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    Wayne Goss

      One month ago i started taking low dose accutane (isotretinoin) 20mg three times per week to help deal with very oily skin and hair. After first week my skin …


        Im currently taking 20mg a day and other than having dry lips im feeling good plus i dont need to wash my hair every single day 😂 oh and im at month 7

        Chloe R8

          Thank you for your honesty.

          Paulina Oplk

            Maybe try clear lanolin from Lanolips xx

            Bronwyn B

              I really truly feel for people who have to take Accutane for acne the side effects are so awful…
              Happy Birthday Wayne…🎂🥳🕺🏻♥️🇦🇺♥️🇦🇺

              MaeMae May

                Happy birthday! Hope you get relief and good results.
                Suggestion from 7K ft: Get a tube of Bioron Homeopathic Calendula Ointment for those lips! 💋 …perhaps consider food supplements like Mega food Magnesium & Manganese by the same.
                Definitely Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue & Bone capsules for the muscle/joint ache.
                Not selling anything, …..just sending some love and advice from someone who'top lip peeled off every day for months & who has genetic muscle/ joint issues.
                Please take good care & God bless! Have a better week ♡

                JaCK RoBeRT

                  no experience but huge hug from France <3

                  Gita Petkova

                    Happy Birthday! Wish you a wonderful time from now on. Health, love and happiness ♡

                    Mónica Santos

                      Happy Bday ♥️

                      Kasia Kapel

                        I had been on accutane (40mg) for 9 months! I finished my treatment just under 6 months ago, and my skin has never been better. I had to deal with some annoying side effects, the dry cracked lips, joint pain etc but it was worth it in the end. In terms of my hair – I always had a very oily scalp (and face, hence my acne problem) and had to wash it daily. While on accutane, my scalp became so dry I had reached the other side of the spectrum – for the first time in my life I had dandruff! My scalp was just so flaky. But, the good news was, in terms of greasiness I could go a week without washing my hair if I wanted to, it wouldnt get greasy at all.
                        After stopping my accutane treatment, unfortunately dry scalp was the first thing to go – I'm only 6 months post treatment and I am already back to daily hair washing 🙁 My skin stayed dry though.

                        Alina Irimia

                          Happy bday !! keep it positive and all will come ! 😍

                          Georgia Baker

                            Hey I'm sure that even though this might not have worked out, there'll be something else, but different meds work differently on different people, just keep looking, hope your week improves

                            Arun Vithayathil

                              Happy birthday wayne! Hope u feel better soon

                              Jude Maui

                                Your oily gorgeous! Throw out that crap. It’s not worth it🌺

                                Emilya Gerson

                                  Happy happy happy birthday x x x

                                  Frances Sumner

                                    I suffer with dry sore lips all the time but I have been using Barry m coco loco lip oil every night and it's made such a difference, I know it won't work for every one but it's what works for me,
                                    Happy birthday Handsome, I hope the breast of the week is better for you & that you have a great night out with friends to celebrate your birthday 🎊🎈🎂🥂👌🍹🎊

                                    Snow Bleeding White

                                      I am on my 2nd month of high dose of Accutane. It's very tough, painful and uncomfortable. But my skin was a nightmare for 11 years and I tried EVERYTHING. Nothing helped. Now it looks so much better already! The mood is a real problem too – many people feel depressed or suicidal. I've become much more grumpy and somewhat aggressive but it could be just that I am in constant pain…

                                      Rhonda c

                                        Happy birthday 🥳


                                          Happy Birthday gorgeous. Things can only get better. I’ve experienced joint pain but I was having chemo, so I am fairly eager to encourage you to give this shit away! The pain surely cannot be worth it!? xoxo


                                            Hi Wayne you could try Elizabeth Arden 8 hour skin protectant on your lips, it will reduce the pain as well as create a barrier. I have oily hair as well, I've been putting 3tb sp of sea salt into my shampoo (250ml) which is helping loads, it disolved and makes the shampoo a little runny but I can get a few days before washing it now. Happy Birthday to you, sorry to hear of your upsets the last week. We love you xx.

                                            Stelios Dermousis

                                              Happy birthday!

                                              Audrey Natalia

                                                Wayne, you can try Homeoplasmine from French pharmacy to combat the dry lips. It is the best most emollient and occlusive lip salve in the whole wide world I swear.

                                                Inês Brito

                                                  Pure lanolin on your lips when you go to sleep? Happy Birthday, Wayne! Brighter days will come..

                                                  Alaina Selby

                                                    Wayne, stop please what are you doing to your skin. Every time I watch your subjecting it to something else. Whilst inthemselve may not be a problem but you chop and change and a lot of them have high actives. It's a wonder your skin knows wether it's going or coming. Please be kind to your skin. Also Happy Birthday, big hugs.

                                                    Crizzytiger 64

                                                      Your story reminded me of when I took Accutane many years ago. My lips were killing me from the start! At the time, the only thing that provided instant relief, was Blistex Lip Relief. It most probably wasn't the best thing to use long term, because of the menthol in it. These days I would use La Roche-Posay Cicaplast lip repair balm, but when my lips were so sore it was driving me crazy, the Blistex felt so cooling and soothing straight away.
                                                      Wishing you all the best, love your channel. Chin up, you can do this! Xxx

                                                      Suzanne Ali

                                                        People with oily skin always looks younger 🙎be happy Wayne🙌

                                                        kimmy kakes

                                                          Peter I was on it 23years ago . I never had acne until I had my daughter. I had cystic acne from hormonal issues. .terrible! I was on it a few months then came off and I was good. But let me tell you my lips were AWFUL! They were cracked and bleeding .so so so painful! I was so glad to come off. I am sorry I understand your pain.

                                                          XRay S

                                                            I’m 20, oily skin and have endless cystic acne. To be honest, it really upset me, a lot. But i still don’t think some meds worth taking.

                                                            Pam Weaver

                                                              Happy birthday! Sorry you’ve had a bad week. I pray things get better for you.

                                                              XRay S

                                                                I’m 20, oily skin and have endless cystic acne. To be honest, it really upset me, a lot. But i still don’t think some meds worth taking.

                                                                Mel W

                                                                  Happy birthday Wayne!!!! Have you tried lanolin for your lips? That helps me when my dermatitis is like your lips. And I'm on something called Zilch Acne (Australian brand) and it's like a herbal version of Accutane without the really bad side effects. I've found it's helped my oily skin BIG TIME as well as other issues. In regards to my oily hair – I use Head and Shoulders shampoo – I wash my hair normally the first time and then wash it out. The second time I use it as like a mask for my scalp and leave it there for a few mins and then rinse it out and then go in with any conditioner and it's REALLY controlled my oily hair! I can now get away with washing my hair once a week instead of every 2 days now! Huge improvement!! Try it!


                                                                    I hope you feel better soon Wayne. I've been on struggle street myself, but we will battle on and make it through! I have super oily skin too, I use Differin (prescription retinoid gel) to keep it and my breakouts under control, if you haven't tried it I would recommend it instead of Accutane as it's nowhere near as irritating and does not affect your mental health. I also use a salicylic acid medicated cream and even my powder foundation has salicylic acid in it. I've also found that Too Faced Peach Perfect powder underneath and over my foundation (or worn on its own) is really keeping the oil slick at bay until 2pm. I'm in my mid-30's so I really sympathise… who knew we'd still be this greasy at our age?!


                                                                      Accutane gave me permanent dry lips!!!!!!!!!! Beware!!!!! I took it 10 years ago and my lips look like I’m still on it! I hate it!!!! There’s nothing you can do to cover up dry/scaly lips. The acne I could of just covered with makeup! I have fibromyalgia (muscular pain) now too (not sure if it’s from that). I didn’t even finish my course either so it didn’t fix my acne. My eyesight was getting bad and so they took me off it immediately (it can damage eyesight).

                                                                      Jayne Baker

                                                                        Oh no! Hope
                                                                        Next week is better xx

                                                                        Janice Vann


                                                                          Inger Nielsen

                                                                            Stop! It is hard on your liver and basical you become like a snake constantly shedding skin layers hence your super dry and painful lips. Creates inflammation from the inside out. Try CBD oil it's amazing on any skin issue topical or oils and you'll experience the best nite sleeps. Which a good sleep is how your body repairs itself. I was on Accutane in the 80's Though it helped now in my late fifties I can say my skin has never been better from using CBD skin products. Cheers and loving your channel.

                                                                            Yanti Ashaiban

                                                                              Currently at my 40-day mark of accutane. Dermatologist only mentioned skin dryness. Nobody told me that my nose will bleed from all that dryness!!!


                                                                                Happy birthday gorgeous!!!

                                                                                heather palmer

                                                                                  Happy birthday xx 💕🥂🍰

                                                                                  Laurie Casey

                                                                                    Happy birthday! Ive been on it 3 times in my life. Paw paw is fantastic for your lips. Im considering going back on it again at a low dose for oily skin and large pores so thanks for this video. Look forward to updates and pics of your pores before and after if possible? I dont really follow many people online. Just you and liah yoo for skin tips. Love how well informed and down to earth you are and absolutely hilarious x

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