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    Pretty Pastel Please
      I SPENT $500 AT HOT TOPIC!!! HAUL & TRY ON 2019

      HOT TOPIC / HOT TOPIC HAUL / HOT TOPIC 2019 / CLOTHING HAUL Hello friends, and welcome back! It’s been a little while since I uploaded because i’ve …


        I had that quilted heart-shaped Polly Pocket thing that the lip palette is based off as a kid.

        Francisca Karsten

          Alex would you ever consider a Reject Shop haul??? They have so frickin many pastel things and I always think 'hey Alex would probably love this'

          C D

            Blackpink is ligit bomb!!! It's so up your alley.๐Ÿ˜„

            Freemekawaii Patreon

              I love pusheen. I hadn't bought myself new clothes in years. And a pusheen was one of my first purchases…. only to have it stolen from me. Very heartbreaking

              Peach Leche

                Pastel Pink goes SO WELL with Black.
                Maybe wear it under like pink denim dungarees or pinafore.


                  PLEASE LISTEN TO RED VELVET!

                  Phoenyx Gabriel Spencer

                    the lavender and mint ariel top would look nice with some mint capris or cropped jeans and lavender shoes

                    Amanda Cook

                      That shooting star is on the girl character shirt in Gravity falls. The shirt has long sleeves just like your shirt. So I think itโ€™s just the shirt she wears.


                        BTS BOY WITH LUV!!!!!! lol the music video is very pastel if you haven't seen it already.


                          I would usually pronounce it air-rie-ul but I've heard other people pronounce it are-rie-ul so idk

                          Marnie Star

                            Baby metal a mix between k pop and heavy metal!


                              Idk which hot topic ur going to for 2$ patches the patches at mine aren't less than 8$


                                I love Holly. I have a few birds in my tree that sounds like her.


                                  I just bought a black leather choker with a heart on it the other day. Reliving my teenage goth days!


                                    Those check pants look great!

                                    Sataesfied Taehyung

                                      ATEEZ ATEEZ ATEEZ ATEEZ

                                      Raven Moon

                                        excuse me as i post another comment the trousers and shirt at 20:11 wear spencers and a black bowl hat, black shoes with rainbows on.


                                          "I like exclusively listen to heavy metal, and I don't actively seek out new music"
                                          "Fire type pokemon, the only pokemon for me"
                                          I knew I liked you๐Ÿ˜
                                          I LOVE Hot Topic ๐Ÿ˜ I have gotten some of my favorite dresses there, they are just so cute and so comfy and nice, as well as hair accessories, I've got some daisy clips, they are so cute! Gotta hit up sales though, otherwise it just hurts your wallet lol
                                          ย At the store nearest me, they have a Lisa Frank unicorn dress and I feel like if you had been able to find it, it would have been in this haul. I have been eyeing it but they don't carry it in my size so ๐Ÿ˜”


                                            15:45 i recommend a white long sleeve or white tee underneath it paired with a denim skirt


                                              10:53 rugby isn't popular in 'Murica. Looks like it's meant to be a "girlie" version of a baseball jersey judging by the fact that it's a button up.

                                              Hot Topic is addictive. I can't not walk out of there with something.

                                              Obligatory K-pop recommendation, f(x) I found them back in 2013 & fell in love.

                                              Also, Holly continues to be freaking adorable.

                                              Purple haired Emo

                                                Sees blackpink short BLACKPINK DU DU DU DU DU

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