                          Samantha T

                            Girl ….. I would need to own smashbox, sleek, soap and glory or Suva beauty and I own very few items from those brands 😂

                            Haley Lynn

                              I love the eyeshadow primer on the nose I do this a lot to keep my foundation on my nose lasting all day 🙌❤️

                              Rilene Mae

                                Is there a brand that starts with "R"? Can't think of much really.


                                  Yves Saint Laurent do you know any others.

                                  Brittany Binzoni

                                    I would have SO much trouble, I’m limited to B brands…so….burts bees, beauty bakerie, beauty blender, benefit, buxom….nvm I think I’m good actually 🙂

                                    Claire McCallum

                                      Beautiful look! 🙂

                                      Zuraitza Romero

                                        My name is Zuraitza what brand would I even use??

                                        Brittany Binzoni

                                          Remeber the nivea after shave primer?!? You could have totally used that!!

                                          Karina Rivas

                                            could've reached for some nivea after shave to prime


                                              Ok I think the only option I have is Yves Saint Laurent’ and I ha nothing on that brand. Any others?

                                              Maddy K

                                                Any M brands. My name is Madeline.

                                                Kristina Salcedo

                                                  This makeup look is everything

                                                  Corrie R

                                                    What a fun video! Mijn naam is Corrie 😊

                                                    N O

                                                      N is bomb though I love NARS so much lol

                                                      Lienor Katas

                                                        You are my role model I love you

                                                        Malenny Official


                                                          adrianna janean

                                                            Video idea!!! Similar to this. But use every letter in your name in a bowl draw a section of your eye you use when you do eye shadow: for example; crease, inner corner, base color, brow bone… etc. and then for the first one you draw you’ll use and eyeshadow name that starts with N and then go through your entire name and create an eye look that way 😁😁

                                                            Danielle Dodson

                                                              i loves this video!

                                                              Katherine Rivera

                                                                Nikkie!! What about your basic Nivea after shave balm!!!!! You brought that under the radar for all of us, that could have been your primer!!

                                                                EverythingProof Beauty

                                                                  Well my name is Jessica so 😂

                                                                  Gabby Pence

                                                                    yeah well my name starts with a g…

                                                                    Denikah Bohn

                                                                      I love her voice!!!! It don't really wear makeup and I watch her tutorials basically because of her personality!Gotta love you some Nikki


                                                                        RIP if your name starts with R… we've got Revlon and Revolution and that's just about it! At least we're not about to break the bank X'D

                                                                        E’Layna Jefferson

                                                                          10:16 am i trippin or are her brows two different colors 🤣🤣 but why does she still look good…

                                                                          Elizabeth LeAnn

                                                                            She sent me when she started purring 😂💀

                                                                            E’Layna Jefferson

                                                                              ouuu she should spell out her name like use a product that starts w “n” then “i”, yeah ik there’s more steps than the amount of letters but use the letter for a couple steps 🤯

                                                                              ryath mcdonough

                                                                                I am I the latter R and I can only think of Revlon

                                                                                Emily Overby

                                                                                  Mijn naam is Emily. I seriously think Nikkie is the only makeup tutorial guru that I would want to hang out with, she seems so down to earth and quirky.


                                                                                    I'm coming!Just for Nikkie~~~

                                                                                    Shelley McCormick

                                                                                      Mines "S" hmmm…

                                                                                      Stila? Lol is that it? Wait…Sugarpill, Sephora brand…idk what else

                                                                                      Mari Gray

                                                                                        Mijn naam is Marissa!

                                                                                        Heeby GB

                                                                                          I"m H, so the only one I can think of is like Hard Candy. And Huda Beauty lol.

                                                                                          Eula Henderson

                                                                                            Do a makeup challenge where you do a full face of makeup where you pick the brands based on your own zodiac signs that matches the owners of the brand like if you're a "leo" you have to only use makeup brands who owners are also leos …. i hope that makes some type of sense

                                                                                            Marielle Baña

                                                                                              really love it😍😍

                                                                                              Mikki Schlauder

                                                                                                I always love your challenges!! It seems like you try so hard to make something that looks nice AND your style. Great vid! 😊❤️

                                                                                                alex 16xox

                                                                                                  You dress so nice😍💓


                                                                                                    Lmaoo is that a dude


                                                                                                      Letters of your name shades

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