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      INSTAGRAM: MY ONLINE HOMEWARE STORE: What’s up my lovelies!? sooo.. I spent £350 on …

      Little Miss Blue

        I used to love watching haul videos but not since I saw the effects fast fashion and consumerism has on the planet. I hope this is something that more people realise in the future….

        Holly Cheung

          Yeah~ Love from Hong Kong ❤️❤️❤️

          joanna charles

            Are you kidding me? 😂 These are the ugliest clothes I've ever seen on your channel.

            Vaishnavi Verma

              Roxi why don't you try some indian outfits…last yellow dress was sort of having indian taste and you are looking amazing in it…so you must try some of the indian outfits…

              Maddie Kennedy

                you are so positive and i love your videos so much

                star Girl

                  U wear a sweater that u wear on the turning into gigi Hadid for week on vogue cover

                  mai osuga

                    How long are you staying in Hong Kong? I wanna bring you to Disney!

                    charzzzel l

                      keep the pink playsuit for sure! its super cute

                      Autumn Barker

                        Pretend I wrote something funny af 😂

                        Autumn Barker

                          As far as I go when it comes to packing, is shorts, jeans and hoodies r legit the only thing I wear 😂

                          Sujata Singh56

                            Not trying to be rude, but ever since these brands have started sponsoring you for a haul, it feels like you've gone soft on them and force yourself to like the ugly clothes too. Is it just me?

                            Amy Stone

                              I have been to bali 6 times and you definitely won't want to wear that silk dress.

                              Be cool Brohhh

                                Your eyes 😭💙 i’m in love

                                Cecilia Jimenez

                                  Could you please activate the subtitles in Spanish, I do not understand English at 100 and I love your videos😗 (use translator to write this)

                                  Carmen Carlton

                                    Shirt jumper look good on you you need to see yourself as very pretty

                                    Carmen Carlton

                                      Yellow and thin strapped you look hot

                                      Carmen Carlton

                                        Maybe the yellow you can do a little alteration and it would be great on you

                                        Carmen Carlton

                                          The pink color look good but like you I don’t think it makes you look as good as you can because you have a rocking body

                                          Tiana Sherback


                                            Trisha Nicole Agulto

                                              You're so pretty!

                                              Rachel Long

                                                I loved all of these outfits on you Roxi!! Although they were all gorgeous, I have to say my favorite was the teal maxi dress (I think it was the 3rd thing you tried on). That dress could not have looked any better on you! You look like a goddess in it!! 😍❤😘

                                                Deidra Stewart


                                                  Morissa Edwards

                                                    this is her little sister and i love that jumper on you and i just love it

                                                    c a

                                                      Orange jumpsuit floral playsuit and the last yellow outfit were the ones I thought looked great 😃

                                                      shradha badsheshi

                                                        You should do what’s in my bag video 😘😘😘love you 🥰🥰🥰


                                                          Love your videos. I think its so important for you to educate yourself on fast fashion 🙁 buying from asos is contributing to the suffering of so many people 🙁

                                                          Rachael Shannon

                                                            I love dresses with the cut outs on the back, but I can't do them. I don't want to see the bar strap but I definitely cant go braless, thats a big no from me haha

                                                            Polin S

                                                              I love the mustard yellow satin dress ❤️ could you add the link for that one please? I think you missed it in description

                                                              Sarah Jensen

                                                                YOU'RE GOING TO BALI. I'M FLYING TO BALI TO MEET YOU periooodt. You make me day 10x better and I just wanna thank you 😭

                                                                Noelia Badescu

                                                                  I see it
                                                                  I click it
                                                                  I love this girl so much


                                                                    Since when is mustard carrot orange? 🤣


                                                                      You have the perfect hair ♥️♥️ looks so healthy. I actually went out and bought some leave in conditioner after watching one of your videos 😂

                                                                      Ellie Kennedy

                                                                        Why have you roots got dark

                                                                        milena _s

                                                                          Roxi, you look like a goddess in this turquoise dress💓 so gorgeous!

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